For decades now, many so-called experts on hypnosis have all matter-of-factly stated that hypnosis abuse is not possible - from scholars and academicians, to psychologists and psychiatrists; yet in the end, all of them have been absolutely 100-percent categorically wrong. This very well might be out of sheer ignorance on the topic, or worse yet, their own willful, shameless desire to save their careers or personal hypnosis endeavors. Perhaps it's a selfish effort to protect a profession, rather than its clientele. Whatever the reason, evidence has been available. The history of hypnosis is replete with sexual abuse and immoral behavior, yet for some reason it has been ignored and the danger dismissed.

Society as a whole has been kept in the dark for far too long on the real power of hypnosis, along with its inherent perils. The end result of this long-term duplicity has cultured a mass ignorance regarding hypnosis, the worst of it being the incorrect premise that hypnosis abuse is not possible. This has in turn created an extremely dangerous environment where people think they're safe, yet they're not. This in effect makes hypnosis perfectly ripe for exploitation by immoral, deviant hypnotists. In short, we've all been tragically misled on hypnosis and it's time to finally rectify this horrible, egregious wrongdoing.

The bottom line here is this, hypnosis abuse is absolutely 100% a real thing. For anyone to willfully deny this, just so they won't scare away paying clients or harm the hypnosis profession, is morally despicable and detestable, yet all you have to do is look at how many medical/hypnosis professionals still parrot the myth/lie to this day. It's morally reprehensible behavior, to say the very least.

The goal of this website is to set the record straight on hypnosis and to finally let the truth be known once and for all, by documenting that these horrible crimes DO exist, so that no one can ever again arrogantly/ignorantly say this type of perverse crime is not possible. Those who continue to perpetuate this blatant falsehood should take a serious look at the overwhelming data on this website, or be held legally accountable for their uninformed, reckless language. The truth is out.

The foremost motive and intent here is to educate and inform the general public about the dangers of immoral hypnotists. Please note that the blame is not being put on hypnosis itself, as some often like to do, but rather, it is very rightfully placed on the unscrupulous hypnotist, as it should be. (Read more...)

Historically, women have been preyed upon and exploited using hypnosis
far more than most would ever suspect or would
even dare to imagine.

The art of hypnosis has been around quite literally for thousands of years, albeit under various forms and many different names. After centuries of occult status in the Far East and the Middle East, it was German physician Franz Anton Mesmer who has been credited for its introduction into western society in the mid-late 1700s, under the errant notion of animal magnetism. It was soon dubbed as "Mesmerism," however, it wasn't until the 1800s when it would finally gain notoriety with the public and academicians. The term hypnotism is thought to have come from Scottish surgeon and magnetizer James Braid, however, it was reportedly first coined by French magnetizer Etienne de Cuvillers and then later adopted by Braid in 1841. The terms hypnosis and hypnotism have remained to this day.

Early on its human value was very intriguing to some of the forward thinkers in the medical field at the time, but sadly enough there were others who held a deeper interest in its potential immoral value. Unfortunately a great many unscrupulous male practitioners of the era were the first to recognize that hypnosis can be used as an extraordinarily persuasive behavior modifier and sexual control tool, one that can be used deviously and immorally on unsuspecting women. There were numerous reports of sexual abuse using hypnosis in the 1800's, so it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that man today might possibly still harbor those same fervent, yet deviant, carnal desires.

Hypnotism gained notoriety in the 1800's, especially so for misuse against women.

The multitude of well documented, sexual misconduct cases displayed on this page (shown at right), along with the number of hypnosis facts also listed, should prove beyond any shadow of doubt that this formidable tool is still being used to this day to incapacitate and abuse women (and children) with.

Over the years the acceptance of hypnotism has had its many trials, but Scottish surgeon James Esdaile is one of many who are noted for proving its medical viability in the 1800's by using it as a pain depressant, instead of traditional anesthesia. He first did this in 1845 while working for the East India Company. He was reported to have performed 345 such major surgeries. It was also used for dental procedures, and even for childbirth.

As the reputation for hypnotism grew to new heights in the 19th and 20th centuries, the field would eventually be taken to new lows in the 1950's by the CIA, through its nefarious MKULTRA mind control program and its ensuing, heinous experimental programs, all of which focused specifically on the darker science of psychologically programming humans. This task was accomplished through the involuntary repetitive brainwashing of test subjects, along with rigorous stress related conditioning. This covert, illegal program was deemed a huge success before reportedly being taken underground. (see more on MKULTRA at

An even darker aspect came about as an offshoot of MKULTRA, through a program codenamed Project Monarch, one which was reported to have created programmed & conditioned sex slaves, to be used for political blackmail and personal entertainment.  (see: Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Annie McKenna)

The sex slave trade is a vast and growing dark enterprise. One example would be a 2015 sting that yielded many people willing to buy a sex slave, despite the fact they already knew it was illegal and expressly against the girl's will. (Find more on this story here and here. See YouTube video here.) This type of crime is very real.

Consider the power of hypnosis for those involved in sex-slaves and trafficking, not to mention the porn industry. What is the dollar value of having girls programmed to participate, without resisting or trying to run away? A girl programmed against her will, to be submissive. As horrible and humanly unfair as that sounds, it is sadly enough very possible through the use of hypnosis. (Despite being overtly inhumane, morally wrong and highly illegal.)

Despite its long storied history, there are still some nay-sayers who maintain that hypnosis is not even real, however... the true fact of the matter is this, that the greater preponderance of these deniers are people who have never ever been successfully hypnotized in their life, nor have they ever even taken the time to research the subject. These doubters of hypnotism try as best as they can to deny the existence of such a mysterious science, despite being grossly uneducated, and/or blatantly ignorant in regards to the actual reality of this mental phenomenon. This is very much akin to those who used to scoff at the notion of string theory and quantum physics. (There also used to be a day when people actually thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it.)

The 21st century truth of the matter is this - that hypnotism is indeed regarded as very real, both academically and in many scientific circles, and has been verified many decades ago as a legitimate medical and psychological tool. In fact, a 2016 Stanford University research study has now identified physical changes taking place inside the brain during hypnosis, further cementing its standing in the scientific medical community as a very real psychological tool.

However, we are into a new millennium and yet the hypnosis giants of the profession still cannot agree on how or why hypnosis works, to this very day. We have many who will openly pontificate one way or the other, citing study after study, but the truth of the matter is this... there is still no consensus opinion yet on this subject. As a matter of fact, they can't even agree as to whether trance is a non-state or an altered state of consciousness, yet somehow there have been those willing to testify against rape victims (even a 14 year old girl) in a court of law on whether or not sexual assault under hypnosis is possible. (FYI, they were all wrong.)

Given such a mixed opinion within the profession, it makes one wonder how anyone could have felt certain enough to jeopardize the outcome of a court trial.

A great deal of what is currently known by hypnosis experts is still very much speculation, supposition and conjecture, the three things that aren't supposed to be allowed in a court of law. This environment exists primarily because the researchers themselves are still trying to figure out the true nature of hypnosis. As scientists and researchers try to sort out the most relevant studies from the inconsequential or flawed studies, they have yet to postulate a conceptualized theory that not only makes scientific sense, but is something that everyone can finally embrace once and for all as a basis for hypnosis.

We're literally just coming out of the dark ages when it comes to hypnosis. It could very well be compared to the space program era of the 1950's. We knew a few things about space back then, but nothing at all like we now know today.

With that said, hypnosis researchers have created an industry problem out of their own duplicity and/or ignorance. They have myopically ignored the data at hand, the overwhelming number of subjects abused under hypnosis, as they purport to theorize why such abuse is impossible. As crazy as that sounds, it's absolutely true and many hypnosis researchers have been doing it for years.

In a corporate research environment, such a thing just doesn't happen. Tenacious researchers don't overlook the elephant in the room and they don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, as the hypnosis field has readily done for decades. When competent researchers see an inordinate amount of data that points in one direction (hypnosis rape), they don't look the other way, as hypnosis researchers have done. Instead, the competent researcher embraces the data for what it is and attempts to understand it and then explain it. A good researcher will work to reconcile the data immediately, instead of conjuring theories as to why the data should not exist. This has been the Achilles' heal for the hypnosis profession for too many years. It seems clear that the profession as a whole does not want to admit nor recognize that hypnosis can indeed be used for very dark purposes.

As a direct result, the single biggest misconception to this day regarding hypnotism is the powerful hold that it can actually have over people. There are still far too many hypnosis professionals who naively and/or ignorantly claim that "people under hypnosis won't do anything they wouldn't do in normal life." 

This is absolutely, 100-percent not true. As you read on, you will understand.

The originations of this brutal fallacy stem from two noted historical figures from the hypnosis community, Martin Orne and Milton Erickson. These two men have literally done more harm to hypnosis by getting one simple thing absolutely wrong - the question of whether or not criminal or antisocial behavior is actually capable from a subject who is under hypnosis / in trance. These men are perhaps the most responsible for propagating the idea that bad things cannot happen under hypnosis. They couldn't possibly have been any more wrong. The tragedy in all of this is that a great many innocent women and children have suffered horribly over the years as a direct result of this horrendously short-sided mistake by two men that should have known better.

Before delving into the world of hypnosis and trance, Martin Orne was best known for his early pioneering studies into demand characteristics, The Social Psychology of the Psychological Experiment, which focused on the issues of research participants being aware that they are part of a psychological study and then still expecting them to behave as they would normally. Orne believed that the research participants would always tell the researcher what they wanted to hear, in the hopes of pleasing them. Unfortunately he carried this same concept into his theories on hypnosis which led to some wrongful assumptions. Orne mistakenly concluded that hypnotized people were merely acting the exact same way that a person would under demand characteristics. What Orne seemed to conveniently dismiss was the fact that a cognitive research participant, acting freely under their own volition, is greatly different from that of a hypnotized subject. Orne's desire to learn about antisocial behavior under hypnosis, by replicating other positive studies, fell prey to the influence from his long held beliefs in demand characteristics.

In essence, Orne had made the very same mistake as Mesmer did 200 years before him, by misguidedly carrying his previous research into his newer unrelated research on the theories of hypnosis and trance. Orne's belief in demand characteristics bias is as unrelated to hypnosis as Mesmer's previous field of magnetism was. An argument could be made that both men did not further the understanding of hypnosis, as much as they actually hindered it.

When it comes to Milton Erickson, he compounded the hypnosis argument by simply becoming one of the greatest hypnotists ever known to humankind. Erickson was revolutionary to the field and was extremely gifted in his understanding of the art of hypnosis, however, his studies on antisocial behavior under hypnosis were said to be remarkably poor in their concept as well as their overall planning. Many of his peers were quite adamant that Erickson's position was critically flawed right from the start, due to his poor research protocols, most notable being his opposition stance to altering a subject's perceptions when it came to encouraging antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

While Erickson was said to have tested around 50 extremely somnambulistic subjects in 1939, he failed miserably in his efforts to get them to perform criminal or antisocial behavior because he did not do one extremely critical thing... he did not attempt to alter the perceptions of his subjects, as did many other researchers who performed the same type of experiments (Rowland, Wells, Watkins). Erickson simply asked them to do immoral bad things straight away, at which point his subjects became very agitated and uncomfortable, and they understandably fought and resisted.

Because of this monumental oversight, Erickson's research falls far short when it comes to assessing the possibility of antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

Author Samuel Glasner had this to say about Erickson's experiments regarding the possibilities of anti-social and/or criminal activity under hypnosis:

"As a matter of fact, anyone familiar with the highly sophisticated techniques and daring conceptions which Erickson uses in most of his experiments must be struck with the unimaginative planning and impoverished methodology which he used in these experiments on the antisocial use of hypnosis."

Suffice to say, because of the obvious shortcomings in conducting his research, Erickson was undeniably very wrong regarding the ability to use hypnosis for abuse or criminal activity.

It has to be noted that a significant majority of their highly credentialed peers at the time were adamantly opposed to the positions of both Orne and Erickson, and yet the influence of two men who had it all wrong somehow still lingers to this day. It's hard to argue which of the two has had the worst influence on hypnosis, however, due to his notoriety as a highly esteemed hypnotist, Erickson's views apparently seem to carry the most weight to this day.

The stance shared by these two notable hypnosis pioneers, Orne and Erickson, on the issue of antisocial behavior under hypnosis, was greatly juxtaposed by the following legendary hypnosis researchers, who all stated unequivocally that hypnosis abuse is absolutely 100% possible.

  • Albert Moll

  • Milton Kline

  • Erica Fromm

  • Wesley Wells

  • Loyd Rowland

  • John G. Watkins

  • Andre Weitzenhoffer

  • Ambroise-Auguste Liebeault

In a 1949 article titled, The Production of Antisocial Acts Under Hypnosis, Weitzenhoffer stressed that in order to make someone commit a criminal act under hypnosis, "perceptions must be distorted." Success occurs 'when the subject does not perceive the situation as being antisocial.' Watkins also came to the same conclusion during the very same year.  (reference)

It is indeed very ironic that Erickson and Orne, two of the field's most prominent hypnosis pioneers, are arguably the two most responsible for today's current misunderstandings over hypnosis. Perhaps the fact that both men were reportedly linked with the CIA has something to do with that. (The possibility of a Manchurian Candidate has always been a very hot topic and an extremely sensitive issue.) It's understandable they would want to keep hypnosis a secret.

One other very significant influential critic of hypnosis was Sigmund Freud, who had difficulties grasping the nature of this new emerging phenomenon. As a result, Freud had a very dim view of hypnosis and was one of its biggest detractors. As such, he cast a negative influence over the field of hypnosis for many decades. From the late 1800s through early 1900s, many began to deny the power of hypnosis, as well as the notion of anti-social behavior while under its influence, with Freud, Erickson and Orne having the most negative impact.

The reality is, no matter how credentialed they might have been at the time, those who denied the power of hypnosis early on were 100% absolutely wrong.

For the sake of argument, it is a commonly known fact that even the most reserved or extremely shy person will lose all their inhibitions under the influence of a simple alcoholic beverage, doing and saying things they wouldn't normally do, all because of the influence of alcohol. By contrast, hypnosis is just as powerful as alcohol, but even more so, because the brain is quite capable of operation under its influence, while alcohol just makes you lose control and you forget everything.

The fact is, hypnosis can do exactly the same thing as alcohol, by allowing a person to lose all of their personal inhibitions upon a mere suggestion. This is something that has been documented many times over for many decades, and is generally the feature highlight of entertainment stage hypnosis.

Another close similarity with alcohol is hypnotic amnesia. It is absolutely possible to have a subject do things under hypnosis without ever remembering doing them. It is entirely possible to make someone forget sexual abuse under hypnosis by using it to also block all recollection of the event. The memory is still in the subconscious, but it can be repressed, making it very difficult for them to even recognize any signs of sexual abuse. (See Hypnotic Amnesia, below right.)

The list on this webpage regarding hypnotic rape (far right) clearly shows that personal morals can undeniably be fooled or altered under hypnosis. The list of criminal hypnotists posted at right inexorably and undeniably proves this.

So the comment that "people won't do under hypnosis what they won't do in real life" is more false than most people could ever realize or even possibly know, because the historical evidence clearly shows this to be an absolute myth. The dark side of hypnosis contains many examples to substantiate this point. (IE: Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, to name but just a few.)

Many hypnotists will shamelessly continue the false longstanding allegation that "a person cannot be made to do things under hypnosis that they wouldn't normally do when not hypnotized," but those who do have the temerity to make such outrageous, erroneous claims do so primarily because of two things:

  • Their own lack of skill to do such programming to another person.

  • Their fear that people will not trust hypnotists and quit using them.

The expert hypnotist knows better than to make such a grossly unfounded claim, because they know the real truth about hypnosis and they realize that this dark reality is arguably the most serious threat to their profession.

As early as the 18th century, French magnetizer (hypnotist) Amand-Marie-Jacques de Chastenet, Marquis de Puységur, an aristocrat from one of the most prestigious families of French nobility, and thought of as one of the early founders of hypnotism, is reported to have said, "It is necessary that you bring your patient entirely into subjection; I will go so far as to say - she must not even be capable of having a will of her own."

This mentality was later echoed in the 19th century by noted French doctor Ambroise-Auguste Liebeault, the founder of the Nancy School of hypnosis and also thought of by many as one of the early founders of hypnotherapy. Liebeault had this to say about hypnosis, "We may postulate, as a first principle, that a subject during the state of hypnotic sleep is at the mercy of the operator, and carries out suggestions with the fatality of a falling stone."

Liebeault is noted for boasting of his ability over his hypnosis subjects... "They are as toys in my hands. They cannot reject the ideas imposed by the beguiler."

Also from the 19th century, Dr. Charles d'Eslon, a friend and loyal follower of Franz Anton Mesmer, was once asked by a police officer if it was possible to sexually abuse a women who had been hypnotized. He is said to have answered without hesitation, "yes." -Debay, A. Mystères du Sommeil et du Magnétisme

So, the notion that "hypnosis abuse is simply not possible" is overwhelmingly, patently, wrong. Irrevocable historical evidence to the contrary makes this undeniable and abundantly clear. (Again, see the evidence at far right.)

Make no mistake, people can be made to do things under hypnosis that they wouldn't normally do in real life, just as they do with alcohol. The other side to this premise is the fact that whatever you do naturally and willfully in life, you will most certainly do under hypnosis, if you are encouraged / told to do so.

Secondly, when it comes to things you won't do in real life, hypnosis changes that, because the simple fact of the matter is this... all you have to do under hypnosis is to switch the person's mind to the type of personality that wants to do such uncharacteristic or aberrant things.

It's really just that easy for a well trained hypnotist to do such contrary conditioning, especially with a highly somnambulistic subject.

Another widely held misconception by some people is that they themselves absolutely cannot be hypnotized, because they naively believe that they alone have a stronger mind than anyone else. This is actually not quite true. These people are perhaps not as impervious to the effects of hypnosis as they think. While they may be good at fending off "suggestion," there are many other ways to induce hypnosis that must be ruled out to declare non-hypnotizability. 

The reality is, there's a mixed argument taking place here, due to the obvious glaring fact that those who do go to a hypnotist are going with the express intention of working with the hypnotist to be hypnotized.  They are trying very hard to focus their mind, so that they can actually achieve a trance state. They are not trying to be resistant.

Second, the truth of the matter is, realistically, anyone can be hypnotized.

This topic has long been a source of much contention amongst hypnotists, who, it should be noted, generally have vastly different skill levels from one to the other, which very much needs to be considered as case trials are compared and scrutinized in regards to this claim. It also needs to be recognized that past studies on hypnosis suggestibility have clearly not captured the entirety of the issue. At present, these studies are still very much considered open for debate.

From what researchers appear to agree on, statistics say that roughly 10-15 percent of people are highly hypnotizable. There is thought to be a similar proportion for those who are less hypnotizable, while all others fall somewhere in-between at roughly 70-80 percent of the population. (The research varies.)

It doesn't take a lot of rocket science to understand that if someone is purposefully tuning out or ignoring verbal hypnotic suggestions, so as not to fall into trance, then they probably won't be hypnotized. The reality though is this - pretty much anyone can resist direct suggestion if they want to. Even a somnambulist could resist verbal suggestions, if they were aware and consciously worked at it. (As shown by Erickson's somnambulist experiments.)

To claim that someone is non-hypnotizable just because they are able to resist direct suggestion or are incapable of focusing on hypnotic suggestion is not an accurate measure of non-hypnotizability. It simply means that suggestion doesn't work for them. For the record, being resistant to suggestion is far different than being incapable of trance. Also, for the record, trance is not abnormal to the human animal. Trance is a normal brain function. Daydreaming is a very good example. 

So to say that someone can't be hypnotized - based solely off the fact that they don't react to (or are able to resist) direct verbal suggestion - is for all intents and purposes, a somewhat disingenuous proffer to make in regards to non-hypnotizability. While it is true that some people can actually be more resistant than others to hypnotic suggestion, (possibly because they don't want to be hypnotized, don't trust the hypnotist, or simply because they are not able to focus properly), that still does not 100-percent mean they can't be hypnotized.

The reality is, there are many ways to hypnotize someone into trance. It's just a simple matter of 'how to do it' for those particular people, because there are indeed many ways to achieve trance. For some people, just employing a different hypnosis technique, or perhaps an entirely new approach, is all it takes. The truth is, there are numerous ways to induce a hypnotic trance, such as an unexpected shock, confusion, or even sensory overload, to name but just a few.

As a matter of fact, a 2018 study headed by professor Max Colheart was able to increase the hypnotizability of some people through the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). It was found that this disrupted activity in part of the brain, increasing the subject's ability to be hypnotized. (Another potential aid is Hemispheric Sync , first developed by the Monroe Institute.)

To suggest that there are people who cannot be hypnotized (in any way) is to suggest that some people are physically/mentally incapable of reaching trance. This theory would appear to be antithetical to the human system, because trance very much appears as a normal part of everyday human life.

To make such a bold claim of non-hypnotizability is to suggest that there are some people who are totally immune to highway hypnosis. It would also imply that there are those who are absolutely immune to TV hypnosis, where the brain literally flips (involuntarily) from cognizant beta waves, to much slower alpha waves, within :30 seconds of turning it on. The reality is, there have to be mental avenues to trance for everyone, because it clearly appears to be a necessary function of the human brain. The sad fact is, after over 200 years, we still don't understand hypnosis or trance very well.
[See more:  Highway Hypnosis  |  What is Highway Hypnosis?  |  Television Trance ]

With all of that said, surprisingly there are still many who are willing to adamantly decree that trance is not possible for everyone, despite the limited testing and lack of significant sample size for many experiments.

According to author, Saul Marc Rosenfeld, "Not only have investigators, on the whole, been content to limit their efforts to one or two hasty trials before writing someone off as "unsusceptible," but some even went so far as to claim that research studies had conclusively demonstrated that there was no advantage to be gained from offering subjects more time to respond."

"Such claims are boldly asserted but never convincingly shown, for although a few comparative studies have been made in which people were exposed to inductions of varying length, close analysis of the procedures used reveals that there was less to these studies than meets the eye, and that they were therefore doomed from the start." -
A Critical History of Hypnotism.

Until this issue can be proven conclusively through large clinical trials, (those which exhaust all hypnosis techniques in the process), it has to be assumed that even the most resistant subject can be hypnotized. (And yes, drugs are an option for this. Scopolamine is said to work especially well for hypnosis.)

There are recent studies that say 1-in-5 are not hypnotizable, but the key is, what was the technique used to ascertain this? To be fair, the number of hypnosis techniques used to ascertain non-hypnosis is the primary question, as well as the total effort expended on each subject. The results of these tests do merit further research, however, using a much deeper base sample to reduce the margin of error and thus gain better statistical corroboration, but most importantly of all, employing the most thorough array of deep hypnosis techniques possible. This is absolutely a critical necessity. Until then, it just seems very disingenuous to say that some people absolutely cannot be hypnotized, yet the argument rages on.

Five-star generals have reportedly been reduced to babbling adolescents at the snap of a finger and a well timed hypnotic command. No one appears 100% immune to hypnotic suggestion. Again, see more on the MKULTRA program.

Perhaps the best recourse here is to recall the chilling comments of George H. Estabrooks, considered by many to be the father of the CIA's use of hypnosis. Estabrooks is remembered for having said, “I can hypnotize a man, without his knowledge or consent, into committing treason against the United States.” He made this extremely alarming comment in the early 1940s.

In his 1943 book titled Hypnotism, Dr. Estabrooks stated conclusively that by using a covert technique of relaxation, people could be hypnotized without actually knowing what is happening to them. Again, this was in the early 1940s.

The truth is, there are some people who can be (or are) more resistant to hypnosis suggestion, but that does not mean they are totally immune to trance. Again, a different hypnotic method can make all the difference in the world.

Hypnosis legend Albert Moll once said, "A person who is easily hypnotized can be hypnotized by anyone, but one who is hypnotized with difficulty can only be thrown into hypnosis by a good experimenter."

In contrast, there are those who are much more susceptible to hypnotism than others. Those who are evaluated as "somnambulistic" are far easier to put under and to take into deep coma states (the Esdaile state). Such people are extremely vulnerable to hypnotism and they take well to post-hypnotic suggestion, more so than others, and as such they are the perfect candidates for hypnotic programming and psychological brainwashing.

As a matter of fact, there have been studies that suggest physical differences in the brains of those who can be hypnotized, such as a larger rostrum (an increased size in the anterior corpus callosum), but even studies such as these have been limited in their scope and will require much further testing, with an even larger sample base for better statistical accuracy and reliability

In the 1989 book Open to Suggestion: The Uses and Abuses of Hypnosis, author Robert Temple writes the following, "For we know from many studies that approximately five-percent of the population are so hypnotizable that practically anything can be done with them, and that they can be hypnotized without knowing it or against their will. It is these people who are at risk in society from the abuses of hypnosis."

So, if you're a devious hypnotist, your primary goal is to find someone who is highly somnambulistic, because they're easiest to put into a deep trance. The success rate increases exponentially when finding someone like this.

There are many ways to put someone under using hypnosis. It does not have to be the typical, "watch the swinging pendulum" to enter into a hypnotic state.

There are other techniques, such as...

  • A deliberate staring gaze

  • Conversational hypnosis

  • Handshake rapid induction

  • Ambiguity / confusion method

  • Pulsing sound and/or vibration

  • Pulsing, flashing, strobe lights

  • Visual fixation upon an object

  • Mental fixation with an image

  • Unexpected shock w/ suggestion
    (same principle as handshake induction)

Those are but just a few examples, but the fact of the matter is this... if you're human, you can be hypnotized. Like it or not, it all simply comes down to the inferior nature of the human animal.

As a species, the human mind is innately susceptible to covert subconscious suggestion, and is even more vulnerable when placed under sensory overload conditions. It is an inherent biological component of being human. As a matter of fact, noted hypnotist Dave Elman states that a complete induction of profound hypnotic states should never take more than one or two minutes. That really says a lot as to how susceptible we are as a species.

Make no mistake about it, the human mind can be put into a deep trance state, much easier than most might think or ever suspect.

Sadly enough, it is what it is. We are not omnipotent as mortal beings. We have inherent built-in vulnerabilities and limitations that are all part of being human.

So, how can people truly feel safe, comfortable and confident using hypnosis, when the one thing they cannot control is the hypnotist's own morality?

The cold hard reality of hypnotism is basically this... the hypnotic subject is clearly at the mercy of the moral piety of the hypnotist. Trust is the absolute biggest key component of hypnotism, to know that you will be responsibly and respectfully cared for while under its effect, however, when the moral compass of the hypnotist swings wildly askew, then the subject becomes at great risk and in grave danger of being psychologically controlled and/or abused.

For these reasons, the hypnosis profession faces daunting challenges that need to be addressed and overcome before being truly trusted by the greater populace.

The one thing that some hypnotists are resistant to is indeed the one thing that would effectively give immediate credibility and credence to the hypnosis profession - that of a video recording of each hypnosis session. Due to the power of hypnosis, and because of those who have abused it, this is something that will have to become standard within the profession, before people fully embrace the medium comfortably, with complete confidence. To argue against such a safeguard is to completely ignore all past criminal history, and would be tantamount to more encouragement of a reckless environment of endangerment, raising serious questions about unethical professional standards.

One might think that the best solution is to only allow trained medical professionals to do hypnosis, but yet doctors, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and even pharmacists have already abused the field of hypnosis as much as the criminal hypnotist. As a matter of fact, this perverse sexual exploitation even extends to lawyers who should legally know better, and surprisingly enough, to clergyman who should morally know better. (See list >)

So the question is...  who can you possibly trust to do hypnosis?!

There is much frustration in asking such a question, as it is somewhat rhetorical in nature. To be fair, not all hypnotists are sexual predators. Far from it. The crux of the problem though is this: deviant hypnotists have been enabled by the reputable hypnotists, those who keep saying that hypnosis abuse is not possible. By perpetuating the incorrect notion that hypnosis rape is not possible, it gives a false perception to the public that they will be safe doing hypnosis, and thus lulls many into a dangerous false sense of security. This, hands-down, unequivocally, creates the perfect environment for abuse by deviant hypnotists.

If the hypnosis profession wants to be taken seriously, they need to own up to the true power of hypnosis, and then start from within to clean up a mess that they've spent decades helping create through persistent disinformation. They have unwittingly crafted the absolute perfect environment for abuse, by forever insisting that such hypnotic deviancy is not possible. It's their lies that enable this, by creating the unsafe environment for the unscrupulous hypnotist to exploit. Those who continue to perpetuate the lie that hypnosis abuse is not possible should be held legally responsible as accessories to the crime, because they help create and foster an unsafe environment based on their false testimony of hypnosis. It's no different than if a particular drink had poison in it, and you told someone it was okay to drink, and then they got sick or died. You have to expect legal repercussions for such an irresponsible, reckless act. The hypnosis profession needs to come clean about the true dangers of bad hypnotists, or perhaps suffer a most deserved fate of endless lawsuits from its countless victims, for too many years of silence and complicity.

Sadly, even if the profession was willing to change, none of this will ever happen overnight. It's going to be very painful for many professionals to admit the truth.

Best advice: if you want 100% assurance of safety, you should always have the hypnosis session video taped. Most smart phones have the capability to do this. No one should ever subject themselves to hypnosis without a video record of the session.  [ 1) A witness could also be hypnotized, 2) audio doesn't reveal everything. ]

This is undeniably the safest recourse to take, for both the client and the hypnotist. If the hypnotist refuses, walk out immediately and seek another hypnotherapist. Don't ever accept their unverifiable verbal assurance when you already have the best viable insurance possible, a video record of the session.

The information on this website is meant to serve as direct evidence that hypnosis is indeed real and it does work. It should enlighten all who doubt the power of hypnotism, from the innocently naive to the most arrogant of the ignorant. (Although you truly never can be free of those who stubbornly and willfully wish to remain as reasoning-handicapped over hypnosis and its true medical viability.)

In summary: this effort isn't meant to damn hypnosis, just the bad hypnotists. Hypnosis can be, and is, a very beneficial tool to help aid people in life, when it is used benevolently. It already accomplishes this through many helpful programs, such as weight loss, stop-smoking programs, and even post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), to name but just a few of the ethical uses.

The caveat to this would be the fact that hypnotism can also be one of the most dangerous threats to humankind, if used with malevolent intent by those with unscrupulous or immoral character, particularly those in leadership positions.

As evidenced by the numerous accounts listed on this page, it is still being used today by very devious men to exploit innocent, trusting, women and children. The list of abusers on this web page alone should make this point crystal clear to anyone. Society has a very serious yet unknown problem; deviant hypnotists.

The bottom line is this: there need to be new laws that recognize and deal with this specific type of crime, otherwise it will only continue on and get worse.

May the evidence presented on this site stand as testament to the true power of hypnosis and the danger it presents to many, when used in the wrong hands. Let the truth stand in contempt and defiance of any further duplicity.

Charcot demonstrating hypnosis on a "hysterical" Salpêtrière patient, Blanche
(Blanche Wittmann), who is supported by Joseph Babiński. (Wikipedia)





Study Identifies Brain Areas Altered During Hypnotic Trance, by Sarah C.P. Williams July 28, 2016

By scanning the brains of subjects while they were hypnotized, researchers were able to see the neural changes associated with hypnosis. 

Your eyelids are getting heavy, your arms are going limp and you feel like you're floating through space. The power of hypnosis to alter your mind and body like this is all thanks to changes in a few specific areas of the brain, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered.

The scientists scanned the brains of 57 people during guided hypnosis sessions similar to those that might be used clinically to treat anxiety, pain or trauma. Distinct sections of the brain have altered activity and connectivity while someone is hypnotized, they report in a study that will be published online July 28 in Cerebral Cortex.

...David Spiegel's team also observed reduced connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network, which includes the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex. This decrease in functional connectivity likely represents a disconnect between someone's actions and their awareness of their actions, Spiegel said. "When you're really engaged in something, you don't really think about doing it -- you just do it," he said. During hypnosis, this kind of disassociation between action and reflection allows the person to engage in activities either suggested by a clinician or self-suggested without devoting mental resources to being self-conscious about the activity.  [Read more...]

Hypnosis, Memory and the Brain
A new study points to specific areas of the brain affected by hypnosis. The technique could be a tool for exploring what happens in the brain when we suddenly forget., by Amanda J. Barnier, Rochelle E. Cox, Greg Savage - October 7, 2008

Hypnosis has long been considered a valuable technique for recreating and then studying puzzling psychological phenomena. A classic example of this approach uses a technique known as posthypnotic amnesia (PHA) to model memory disorders such as functional amnesia  (Read more...)

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  Here’s What Hypnosis Does To Your Brain
  How Hypnosis Actually Affects Your Brain
  Hypnosis is Not Just a Stage Trick
  Hypnosis Found to Alter the Brain

How Does Hypnosis Really Impact the Brain?
A groundbreaking Stanford University study explains the areas of the brain that are impacted by hypnosis., by Jaimee Bell, 09 June, 2020

Although hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, it is still something that even the brightest among us cannot fully understand. The earliest references to hypnosis date back to ancient Egypt and Greece. In fact, the word "hypnos" means "sleep" and refers to the Greek god who is the personification of sleep. (Read more...)

Study Reveals How Hypnosis Changes Brain Processes, 032821

Helsinki Finland, (ANI): A study led by researchers at the University of Turku showcased that the way our brain processes information is fundamentally altered during hypnosis.

The research helps to understand how hypnosis produces changes in a hypnotized person's behaviour and subjective experiences.

The finding shows that the brain may function quite differently during hypnosis when compared to a normal waking state. This is interesting because of the extent to which hypnosis modifies neural processing has been hotly debated in the field. (Read more...)

What really happens when you're hypnotized?
CBS News, by Dennis Thompson, July 29, 2016

Skeptics view hypnosis as a little-understood parlor trick, but a new study reveals real changes occur in the brain when a person enters an hypnotic state.

Some parts of the brain relax during the trance while others become more active, said study senior author Dr. David Spiegel, associate chair of psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

"I hope this study will demonstrate that hypnosis is a real neurobiological phenomenon that deserves attention," Spiegel said.  (Read more...)

Hypnosis Really Changes Your Mind, by Anna Gosline, Exeter

Hypnosis is more than just a party trick, it measurably changes how the brain works, says a UK researcher. 

Hypnosis significantly affects the activity in a part of the brain responsible for detecting and responding to errors, says John Gruzelier, a psychologist at Imperial College in London. Using functional brain imaging, he also found that hypnosis affects an area that controls higher level executive...  (Read more...)

This is Your Brain Under Hypnosis
Cosmos Magazine, by Belinda Smith, August 1, 2016

The power of a hypnotic trance changes the brain in three ways, according to a new imaging study. Belinda Smith reports.

As your breathing slows, your arms go limp and you feel weightless under the gentle lull of a hypnotic trance, your brain activity shifts too – and now, scientists uncovered three hallmarks of a hypnotized brain. (Read more...)

See also: Research Shows Hypnosis Has Interesting Effects on the Brain

What Hypnosis Really Does to Your Brain
Gizmodo, by Esther Inglis-Arkell, 3/08/12

Most people agree that hypnosis does something to your brain — specifically something that makes people make fools of themselves at hypnotist shows. But how does it actually affect the human brain? Can it make people recall events perfectly? Are post-hypnotic suggestions a bunch of baloney? What is the truth about hypnotism?  (Read more...)

Hypnosis Found to Alter the Brain: Subjects See Color Where None Exists

How Does Hypnosis Work?, by Natalie Wolchover | February 17, 2011

During the 1700s, Franz Mesmer, a German physician famous for "mesmerizing" his patients, was booted from town after town as a charlatan. The locals believed his technique for putting subjects in a trance-like state, using the power of suggestion, was trickery.

Today, though, Mesmer is vindicated: Extensive research has shown that hypnosis is not in fact a trick, and hypnotists are now respected members of the psychology community.

The vast majority of people are at least slightly "hypnotizable," as measured by the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scales. The scales, developed by psychologists at Stanford University, rate people from 0 to 12 based on their responsiveness to the suggestions of hypnotists.

Only 5 percent of people receive the zero score on the Stanford scales by responding to none of the hypnotic suggestions made to them. Another small subset receives the maximum score, 12, by responding to all of them: A person in this group is so hypnotizable that he'll fail to register the stench of ammonia placed under his nose after the hypnotist instructs him to shut off his sense of smell.

Most people fall solidly in the 5 to 7 range on the Stanford scales. And as with IQ scores, people maintain about the same hypnotic susceptibility rating throughout their adult lives. This and the fact that identical twins often receive the same rating suggests that hypnotizability is an inherent and hereditary property of the human psyche. (Read more...)

See also:  The cast and crew of Trance talk about the reality of hypnosis

Hypnosis: What is the Science Behind it and How Does it Work?, by Alisa August 19, 2017

There is that type of people that need to know, what is going on with their body in every particular case. Those are usually people that cannot be called ‘believers’. And I’m not saying that it is bad. (Read more...)

Best Evidence Yet That Hypnotized People Aren't Faking It, by Clare Wilson March 23, 2017

You are feeling sleepy…or are you? In a hypnotism performance, ordinary people seem to somehow become puppets, made to talk in silly accents, or act like a baby or in other embarrassing ways. But have they really lost command of their bodies, or are they just pretending?

Now we have some of the best evidence yet that people who are hypnotised really feel like they are acting involuntarily. When estimating split-second timings, hypnotised people behaved as though their actions were outside their control, in ways that would have been difficult to fake.

Hypnotism has long been contentious. Sceptics think that rather than being in some kind of special state of altered consciousness, hypnotised people do as they’re told because it would be socially awkward not to. People who are highly susceptible to hypnosis – about one in ten of us – could just be especially suggestible and eager to please, say the cynics.

Now Peter Lush at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science in Brighton, UK, and his team have used a known trick of the mind to investigate this mystery.  (Read more...)

How Scientists Are Trying to Unlock the Mysteries of Hypnosis
Ideas,, by Erik Vance, Feb 7, 2017 

It may seem like a topic from the edge of woo, but hypnosis is getting a new look from researchers studying its fascinating effects on our brains.

Long before we had fMRI machines, scientists had one singularly powerful tool to understand the mind’s connection to the body: the strange world of hypnosis. Hypnosis has inspired scientists and snake oil salesmen alike for centuries, but we still don’t really understand how it works. (Read more...)

Behavior Study: Implicit Attitudes Changed in Just One Hypnosis Session, Nov 12, 2019

A recent behavior study, published in the journal Psychological Science, has revealed that implicit attitudes (subconscious behavior) can be affected by hypnosis with just one session. This is a remarkable finding, supporting the notion that people can be reprogrammed (brainwashed). Hypnosis has long been known to affect or alter the conscious and subconscious. This study shows it can be done with just one session, reinforcing that human behavior can indeed be altered under hypnosis. (Read more...)

The Promotion of Confusing Hypnosis Half-Truths
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that must be used with care, understanding and integrity.
By Ivan Tyrrell

(HG) A half-truth is just as dangerous as a lie, even if offered with the best of intentions. Unfortunately a great many half-truths are spouted about hypnosis, and practitioners need to be careful not to promulgate them. They include the following:

“Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and concentration, with a heightened awareness induced by suggestion.”  It isn’t.
(Read more...)

Derren Brown - Amazing and Incredible Displays of Hypnosis

The UK's Derren Brown is arguably one of the top hypnotists and mentalists of all time. For those that don't yet understand that hypnosis is real, here are some excellent examples to muse over. (See more video from Derren Brown on this page and on the Brainwashing page.)

Hypnosis Reaches the Parts Brain Scans and Neurosurgery Cannot, by Vaughan Bell

No longer a mere vaudeville routine, hypnosis is being used in labs to cast light on the innermost workings of the brain 

In a growing number of labs around the world, hypnosis is being used as an experimental tool to allow researchers to temporarily unpick our normally integrated psychological responses to better understand the mind and brain. (Read more...)

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What Hypnosis Does to the Brain
How Does Hypnosis Affect the Brain?
What is the Science Behind Hypnosis?

New Insight into Neural Mechanisms of Hypnosis
Researchers Aim to Find Comprehensive Brain Theory of Hypnosis

Neuroscience Gets Serious About Hypnosis
Research Digest, August 1, 2013

Hypnosis is synonymous with stage entertainment where the performer puts volunteers from the audience into a trance and commands them to do embarrassing things. This makes it sound like a joke, but in fact hypnosis is a real phenomenon and it is proving increasingly useful to psychologists and neuroscientists, granting new insights into mental processes and medically unexplained neurological disorders.

That’s according to David Oakley and Peter Halligan who have written an authoritative new review, debunking hypnosis myths, and covering ways that neuroscience is shedding light on hypnosis and ways hypnosis is aiding neuroscience. (Read more...)

Hypnosis May Be Altered State of Consciousness, by Wynne Parry | November 8, 2011 

(Health) The true nature of hypnosis has eluded scientists. It's clear people can be hypnotized, but it's not clear how this happens. New research offers a clue.

By recording the eye movements of a hypnotized woman, and comparing them with those of non-hypnotized people, researchers say they have found evidence that hypnosis involves a special mental state, fundamentally different from normal consciousness.  (Read more...)

The State or Non-State of Hypnosis: Debate Continues, by: Steve G. Jones, Ed.S., Saturday, September 26, 2009

One of the many mysteries of hypnosis is where hypnosis comes from. Many researchers believe that hypnosis produces an altered state of consciousness while others believe that there is no altered state with hypnosis. Research has been conducted to try to fully understand what happens when people are hypnotized. One of the reasons why hypnosis eludes scientists is because there is still a lot to be learned about the human brain and how it functions.  (Read more...)

Derren Brown Shows That Mind Control Works  (UK Channel 4)  

Top UK mentalist and hypnotist Derren Brown shows how easy it is to influence and coerce others with simple mind control techniques.


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Magic, Mind Control, or Something Else: How Does Hypnosis Work?
Woman experiences deep personal changes after only one hypnosis session, by Marisa Fanelli,  Nov 11, 2019 

I have been fascinated with hypnosis since I was a child, reading endless novels about evil hypnotherapists who controlled the minds of their helpless clients. As an adult, my first hypnosis appointment was a lesson in the vast chasm between fiction and reality. It started off similarly to the many novels I had read: a dark, cramped office filled with a variety of strange objects and tokens from other cultures. My hypnotist was in his 70’s, and there were newspaper clippings of stories about his work with various celebrities scattered throughout the room. (Read more)

27 People Reveal What REALLY Happened To Them Under Hypnosis
By Holly Riordan, August 23rd 2016

If you don’t believe in hypnotism, stories from people who have actually had their minds messed with might change your mind. It’s all about the power of suggestion. Once you read these comments from Reddit, you should finally stop calling yourself a skeptic. (Read more...)

Craziest Things That Have Happened During Hypnosis, By Kelly Bryant

While hypnosis can be used as a resourceful tool in therapy, it can be fodder for some strange anecdotes from both hypnotists and those hypnotized. Here we look at everything from the light-hearted to the powerful and dramatic hypnosis moments. (Read more...)

Return of Hypnosis: Time to See if it Really Has a Place in Medicine
Signs are growing that hypnosis, once the preserve of charlatans, has real medical benefits. We need robust research to find out for sure., November 6, 2019

We have a long history of therapies that first seemed bananas, only to be proved marvellous medicine. In the 1980s, two Australian scientists showed that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria, not stress. As a result, simple antibiotics could treat a problem once considered incurable, but the medical establishment took some persuading. (Read more...)

Hypnosis: The New Anesthetic?

(CBS News) Can you imagine going through major surgery without general anesthesia? That's what Christel Place (left) did when she had her thyroid removed - and she's one of a growing number of patients who opt out of general anesthesia and get hypnotized instead.  (Read more...)

Cancer patients are undergoing HYPNOSIS instead of anesthesia in push to reduce risks of post-surgery memory loss and delirium, by Natalie Rahhal, December 2, 2019

Doctors are using hypnosis instead of anesthesia to keep patients calm during some surgeries in an effort to reduce the use of addictive and dangerous drugs. A team of cross-disciplinary doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas are teaching some patients to imagine themselves in calm environments...  (Read more...)

Dangers of Hypnosis (Or... the Dangers of Hypnotists)

Professional hypnotist Steven Hall is one of very few hypnotists to be frank about the use of hypnosis for criminal purposes, such as sexual assault. Like Mark Anthony, Hall tells about the existing danger.


Hypnosis, Grounded in Science
Imagine a scenario where your mind had the power to cure debilitating anxiety, eliminate chronic pain or kick an addiction. Adriana Barton reports on the growing scientific support for hypnosis, the mind-body therapy bypassing hucksters for hospital wards
Globe and Mail, by Adriana Barton, Published June 11, 2017, Updated November 12, 2017

Last summer, at age 14, Sue Jones suffered from stabbing pains in her abdomen that got so intense, "I couldn't walk."

She spent three weeks in a wheelchair while doctors ruled out everything from digestive problems to appendicitis. Finally, after a four-night stay at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, she got a diagnosis: acute anxiety.

An honor student, Sue is thin, dark-haired and lily pale. (Her parents requested a pseudonym to protect her privacy.) When a doctor recommended hypnosis, she balked at first. "I thought of it as black magic, like witchcraft," she says. But neither breathing exercises, nor anti-depressants, had taken away the pain.

So, in early September, she visited Dr. Leora Kuttner, a pediatric psychologist who specializes in clinical hypnosis, a technique for leveraging the brain's healing abilities during a trance state. (Read more...)

Brain Scans Unravel Hypnotist’s Hand Trick
Hypnosis can paralyze a limb by interfering with a region of the brain
Associated Press, updated 6/24/2009

How can a hypnotist paralyze your hand just with words? By making a part of your brain butt in on the process that normally makes your hand move, a study says.

So the brain region that's ready to move your hand ignores its usual inputs and listens to this interloper, which says, "Don't even bother," the research concluded.

It's "a kind of reconnection between different brain regions," said Yann Cojan, a researcher at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

He's an author of the study in Thursday's issue of the journal Neuron. It used brain scans to show what happened when 12 volunteers tried to move a hand that had been paralyzed by hypnosis. (Read more...)

Beginners Guide to the History of Hypnosis (Timeline)
Donald Robertson, 2009, Last updated: 25 July 2019

The roots of hypnotism can arguably be traced in many philosophical, religious, or therapeutic traditions in different countries and eras, e.g., Christian mysticism, Oriental meditation, and Western philosophies such as Stoicism and Pythagoreanism. James Braid considered Indian yogic meditation to be an important precursor of his approach, possibly sharing more in common with hypnotism than did Mesmerism, its immediate predecessor. (Read more...)

Unraveling the Gendered History of Hypnotism, by Claire Voon, January 13, 2016

Hypnosis straddles the line between science and entertainment, encompassing both the therapeutic practice of hypnotherapy and performative stage acts. Since its introduction in Europe in the 19th century, its practitioners have included scientists, doctors, and those simply hungry for the spotlight; accordingly, hypnotists have varied widely in technique, experience, and intention. The one constant during these sessions, however, is the division of roles along lines of gender — particularly prior to the middle of the 20th century — which is clearly reflected in historic images. (Read more...)

My Three Experiences With Hypnosis
A Firsthand Personal Account on the Reality of Hypnosis, Posted Mar 28, 2019

It's hard to imagine now, as I look back at my first experience with hypnosis, why I did what I did that late autumn night in 1977, sitting in a cocktail lounge in a small Iowa town, watching a stage hypnosis show.

Growing up as a kid in the 60's, I was used to seeing hypnosis depicted in TV shows, and I was actually quite interested in it, with no reason to disbelieve its authenticity, yet for some strange reason that night (perhaps it was the eight bottles of beer), I heckled a stage hypnotist from the crowd.

For those that don't already know... nothing good will ever come from such a stupid action. All in all, just a verrrrrry bad, bad, bad idea. (Read more...)

Due to the pre-existing misconceptions regarding hypnosis, many people do not understand the difference between it and trance. Most people assume that the two are one and the same, but they're not. Hypnosis is not trance. Hypnosis is the vehicle that allows a person to go into trance and to reach its various levels.

It has often been said that hypnosis and trance are not exactly the same thing, but that they are very intimately related to each other. This is because one of them is the cause and the other is the effect. Thus the correlation between the two.

There are three brain states that are perfect for trance, known as alpha, theta, and delta, with alpha being the lightest and delta the strongest.

Out of those three primary states, it's not a stretch to surmise that there are indeed various degrees of each state, from lesser to strongest. This would thus support the basis behind the numerous measured hypnosis scales, which technically should be thought of as measuring the amount or degree of trance.

How Many Possible States of Trance Are There?











Alpha - Light

Alpha - Medium

Alpha - Heavy

Theta - Light

Theta - Medium

Theta - Heavy

Delta - Light

Delta - Medium

Delta - Heavy 

 * Note: these scenarios do not yet include the newly suspected Infra-Low trance state.

The difference between these various brain states, versus the numerous levels of "hypnosis" that have been proposed over the years through a multitude of various measurement scales, seems to be an as yet unreconciled issue in assessing this phenomenon and its associated depths of trance. A consensus opinion has yet to be achieved, however, science is starting to catch up.

The challenge has always been to define and articulate each known level of trance into as many notable degrees or states that can be recognized and validated, such as light-alpha, medium-alpha, or strong-alpha. Looking at the table above, it's easy to see how there could be a multitude of trance levels. The question is, how to note and delineate levels of trance. How much difference is there between heavy-alpha and light-theta? How do we properly measure trance?  (See also: How Hypnosis Really Works)

The problem that exists today is that in the search for the best measurement system for trance, we now have far too many scales to consider. This keeps trance from being measured in a uniform manner by scientists and researchers.

The truth of the matter is this... for hypnosis to move forward in a recognized scientifically accepted fashion, there needs to be only one hypnosis scale that is agreed upon by all, to measure the effects of trance with a consistent accuracy that can be easily compared side by side with other clinical trials.

Due to the widespread misunderstanding regarding hypnosis, there are many hypnotic scales of reference in debate to this day, so the question still remains as to "what are all the stages and degrees of hypnosis." Unfortunately, this is still as yet undefined territory and very much up for prime debate.

One thing is certain, for the hypnosis field to flourish, a recognized and well understood professional standard needs to be adopted. It is absolutely imperative that a standardized scale be put in place in order to move the hypnosis profession forward and also further into the scientific realm.

Here are but just some of the hypnotic scales that have been introduced over the years. (More here)

  • Arons Scale

  • Stanford Scale

  • Harvard Group Scale

  • Davis-Husband Scale

  • LeCron-Bordeaux Scale

  • Friedlander-Sarbin Scale

  • Hypnotic Induction Profile (HIP)


One of the most often used hypnosis scales, perhaps because it is one of the easiest to understand, is the Arons scale, developed by hypnotist Harry Arons.

Harry Arons was a true pioneer and major contributor in the advancement of hypnosis. He was noted for his nationwide training courses, but also for helping hypnosis gain a significant foothold within the medical community.

An author on the subject, Arons is said to have trained thousands of medical professionals, as well as hundreds of law enforcement professionals over four decades. The Arons depth scale is still used to this day.

Stage 1:
Hypnoidal. A very light stage of hypnosis. Good for relaxation and for stress. Good as a mental conditioning tool for such things as weight loss control, and smoking withdrawal. (alpha)

Stage 2: Light trance. A much more relaxed state. Muscle and limb catalepsy. Critical reasoning starts to become impaired in this state. (alpha-theta)

Stage 3: Medium trance. All of the above, plus... control of the entire muscular system. The inability to articulate a number, walk or even move. Partial analgesia is also present. (theta)

Stage 4: Profound trance. All of the above, plus... amnesic stage. Subjects can forget their name, phone number, address and other personal items. Analgesia is present. The ability to feel touch, without discomfort. (theta-delta)

Stage 5: Somnambulism. All of the above, plus... complete anesthesia. The inability to feel touch or discomfort. Hallucinations can manifest. (delta)

Stage 6: Profound Somnambulism. All of the above, plus... a very deep coma-like trance. The perfect state for mental conditioning and/or personal behavior programming. Complete subject control and with total compliance. This is the Esdaile state. (delta)


The Power of Hypnosis Has Been Known... For a Very Long Time

HYPNOTISM: Its History and Present Development  (Aug 1889)
by Frederick Bjornstrom, August 1889
M.D. Head Physician of the Stockholm Hospital, Professor of Psychiatry, Royal Swedish Medical Counselor

Q: Can the hypnotized fall victim to crime?

The unconsciousness and loss of will, which are so easily caused in the hypnotized, can, of course, with the greatest facility be misused for immoral and criminal purposes. Rape, murder, robbery, theft, abduction, etc. are then easy to accomplish.  [pg 106]

In France some remarkable medico-legal cases have occurred with reference to crime against morality under hypnosis, one of them combined with abduction; but we do not consider it proper to quote here any details of these horrible and shocking occurrences, which we hope will stand alone in the history of misused hypnotism.  [pg 106 - 107]

Hence the answer to the second question would be, that the hypnotized may fall hopeless victims to the most criminal and harmful actions of all kinds, not only while they are asleep, but also after they have been awakened, and certain sensitive individuals even without being hypnotized. There lies such an infernal power in the hands of the hypnotizer that everyone ought to be strictly forbidden to meddle with hypnotism, except those who assume the responsibilities of a physician and who have the people's welfare and woe in their hands. [pg 108]  (Read more...)

More on hypnosis from the 1800's: The Crowd, by Gustave Le Bon (1896)

The Role of Hypnotic Medications in Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
Posted October 1, 2015 | By Matthew D. Krasowski and Jerrod Brown

Hypnotic medications, commonly known as sleeping pills, are the most common prescription sleep aids in the U.S. Three closely related drugs (zolpidem/Ambien, zopiclone/Lunesta, and zaleplon/Sonata) are often referred to as the “Z-drugs” because of their generic names. In addition to their prescribed purposes, Z-drugs are sometimes used to facilitate crimes such as sexual-related offenses. Therefore, the medical, forensic, and law enforcement communities must be aware of three key factors in drug-facilitated sexual assaults. (Read more...)

Scopolamine and Hypnosis

A post hypnotic trigger can be set with Scopolamine and hypnosis. It is very easy to hypnotize a person on Scopolamine. Once hypnotized a person can be commanded to go back into a hypnotic trance when a specific word or phrase is uttered. After several sessions on Scopolamine the trigger will become permanent. (Read more...) 

See also: Native doctor allegedly hypnotises woman, rapes her  (scopolamine)

Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words

Here's an interesting piece from the folks at Truthstream Media. Hypnosis is being used for many devious purposes, and all of them with control and domination as the pretext. Hypnosis in the wrong hands is dangerous.


Ten Criminal Hypnotists, by Geordie McElroy January 11, 2017

For centuries, the debate has raged over hypnosis — an altered state of consciousness involving relaxation, increased focus, and suggestibility. The name derives from the Greek word for sleep. However, it is more akin to daydreaming. Hypnotherapy has proven effective in treating anxiety, eating disorders, and addiction. The US government has even investigated it for military applications. Unfortunately, criminals are quick to exploit the power of hypnosis. Over the past few years, thieves and sexual predators have employed hypnotism with increasing frequency.  (Read more...)

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A Group Of Hypnotists Arrested For Criminal Acts In Jakarta, Stole Money And Personal Belongings With Hypnosis

The Dark Side of Stage Hypnosis

UK hypnotist Alex Smith is the subject of this video clip dealing with unethical stage hypnotists. Mr. Smith is well known for releasing a video in 2000 of him having sex with a hypnotized woman.


Two Suspected Criminals Escape From Denpasar Police Detention, Allegedly While Guards Were Hypnotized to Sleep
Coconuts Bali Apr. 8, 2019

A pair of suspected criminals managed to escape from their detention cell at Denpasar Police station early on Sunday morning, breaking the door’s lock, allegedly after one used hypnosis to send the two guards to sleep. (Read more...)

Ex-Wife of Suspected Serial Killer Believes He Hypnotized His Victims, by Hayley Guenthner - Feb 1, 2019

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane Detectives were granted an arrest warrant this week for a decades old murder. The suspect died as they made arrangements to take him into custody. ... She says Pierson was so effective at hypnotizing women, they would lose control of themselves. (Read more...)

A Psychiatrist is Under Arrest
Did She Brainwash Her Cousin to Kill Her Ex-Lover?

Jacob Nolan sits in prison for trying to bludgeon to death Dr. Michael Weiss, and maintains it was his cousin, psychiatrist Dr. Pamela Buchbinder, who convinced him to do it

CBS News, by correspondent Peter Van Sant, Dec 02, 2017

(NY) "There's never gonna be a night I don't fall asleep feeling awful for what I've done," Jacob Nolan told "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant.

To this day, Jake insists his mind was not his own when he set out to kill Dr. Michael Weiss at his office on Nov. 12, 2012. (Read more...)

The Top 5 Criminal Hypnotists

Here is a look at ten of the biggest criminal hypnotist cases on record.


See also: The Top 10 Criminal Hypnotists

Arizona mom claims psychic hypnotized her, took her money
CNN Wire, October 28, 2016

An Arizona woman claims a fortune teller hypnotized her and talked her into leaving $1400. The psychic denied the allegations when confronted by CBS 5 Investigates. But the situation is an example of how difficult it can be for law enforcement officials to investigate accusations of fortune teller fraud. (Read more...)

Woman put in trance, gives man $150,000 in cash, merchandise
Palm Beach Post, Jan 10, 2013

A woman in the 100 block of West Glades Road said that she was put into a trance and willingly provided a man with approximately $150,000 in cash and merchandise in exchange for various psychic services.
(Read more...)

Hypnotism in Russia a Street-Crime Weapon?
Kim Murphy, Originally published February 1, 2005

MOSCOW — He was striking, with dark eyes, a long black ponytail and a stylish suit. He had a large, cheap ring that Olga couldn’t stop looking at as he waved his hand repeatedly in front of her face.  “He was talking gibberish,” she recalled.  (Read more...)

Actual TV News Reports - Hypnosis Used to Rob People

The Darker Side:
A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming
by Michael Scott

The last decade has seen a rise in the use of Erotic Hypnosis for added excitement in intimate relationships and, more recently, in more dangerous situations such as rape and abduction. National attention was brought to focus on erotic hypnosis recently through the prosecution of Ohio attorney Michael Fine for multiple counts of “hypno-rape” against a still growing number of victims, some allegedly as young as 14, others into their 30’s.  (Read more...)

Law & Order: Rape Under Hypnosis - Season 18 - Episode 18 - 'Spellbound'

The popular TV series Law & Order has already tackled this extremely sensitive topic of rape under hypnosis. You can view the full program now on NetFlix, Hulu, or AmazonPrime. You can also view the program on YouTube for $1.99.
(See a short clip

Learn Hypnotism at Home in Your Spare Time and Enslave the World, September 6, 2019

As you read this literary masterpiece by a famous Pulitzer prize loser, you will begin to feel drowsy. Literary masterpieces often have that effect on scabrous readers, but in this case your drowsiness will be part of a sinister conspiracy to destroy your mind and render you an unwilling slave. Even as you read these words your brain is turning into oatmeal.

You say you’ve never been hypnotized and, in fact, you regard yourself as too strong-willed, with such a towering intellect that you never could be hypnotized? Despite your overbearing ego, chances are that you have been zapped into a hypnotic trance many times… and completely without your knowledge or permission.  (Read more...)

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Planet earth is plagued by massive brainwashing and hypnosis. These two methods of manipulating others are yang and yin – meaning they are related. They go on everywhere, in families, in schools, in politics and particularly in the sexual arena. 

Brainwashing is the more violent yang, overt method of malevolently influencing people. Hypnosis is a gentler, often stealthy, more yin and seductive method.   (Read more...)

AP Psychology States of Consciousness

Consciousness is a level of awareness about ourselves and our environment.
There is a distinction between waking consciousness and altered states of consciousness. (Read more...)

See also: States of Consciousness

Stages of Sleep

Sleep is not a uniform state of being. Instead, sleep is composed of several different stages that can be differentiated from one another by the patterns of brain wave activity that occur during each stage. (Read more...)

The Science of Hypnosis (BBC Documentary)

This BBC reporter is resistant during her initial hypnosis session, but she becomes a believer of hypnosis by the end of the show.


The Dangers of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

This video refutes many of the hypnosis myths that exist today as industry dogma. Here is a hypnotist with the guts and integrity to say what most of his colleagues don't have the stomach for, nor the balls.

There IS a Code of Ethics for Hypnotherapists to Follow
For those who just don't seem to have a clue (nor integrity or morals), Feb 5, 2020

Despite the outrageous number of hypnosis abuse cases and debauchery listed on this website, it needs to be noted that there are guidelines for all hypnotherapists to follow. The problem arises when the hypnotherapist dismisses these out of hand and summarily wishes to follow his own (im)moral compass. The ethical guidelines below are just that... "guidelines." There really is no teeth behind these to threaten an immoral hypnotist with. The only real legal authority is the law. With that said, here are some of the major hypnosis associations and their ethical guidelines.  (Read more...)

How My Therapist Abused & Manipulated Me In Our Sessions
B Aubrey Lawrence - April 20, 2016
He was a small man. Standing around 5'7 and slight of frame. He walked in long strides and pushed his shoulders back as if to compensate for his build. His jeans were belted too high and his red dress shirt tucked in too tight, yet he held himself with a confidence that shrilled, "I'm better than you." His dark hair was cut close to his head and his face was carved with lines that suggested a previous life of hard living. His voice was powerful, strong, masculine. His dark eyes pierced through me as he waited for an answer.  (Read more...)

Note: This woman was in such a deep trance, she had absolutely no clue at all what was happening to her. This is an excellent example of someone who was so thoroughly hypnotized that she still appears, at the time of this writing, to have a very limited understanding of how she was so thoroughly and completely controlled by this sex crazed psychopath. This is something that happens more than most will ever know. Too many cases exist just like this. Given the fact that rape is increasing in our sex-dominated society, laws against rape undeniably need to be much harsher, with hypnotic-rape being regarded as arguably the most devious and diabolical of all.

Sexual Exploitation by Helping Professionals

When you seek someone’s professional help, you’re putting your trust in their hands to make decisions in your best interest. Sexual exploitation by a helping professional is a serious violation of your trust and, in many cases, the law.

Sexual exploitation by a helping professional includes sexual conduct of any kind between a professional and the person seeking or receiving a service. Helping professionals include doctors, therapists, professors, police officers, lawyers, religious leaders, and any other professional who offers a helping service. (Read more... )

See also: Negotiating Free Will

Can a Psychotherapist Brainwash a Client?, by Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D., Oct  7, 2014

Over the years a number of my clients have expressed the fear that I (or any psychotherapist) might take control of their mind and lead them to a place they never intended to go. That is, they were afraid of being brainwashed. (Read more...)

Sexual Abuse and the Abuse of Hypnosis in the Therapeutic Relationship
By Erik Hoencamp

In The Netherlands, individuals charged with rape may be prosecuted only in instances in which the suspect could have known that the victim was unconscious or in a state of powerlessness. Hypnosis might be looked upon as a method by which an unscrupulous person could sustain such a state of powerlessness in a victim. As an expert witness, the present author participated in a court case against a lay hypnotist who was accused of abusing 9 women.

The methods and strategy used by the lay hypnotist are presented as well as are the diverse reactions of the women involved in the case. Feelings of nonvolition appear to have been a relevant factor in the coercion, especially in women who demonstrated hypnotic phenomena such as arm levitation, catalepsy, etc. The basis for sexual coercion was established only after the interpersonal relationship had been redefined as a therapeutic relationship. (Read more...)

An Analysis of Hypnotherapist-Client Sexual Intimacy
R. Hawkins, 1993

While sexual interaction between psychologists, physicians, and other health therapists of all kinds and their clients is typically condemned by professional bodies as unethical, the controversy regarding the potential for hypnosis to produce compliant behavior in unwilling or nonconsenting subjects suggests that hypnotherapist-client sex may warrant special attention. (Read more...)

Ethical Practice - An Absolute Must for Hypnotherapists
MSCH, by Christa Mackinnon

(MSCH) As complementary medical and therapeutic approaches become more and more popular with patients, the accusations of unethical practice increase. Law reinforcement agencies are taking those accusations seriously and are in the process of developing the right tools to successfully prosecute therapists. Christa Mackinnon, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and SW course director for LCCH has functioned as an expert in cases against Hypnotherapists and writes:

Over the last few years I have been asked by various police forces around the country and by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to function as an expert witness in different cases. Although the expert work initially derived from my training work for police on the subject of child sexual abuse, three of those cases involved male Hypnotherapists being accused by female clients of indecent assault.  (Read more...)

50 Warning Signs of Questionable Therapy and Counseling
February 12, 2008 • by Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC, Founder and CEO
The items listed below are significant red flags and important information for anyone in therapy or considering therapy. If any of the following red flags appear during the course of your counseling, it may be time to reevaluate your counselor or therapist. 

It’s also important to note that the following red flags have varying degrees of significance. Some of them are very serious violations of ethical standards, such as a therapist attempting to have a sexual relationship with a client. There is no exception to this rule, and if you find yourself in such a situation, you are advised to report to the state professional licensing board and consult with other professionals. (Read more...)

See also: 3 Tips for Finding a Good Hypnotherapist
  How to Find a Hypnotherapist

  The Assault Case That Woke the World to Hypnosis Abuse

This is the sexual assault case that made the world rethink what they know about hypnosis. Michael Fine was just a lawyer who learned hypnosis on his own, yet he proved hypnosis assault is a real thing, answering the long dispute of antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

Woman Wins Damages From Hypnotist, by James Chapman

There were calls for stage hypnotism to be banned yesterday after a woman who said it wrecked her life won a landmark High Court case.

Lynn Howarth, 40, twice tried to commit suicide after a hypnotist encouraged her to imagine she was eight years old, reawakening memories of sex abuse that she suffered as a child. (Read more...)

Lord Mayor of Bradford Doreen Lee Hypnotised (UK News)
Telegraph and Argus, July 23, 2019

Cllr Lee was among the guests of honour at the Bradford Means Business Awards ceremony last Thursday night but found herself starring in the opening act when hypnotist Krystyna Lennon chose her among the volunteers to demonstrate the power of hypnosis.

“I’ve never hypnotised a Lord Mayor before,” Ms Lennon told her audience.

In one part of the show Cllr Lee was told while under hypnosis that the number seven did not exist, before being asked to count her fingers and being visibly baffled when the tally repeatedly came to 11. (Read more...)

TV hypnotist makes five people believe a nightmare has come to life by tricking them into thinking they're naked in the middle of a public park, by Harriet Johnston, Aug 2, 2019

We've all had that nightmare where we turn up somewhere public and realise we're totally naked. Now a TV hypnotist has made that dream even more real for five people, after tricking them into believing they were completely nude in London's busy Soho Square Gardens. (Read more...)

Could a Computer Hypnotize You?
Transforming hypnosis from an art to a science, by Emily Singer, Sep 28, 2007

(TechReview) I ran a panel titled “Engineering the Brain” at Technology Review’s EmTech conference yesterday. One of the speakers was Ed Boyden, a new professor at the MIT Media Lab and one of last year’s TR35. He never ceases to astound with the broad range of projects he’s working on–everything from a molecular light switch that controls neurons to a new device to noninvasively stimulate the brain. One of Boyden’s latest endeavors is a computer-based hypnosis program...  (Read more)

The Dangers of Hypnosis: A Review
Judd, F. K., Burrows, G. D., & Dennerstein, L. (1985)

Reviews the literature on the clinical dangers of hypnosis by considering the context in which it is employed, the S, and the therapist. In hypnoanalysis, the hazards of traumatic insight (i.e., the sudden awareness of previously repressed ideas that are disturbing to the patient) are correspondingly increased. Destructive use of hypnotherapy is often the result of countertransference factors (e.g., the therapist's acting-out of unresolved power fantasies during hypnosis). There is also a danger of excessive dependency in the hypnotherapeutic relationship. Other dangers unique to the use of hypnosis in therapy include problems during the induction and the termination of the trance, such as anxiety reactions and difficulty waking the patient from the trance state. The use of hypnosis in cases of depressive illness, psychosis, hysterical disorders, and physical illness is discussed. Non-therapeutic hypnosis and its misuse is described, as are hypnosis and coercion and hypnosis and legal proceedings. (Read more...)

A Hypnosis Website That Has It Right
A UK Hypnotist Walks Away and Reveals All

(UK) True hypnosis is when another person deliberately attempts to alter your own state of consciousness, taking you from your natural trance like state of mind, into a deeper hypnotic state of consciousness, so that in turn, they can influence your thoughts and feelings - through suggestions of their own choosing!

You can be hypnotized against your will, and with a highly skilled operator, they could get you to do anything! AND THAT’S SCARY.  (Read more...)

'I Never Said Yes'  (BBC2)

This investigative documentary tackles the growing problem of sexual abuse and rape within UK society. The statistics revealed by this BBC2 program are quite shocking.


When Rape is Reported and Nothing Happens
How Minnesota’s criminal justice system has failed victims of sexual assault
A Minneapolis StarTribune Special, Brandon Stahl, Jennifer Bjorhus, MaryJo Webster, Hannah Covington (2018)
 A Look at How Sexual Assault is Handled in Minnesota
Read the entire 9-part investigative series here.   |   or  (PDF version)
See also: Fewer Rape Investigations Closed Nationally (Pioneer Press)

Exclusive: Rape in America: Justice Denied, by Armen Keteyian, November 9, 2009

Nearly 90,000 women reported they were raped in the United States last year. It's estimated another 75,000 rapes went unreported. But while rape convictions are up - a five month CBS News investigation raises questions about just how many rapists are actually being brought to justice. (Read more...)
See also: Rape prosecutions in England and Wales at lowest level in a decade

Survivors of sexual violence are let down by the criminal justice system – Here’s what should happen next..., by Simon McCarthy-Jones, March 29, 2018

How well do criminal justice systems treat survivors of sexual violence? The answer is not only important to survivors. It also signals to society how sexual violence should be viewed. The poor treatment of survivors, when combined with few perpetrators being convicted and a perception of lenient sentencing, could tacitly signal to society a “decriminalisation of rape”. This cannot be permitted.  (Read more...)

Sexul Assault Statistics Everyone Should Know
A brief look at sexual assault statistics. (YouTube)

Why Rape and Trauma Survivors Have Fragmented and Incomplete Memories (Why Police Should Understand)
Time, by James Hopper and David Lisak December 9, 2014

A door opens and a police officer is suddenly staring at the wrong end of a gun. In a split second, his brain is hyper-focused on that gun. It is very likely that he will not recall any of the details that were irrelevant to his immediate survival: Did the shooter have a moustache? What color was the shooter’s hair? What was the shooter wearing?

The officer’s reaction is not a result of poor training. It’s his brain reacting to a life-threatening situation just the way it is supposed to—just the way the brain of a rape victim reacts to an assault. In the aftermath, the officer may be unable to recall many important details. He may be uncertain about many. He may be confused about many. He may recall some details inaccurately. (Read more...)

How Police Still Fail Rape Victims
RollingStone, By Soraya Chemaly, August 16, 2016

When victims don’t conform to idealized versions of what a rape victim should look and act like, untrained and inexperienced officers, like most people, are highly likely to doubt them. Studies show that surveyed police officers think up to 50 percent of rape victims are making false claims, until they have more than seven years of experience working with them, after which the estimate drops to between eight and 10 percent, closer to the two to eight percent of cases that researchers have found is accurate. (Read more...)

See also: 5 ways men can help end sexual assault

Websites Cracks Down on Hypnosis-Slave Porn
If nothing else, these sites show the relationship with hypnosis and sexual enslavement
Jun 28, 2018

The web-service has taken a hard stance against pornographic stories depicting hypnosis for sexual slavery, banning all such content on its website. The site is claiming a “zero tolerance” policy for “forced transformation and sexual slavery.” Patreon has now banned erotic accounts where hypnosis is used as a coercion tool for nonconsensual sex. (Read more...)

Ed Note: The fact that rails against this action says a lot about the network. Apparently they don't understand why violent pornography is wrong.

See also: AVN Stars, a popular OnlyFans alternative, has banned hypnosis porn

Why do websites keep banning hypnosis porn?   [ Ed note: Because it's wrong !! ]

Is Hypnosis Real?

Many people don't believe in hypnosis, or they think that it's all just a trick. They would be very wrong in this assumption. Here are some rudimentary explanations for hypnosis and how it works.


How Pick-up Artists Are Using Hypnosis To Date Rape You
By Christina Monroe, Feb 19, 2016

Hypnosis isn't just the stuff of movies. It's used in psychiatry, to aid in relaxation, stress relief, and even helps people quit smoking or lose weight. Therapists may use hypnosis to engage patients in healing childhood trauma and getting to the root of issues to heal, but recently some people have been using hypnosis in the worst way possible — to abuse others. Pick-up artists who attend hypnosis training have been using their new skills to have sex with women. Is it possible to rape someone with hypnosis? Can you actually use hypnosis to control and violate someone? Recent arrests say, absolutely.  (Read more...)

Here's What You Get at Times From the Corporate Media  (Dumb & Dumber)

Megyn Kelly and the folks at FOX News show their woeful ignorance over hypnosis in this very disturbing segment regarding a woman's sexual assault. Perhaps rather than making fun of a very disturbing sex crime, a news organization could actually muster its vast resources to look into the charge, as well as the hypnosis archive.

This Hypnotist Has Been Accused of Creating Sex Slaves, Yet Authorities Have Yet to Understand That Hypnosis Was Used
Hypnotist Rehab Guru Clients Claim They Were Used as Drugged-Up Sex Slaves, by Matthew Tinoco, Jun 17 2016

Two women came to Christopher Bathum's recovery program to get clean. According to their lawsuit, they ended up in hotel rooms around Los Angeles supplying Bathum with heroin, meth, and sex. Bathum asked (Jennifer) Irick to perform lap dances for him, and persuaded Irick to let him hypnotize her. Per court documents, hypnosis consisted of Bathum sitting behind Irick inside the car while groping her and mumbling comforting words into her ears. (Read more...)

See also: Drug rehab 'mogul' convicted of sexually assaulting 7 female patients at treatment centers

State AGs Need to Prohibit People From Selling and Teaching This
We don't allow people to teach pedophilia or how to steal kids, so why this?

Marketing the skill to hypnotize someone secretly is, for most people in society, generally considered as immoral behavior. This is something our legislators and lawmakers dearly need to address. No matter how these sites might sell this, they cannot possibly validate the moral scruples of those they sell to. This can create serious problems for society. The sites listed above are but just a few of the websites that offer the ability to secretly control others through the use of covert hypnosis. State AG's need to address this issue with the utmost scrutiny.

Hypnosis Exposed - The Truth About Hypnosis

This video focuses on the serious risks and unknown dangers of hypnosis. This should be substantial proof that hypnosis can have adverse effects if not used responsibly and properly. (See video)


Sexual Slavery and Trafficking in the US - It's Literally Everywhere!
This Should Raise a Lot of Questions for Many Over a Serious National Problem

The outrageous fact that this is absolutely everywhere in the world and in every state in the US clearly shows that this is BIG business. The only way that this is remotely possible is through big money and a very strong organization at the top. This exists through an alliance of the uber-wealthy and huge money. States colored in red have sexual trafficking. Yes, it's that widespread.




South Dakota

North Dakota

New Mexico







Minnesota [more]


North Carolina [more]

South Carolina

New York

Rhode Island












New Hampshire


West Virginia









New Jersey


See also: Help Stop Sex Trafficking  (
  THORN  (Help stop the sex trafficking of children)
  Death of Sex Trafficker Raises Serious Conspiracy Questions

Former Nuns Accuse Catholic Priest of Rape and Brainwashing
Victim group accuses Catholic Church of delaying investigations
Anna Virginia Balloussier, Sep.17, 2018 2:54PM

(São Paulo) The first accusations happened in 2006. At that time, they only mentioned "brainwashing" within Arca de Maria (Mary's Ark), a Catholic group in Anapólis, in the state of Goiás.

Later, sexual abuse claims against Jean Rogers Rodrigo de Sousa, 44, also known as Father Rodrigo Maria, came to light. A few nuns that were under his guardianship described sexual advances against their will. (Read more...)

1909 Newspaper Archives: A hypnosis victim died while under hypnosis..
Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 40, 10 November 1909

SOMERVILLE, NJ—The victim of a hypnotic experiment, Robert Simpson, it dead, and Professor Arthur Everton of Newark, the hypnotist, is under arrest and in a state of collapse today. Simpson was hypnotized at a performance In a theater last night. After placing the man In a cataleptic state, the hypnotist performed numerous tests in the presence of the audience to show the thoroughness of his work. When the time came to end his test, Prof. Everton found the subject could not be revived. (Read more...)

The Top 10 Scary Hypnosis Stories

These are real life hypnosis stories that will actually make you cringe.


Hypnosis for Health? Investors Have Placed a $1.1 Million Bet on Mindset Health That it Can Work, by Jonathan Shieber @jshieber, May 15, 2020

Chris and Alex Naoumidis came to hypnotherapy through dresses.

As The New York Times reported last year, the two brothers initially started their careers as startup entrepreneurs with a peer-to-peer dress-sharing app for women. The Australian natives were overcome with doubt about their ability to succeed in startupland; when apps didn’t work, their father suggested they try hypnotherapy.

Those sessions led the brothers to launch Mindset Health and raise $1.1 million in funding from investors including Fifty Years, YC, Gelt VC, Giant Leap VC and angel investors across the U.S. and Australia. (Read more...)

German Hypnotist Gropes Flight Attendant at Airport  (2019)
The Journal, Jun 3, 2019

A German hypnotist has been spared a spell in jail for groping an air hostess at Dublin Airport while he was waiting for a connecting flight to New York.

Ulrich Trappe, 45, “stared and smiled” at the upset flight attendant when she turned around to confront him, Dublin District Court was told today. (Read more...)

Ed Note: This appears to be a deliberate attempt to hypnotize this woman. The two keys to covert induction are shock and then getting the subject's attention. The "grope" by the hypnotist was the shock. When she whirled around to confront her attacker he knew he would have her full attention. It very much sounds as if he was attempting to use a hypnosis technique called 'the gaze." It is doubtful that police, nor the woman, had any idea what Trappe might have been attempting to do. (see stories on "the gaze," bottom of page, lower left)

Polygamist Used Psychological Tricks [ Hypnosis ]  
Books on hypnosis found at home of Tokyo man who lived with 11 women
January 28, 2006

Books on hypnosis were found Thursday at the home of Hirohito Shibuya, who was arrested Thursday on suspicion of threatening a 20-year-old woman in an attempt to get her to live with him, the police said. Following his arrest, Shibuya, 57, a self-professed fortune-teller, was found to be living with 11 women in Higashi-Yamato, Tokyo. Psychologists said the women in the house may have been subjected to mind-control techniques. (Read more...)

Married Under Hypnosis
Women Hypnotically Duped Into Marrying a Predator


Yes, it is possible for a women to be hypnotized into marrying someone she is not interested in. It's already happened before. There are at least three historical cases documented so far...

Case # 1   |   Case # 2   |   Case #3  

Hypnosis Victim: "I left my kids for Kenja group", by Kimberly Gillan, Sunday Magazine, October 12, 2012

For 10 years, Annette Stephens, 69, turned her back on her family to dedicate her life to the Kenja group.

By 1992, I'd started to become skeptical. I read a magazine story that listed Kenja as a cult and began to realize I hadn't achieved anything from my 10 years of training. I'd run out of money and had started making and selling chocolates, which left me less time for Kenja. That time away made me realize it didn't have all the answers.

But it wasn't until I read an article about people being put in a trance that something inside me clicked. I bought a book about mind control and realized processing was a form of hypnosis. (Read more...)

For More Stories On Cults Using Hypnosis, See:  BRAINWASHING
  • Keith Raniere - NXIVM

  • Akif Manaf

  • Sanatan Sanstha

  • Sunil Kulkarni - Shifu Sunkriti

  • Swami Vivekananda Saraswati - Agama Yoga

Mixing Improv With Hypnosis Generates Hilarious Results
Although improv comedy creates unexpected moments by nature, adding hypnosis into the mix makes it even more unpredictable., by Tom Morrison, January 20, 2020

Although improv comedy creates unexpected moments by design, adding hypnosis into the mix makes it even more unpredictable. Colin Mochrie, one of the stars of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, and Asad Mecci, a master hypnotist, will bring that twist to Chatham and Windsor this month with a live performance called Hyprov: Improv Under Hypnosis.

Mecci will invite 20 audience members on stage and assess them to find the five or six best subjects, who will then be hypnotized into situations to improvise with Mochrie.  (Read more...)

Netflix Comedy Tackling the Concept of Consent?  (Hypnosis)
'Workin' Moms' Turns Consent Into a Joke, & Its Conscience is Clear, by Olivia Christensen, Aug 8, 2019

(CDN) As the episode goes on, we wade into the practical implications of sexual harassment. Anne’s ex-husband, hypnotist and professor Dr. Brad, played by Christopher Redman, hypnotizes Anne and uses the opportunity to try and plant skeevy and harmful thoughts in her mind. Workin’ Moms never clarifies for audiences exactly how Dr. Brad’s conduct breaches ethical and moral codes, and it doesn’t need to — in the phrasing of the landmark obscenity ruling, you know it when you see it. Dr. Brad is an unequivocal creep. (Read more...)

SUMMER SHOW PREMIERE: ‘Hypnotize Me’ Airs Wednesday Nights at 8p, by Victoria Blackmon, The Gulf Coast CW, Aug 6, 2019

Hypnotize Me is hosted by Taye Diggs and features physical comedy and unpredictable situations, as contestants work together in teams and are challenged to complete a variety of simple, everyday tasks, from frosting a cake to blowing up balloons… after being hypnotized. With big money at stake, these contestants need to work together as a team. However, their entranced states cause hysterical hurdles that not only sabotage their progress, but reveal aspects of their personalities neither they, their family nor their friends have ever before witnessed! The series also features award-winning hypnotist Keith Barry, who stars in the original U.K. show, as a resident hypnotist. (Read more...)  See also:  You're Back in the Room (UK TV)

Samsung Reveals Bizarre 'Unspoil Me' Hypnotherapy Site It Claims Can Make You Forget TV Shows So You Can Watch Them Again, by Cheyenne Macdonald, December 19, 2017

  • Samsung has unveiled Unspoil Me, a new 23-minute hypnotherapy session

  • The firm claims the hypnosis can cause you to forget your favourite TV shows

  • This, it says, will allow you to re-watch your favourite as if it were the first time

Samsung has unveiled a bizarre new hypnosis experience that it claims will help you forget your favourite TV series – so you can re-watch it as though it ‘were the first time.’

The firm’s Swedish site is offering a 23-minute online hypnotherapy tool dubbed Unspoil Me, which walks the viewer through a soothing audio session as swirling patterns play on the screen.  (Read more...)

See also:  Samsung Website Unspoil-Me Page

Samsung just hypnotized me through my computer screen

Samsung claims it can hypnotize you into forgetting your favorite TV series

A Work Party, a Hypnotist, and an 'Orgasm Event'  (the power of hypnosis)
StarTribune, by Jon Tevlin, November 13, 2014

Today’s example features a Halloween party, a hypnotist and a very ill-conceived gag.

So, a nonprofit agency that works with lesbian, gay and transgender clients, helping them deal with “mental health, substance abuse and sexual health” issues, threw a Halloween party for employees last year. They hired a hypnotist as entertainment.

What could go wrong?  (Read more...)

Hypnotist Wars Accompany Regulation
Heated accusations surround the work of the IN Hypnotist Committee, Posted Aug 28, 2000

(IN) The state of Indiana launched a unique program to license lay hypnotists three years ago, and the feuding hasn't stopped since.

Allegations of greed, lies, favoritism and even satanism abound in the bitter battle surrounding the Indiana Hypnotist Committee and its work. (Read more)

The Art of the Hypnotic Gaze  (The ploy of Svengali)

Along with rapid induction, this is one of the most unbelievable occurrences of hypnosis, the hypnotic gaze. Watch and see if you spot how this famous Italian hypnotist does this.


How to Hypnotize People With Only Your Eyes 
Leaf.TV, By Megan Smith

Hypnosis is the act of placing an individual into a specific mental state. The method via which people are triggered to enter this state is called "hypnotic induction." Once a person is hypnotized, the power of suggestion becomes very strong, and he may do or say things he would not in ordinary life. The suspected reason for this suggestible state is the same one that makes the subconscious believe that the seemingly impossible events in dreams are real while they are "occurring." One method of hypnotic induction is the Direct Gaze method, a powerful technique that requires much concentration on the part of the hypnotist. The Direct Gaze method is hypnosis induction that uses only the eyes of the hypnotist. (Read more...)
See also: How to Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes  (WikiHow)
  The Handshake Induction - Mastering the Art of Rapid Hypnosis

Warner Bros produced this film in 1931

Arguably, the one film that best presented the hypnotic sexual exploitation of a woman was "Svengali." Originally a 1927 German silent film, it was remade in the US in 1931 by Warner Bros, starring John Barrymore as Svengali and Marian Marsh as Trilby, a women covertly taken over by her hypnotist. While somewhat theatrical in its acting and directing, overall it was actually quite an accurate accounting of how an unsuspecting person can be taken over by another through hypnotic suggestion. This popular movie was later remade in 1954 by MGM studios, this time with Hildegarde Neff playing the role of Trilby. (See more...)

What Does the Bible Say About Hypnosis?
The Bible is very critical of enchantments, charms, psychics and more. (Read more...)

New York’s stressed-out power bosses are turning to high-end hypnotism, by Jackie Cooperman, March 24, 2022

In this anxiety-ridden time, tightly wound New Yorkers are turning to healing practices more commonly associated with New Age-y desert retreats than with the city that never sleeps. But a new crop of hypnotherapists — who dispel outdated notions of witch doctors and carnival tricks — say business is booming. (Read more...)

Ed Note: Also see the page on Brainwashing for more on hypnosis

With so many noted accounts of hypnosis abuse existing in the historical record, how is it that some still scoff at the reality of hypnosis to this very day?

With over 200 cases of sexual assault under hypnosis already prosecuted and on the books, you have to wonder why we still treat hypnosis the way we do.

How do you look past evidence?

Here are some things that perhaps you didn't know before coming to this website, but hopefully you now recognize as true regarding hypnosis...

  • Hypnosis is indeed a very real phenomenon.

  • Hypnosis abuse does happen, far more than we know.

  • Hypnotized people will definitely do things they normally wouldn't do.

  • Hypnosis can be used to hide the memory of an assault from the victim.

  • Somnambulistic people are at the greatest risk for hypnotic exploitation.

  • Immoral male hypnotists have been the most prevalent at sexual abuse.

  • People who say that hypnosis abuse is impossible are absolutely wrong.

The power of hypnosis has been lied about for far too long. Too many victims have suffered from its misuse. It's time that everyone knows the truth about it.

Never undergo hypnosis without a video camera to record everything.

Thank you for viewing this website and for helping to spread the word.

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For years we've been told that hypnosis abuse is impossible, despite the fact that there have been many historical legal precedents that absolutely say otherwise. Apparently no one ever bothered to look, take note or keep track, until now. The following cases listed below should once and for all demonstrate that it is entirely possible for someone to use the power of hypnosis to assault a person under deep trance, without their knowledge. These documented cases stand as evidentiary proof that hypnosis abuse is not only possible, but happens more often than most might ever possibly think. The overwhelming number of hypnosis cases listed here are a testament to the reality of hypnosis crime. 

Many of these predators were well trained hypnotists, but the scary thing is, many were rank amateurs. Some were merely lay people who learned this skill-set on their own, so the concerning factor that people seriously need to think about is this - if a depraved amateur hypnotist can actually do this to someone, then imagine what the master hypnotist is capable of doing. See the Media News & Video section farther below.



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Website Kicks Off 3rd Annual US Billboard Campaign for April's National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 032824 


35 Cities Targeted Across the US in Annual Billboard Campaign


(MN) is kicking off its third annual US billboard campaign to inform the public about the misuse of hypnosis, during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year we have increased our billboard coverage from 30 to 35 US cities. Six new states have been added, with seven new cities for 2024.


The primary focus of the Know More campaign is all about creating public awareness for a crime that very few in this world even know exists. The idea is to stir interest in the topic through the use of electronic billboards, with the hopes of informing the general public about the little known danger of hypnosis in the wrong hands.  (Read more...) - 032923

Here are ten things to know in order to better understand about the differences and distinctions between the act of hypnosis and a state of trance. (Read more) has created a YouTube channel for posting video regarding hypnosis. The first video production deals with the myth regarding antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

Watch video., Op-Ed, 020121

Of all the mysteries that have challenged and dumbfounded man over the millennia, arguably one of the most controversial and provocative has to be hypnosis. After thousands of years of use in Asia and the Middle East and nearly 300 years of use in western society, it is hard to believe that it is still very much misunderstood to this day.

Generally speaking, the understanding of any particular profession logically tends to increase over time, but not so for the hypnosis community. A profession that makes it bread and butter telling its clients to concentrate appears to have lost its own focus along the way. There are differing opinions among those within the profession as to the real power of hypnosis. Surprisingly enough, basic core fundamental arguments still linger among researchers and practitioners. The fact that such discourse has lasted for so long is a curiosity unto itself, but there is more than one reason for the division, with simple professional inexperience and ignorance as part of the equation.
(Read more...), 110420

One of the perverse horrors in this world just happens to be trending up and yet few are even aware that such a deviant crime actually exists.

The number of hypnotists and hypnotherapists arrested for sexual assault took a bump up in 2020, with seven caught and six of them arrested in just one year. This is a significant bump upwards from the last few years. The increasing annual trend is disturbing and needs to be recognized and addressed, not only by the hypnosis community, but also major medical institutions...  (Read more...)


Psychoanalyst, 75, Accused by 18 Women of Rape / Sexual Assault  (2024), by Kimberly White, (020724)

(France) Testimonies are piling up against psychoanalyst Gérard Miller. More than a week after a first article in which three women accused Mr. Miller of sexual assault and rape, Elle magazine has published a new investigation with the testimony of forty-one women. Eighteen of them refer to acts of rape and sexual assault which allegedly occurred between 1993 and 2020.

Mr. Miller’s supposed modus operandi is repeated from one testimony to another. To the vast majority of them, the psychoanalyst would have offered an appointment at his Parisian home, accompanied, most often, by a hypnosis session which, according to their stories, went awry. More serious, some were even minors at the time of the events they report, says the magazine. “After lunch he would have taken her home. She has no memory of having been hypnotized, but also cannot understand how she found herself lying down, with the psychoanalyst on top of her,” says the magazine. (Read more...)
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Gérard Miller accused of sexual assault - ten new testimonies filed
“He touched my breasts, my genitals” - ​​Gérard Miller accused of sexual assault
“He’s a mass aggressor” - Muriel Cousin speaks for the first time about Miller

Yoga Guru, 71, Accused of Sexual Assault Using Hypnosis  (2023), by James Reynolds, 120723

(France) Swedish yoga guru Gregorian Bivolaru, 71, has been arrested in France. Former members of Bivolaru's so-called Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA) have since described the horror of being held in overcrowded houses in the suburbs of Paris where they were shown pornography, hypnotized, encouraged to take part in orgies and given the guru's urine to drink. (Read more...)
See also: Yoga guru allegedly forced teens into lesbian orgies, sex with him
  50 women have been freed from 'deplorable conditions' in Paris, France

British Hypnotherapist, 82, Sexually Assaulted Female Patients  (2023), by Rachel Hagan, 121123

(Melbourne) A British hypnotherapist sexually assaulted his female patients under the guise of treatment, leaving them traumatized and "in constant fear." In court documents obtained by the Herald Sun, Paul Stephen-Daly was exposed for previously assaulting a woman in 2015 and sexually touching another woman in her 20s in 2021.  (Read more...)

See also: Hypnotherapist Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Two Women

Victims Share Torment Following Sexual Assaults While Hypnotized
A Camberwell hypnotherapist referred to one victim’s body as a “floppy ragdoll” during a sickening reign of sexual offending against two women. (Read more...)

Hypnotist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient for Two Years  (2023), by Dave Malyon, 112223

(NY) Dr. Errol Gluck, a renowned New York hypnotist and founder of Gluck Solutions, is facing numerous allegations of sexual abuse. has learned of a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of New York that accuses him of repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage patient over a period of two years. (Read more...)

See also: Hypnotist assaulted teen patient and told her ‘this is what doctors do.'

Interestingly enough, Gluck was also a partner in a matchmaking business.

Police Seek Information on Accused Child Molester  (2023), by Christopher Parker, 101423

(MO) Authorities are asking members of the public to report any information on a Washington man accused of child sex crimes who worked as a babysitter and hypnotherapist. Colton Frankenberg, of Washington, was arrested Oct. 3, after a St. Clair parent for whom he was babysitting reported concerns that he had inappropriately touched their children Aug. 31.

Frankenberg marketed himself as a self-employed hypnotherapist on the social media website LinkedIn.   (Read more...)

Hypnosis and a French Château: Rapist’s Shock Arrest  (2023), by Justin Rohrlich, 092923

(France) Many say they were under the spell of Greaux’s “hypnotic hold,” and that they knew something was wrong but “felt hypnotized” or too “heavy” to do anything. One woman described to French investigators being in a “dreamlike state” during Greaux’s assault, and said that although she felt “disgusted” by what he was doing to her, she simply found herself “unable to react.”  (Read more...)

See also: French fugitive sex offender Gilbert Greaux who went on the run after being convicted of raping women at chateau during 'hypnosis ceremonies'

Yorkshire Hypnotist Sexually Abused Client  (2022), 093022

(UK) A Yorkshire hypnotist "put a woman under" and then forced her to engage in sexual activity. Ian Roper, 58, has been jailed for 29 months and banned from working as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist for ten years after his crimes came to light. The victim had visited him for hypnotherapy sessions and was abused during the second one. ... (Read more...)

See also: Hypnotherapist made woman engage in sexual activity without her consent

Former Therapist Arrested For Child Sex Abuse, Over 130 Kids  (2022), by Joshua Young, 093022

(UT) A former therapist and member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, David Hamblin, 68, of Provo was arrested on charges related to a continuing investigation involving ritualistic child sexual abuse. One alleged victim, Brett Bluth, explained the former therapist's method of operation and how he used hypnosis in his therapy/abuse. ... (Read more...)

Psychotherapist Accused of Raping 150 Women in Sudan  (2022), 080322

(SD) At least 150 women have reported a psychotherapist and accused him of rape via hypnosis in Sudan. Independent Arabia reported that among the 150 women three were pregnant. In horrific details, one of the victims has decided to come out and file a lawsuit against the Sudanese psychotherapist... (Read more...)

Hypnosis Coach Charged With Sexually Assaulting Clients  (2022),

(AU) A Morphett Vale masseuse and hypnosis coach has been charged with sexually assaulting his clients. Jason Paul Hagon was arrested in November and then re-arrested in April when three more women filed formal complaints. The alleged offenses took place at Hagan's home office. Police are expecting more women to come forward. (Read more...)

Man 'Hypnotized and Raped Shop Assistant'  (2021), 120721

(Rome) A 45-year-old Pakistani man has been arrested on suspicion of hypnotizing, drugging and raping a 30-year-old shoe shop clerk south of Padua at the end of November, judicial sources said Tuesday. The man, Adil Muhammad, allegedly posed as a shoe salesman when he went into the woman's shop on November 30 before hypnotizing, drugging and raping her, police said.  (Read more...)

See also: Raped in her shop: “I was hypnotized.” A 45-year-old in handcuffs.

Father-Son Duo Held for Rape Under Hypnosis in Hyderabad  (2021) 112621

(India) The Chandrayangutta police on Thursday arrested a father and son on charges of cheating and raping two women, both siblings aged 32 and 23 years. The arrested persons were Syed Hassan Askari (52) from Chanchalguda and his son Syed Afroz (23) from Old Malakpet.  (Read more...)

Australian Hypnotherapist Convicted of Assaulting Four Boys  (2021), 111421

(AU) A Launceston psychologist convicted of indecently assaulting four schoolboys during their therapy has been spruiking his services as a ‘life coach,’ ‘mental health therapist’ and hypnotherapist.  (Read more...)

[Ed note: Young children are exploited under hypnosis as much as women.]

Toronto Physician/Hypnotherapist Charged With Sexual Assault  (2021), by Zena Salem, 042321

(Canada) Toronto police have arrested and charged a man on Wednesday after a sexual assault allegation involving a teenaged patient. Police say they are concerned there may be more victims. Physician Jacques Henri Dubins, 77, of Toronto is charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation, and is scheduled to appear in court on May 25, 2021.  (Read more...)

See also: Doctor used hypnotherapy with ‘shocking’ sexual imagery

Second Woman Accuses Inglewood Mayor of Sexual Misconduct  (2021), by Jason Henry, 041621

(CA) A second woman has accused Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. of sexual misconduct less than three months after his former assistant and ex-girlfriend sued him over similar allegations. The victim alleges the mayor attempted to use hypnosis at one point so that he could take advantage while she was “under his hypnotic spell.” (Read more...)

UK Pedophile Used Hypnotism in Sexual Assault of Young Girls  (2020), by Sophie Corcoran, Senior Reporter, 112520

(UK) A Hull man accused of an array of sickening child sex offences claims he "hypnotized" one of his alleged victims, getting her to pose like a model and dance. Mark Aspin has been charged with 23 sickening sex offences against children including rape, sexual activity with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.  (Read more...)

U-Psychologist Fired for 'Sex Motivated' Hypnosis With Student  (2020), by Nina Siena, 111620

(UK) A university psychologist in the UK has been struck off and barred from continuing his practice for predatory behavior on his students. Dr. Waseem Alladin faced a tribunal hearing that concluded his offences were sexually motivated leading to misconduct, and merited an immediate removal from the university. (Read more...)

See also: University Psychologist Struck Off After Hypnotizing Student and Claiming They Were Lovers in Past LIfe

'Predatory' university psychologist hypnotised student and tried to seduce her

Hypnotist Sexually Assaulted Clients, Prosecutor Says  (2020), by Chris Sheldon, Oct 01, 2020

(NJ) An Essex County-based hypnotist was arrested Wednesday after an investigation revealed that he was sexually assaulting clients, authorities said. Robert Bruckner, 55, of Randolph, the owner of Major Mindset Hypnosis Counseling in Fairfield, was charged with sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child and practicing medicine without a license, according to a statement from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.  (Read more...)  |  Youtube video

See also: New Jersey Hypnotist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Clients CBS


Accused Hypnotist is Back in Jail Again After New Sex Allegations  (2020), by Mitch Mitchell, September 24, 2020 02:10 PM

Hypno-assailant whispered into victim’s ear, "I’m going to keep you."

Lamb told victim that she was not his first and would not be his last.

(TX) A Fort Worth hypnotist who bonded out of jail after an arrest on a sexual assault charge in September last year was back in jail Thursday after an arrest on two counts of indecent assault. Lamb, a hypnotist who boasts on his website that he has more than 30 years of experience, was indicted in the sexual assault case on Dec. 19, 2019. The new indecent assault allegations were reported Sept. 7 of this year and Lamb was arrested Wednesday. (9/23/20)  (Read more...)

See also, first arrest: She went to a Fort Worth hypnotist for help. He sexually assaulted her, warrant says

Florida Therapist Used Hypnosis to Sexually Assault Teen  (2020), Peter Burke, Sep 09, 2020

(FL) A Port St. Lucie therapist is accused of using hypnosis to sexually abuse a teenager. Robert Medina, 69, was arrested last week on one count of unlawful sexual battery to a minor. Port St. Lucie police spokeswoman Lisa Marie Carrasquillo said a 17-year-old boy told police he was molested by Medina when the teen went to Medina's business, Healing Counseling Inc. "The therapist used a hypnosis method and sexually battered the victim..."  (Read more...)
See also: FL Therapist Uses Hypnosis to Sexually Assault Teen, Police Say
  Therapist Accused of Using Hypnosis to Sexually Batter Teen
Update: Therapist Accused of Sexual Battery on Teen Patient Found Dead

New Mexico Hypnotherapist Gets 12 Years for Raping Patients  (2020), July 29, 2020

(NM) The therapist who raped his patients while under hypnosis was sentenced on Wednesday. Lamarr Edgerson pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and no contest to another. He was charged in 2018 after patients came forward saying he used hypnosis to sexually assault them over a course of several years.  (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Sexually Abused 12 Patients Under Hypnosis  (2020), Wednesday, June 24, 2020

(Belgium) A 72-year-old Belgian hypnotherapist, from the municipality of Kuurne in the West-Flanders province, has been convicted for sexually abusing his patients, for the second time.

The man made at least twelve victims, according to the public prosecutor. They were women who went to the therapist for different problems, such as eating disorders or mourning.

“Patients had to pay for three sessions immediately. Each session, the man went a little further. He asked the victims to undress, or he took off their bra himself. The defendant also massaged their breasts and pubic area,” the prosecutor said.

“The women were under hypnosis and were unable to stop him,” the prosecutor said, adding that the man abused the relationship of trust with a patient who was already in a difficult situation.  (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Michael Walsh Now Accused of Stalking Woman  (2020), Op-Ed, April 7, 2020

(Scotland) The Michael Walsh hypnosis case has taken an interesting turn of events and it's not certain whether or not police fully understand  the entire scope of what might be happening. Walsh has recently been accused of stalking a woman. It was not reported if she was a former victim or not. The report comes one year after Walsh was cleared of sexually assaulting a patient while she was under hypnosis. Walsh was cleared of the charges due to a technicality regarding the dates of his alleged assaults. 

According to the Courier of Scotland, Walsh, 71, has now been told to stay away from the woman after being accused of following her and also trying to speak to her in January and February of this year. Walsh was also alleged to be staring at her. At present, it is not known if this is the same women who previously accused him of sexual assault while she was under hypnosis. If it is, staring at her could have other implications, such as a little known hypnosis technique known as "the gaze," which he might have been attempting in an effort to re-hypnotize her. (See articles, bottom left of page.) If indeed Walsh was innocent of assaulting a woman less than one year prior, it is extremely curious as to why he would undertake stalking this woman now. In light of this recent development, one would hope that authorities might look a bit deeper into Mr. Walsh and his recent activities.  (Read more...)  

See also: 2018 story (farther below)

Hypnotist Accused of Raping Women in Karachi is Arrested  (2020), by Nazir Shah, March 5, 2020

Police arrested the prime suspect, Khalid Zaman, accused of hypnotizing and raping women in Karachi’s Sachal area, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Khalid Zaman has been arrested by a police team from Landhi area of the metropolis.   (Read more...)

See also:
Karachi men kidnap, 'hypnotize' woman before sexual assault

Fort Worth Hypnotist Accused of Client Sexual Assault  (2019), by Mitch Mitchell, November 26, 2019

(TX) A 30-year-old woman who was wary of the side-effects from the anti-depression and anxiety drugs that she was prescribed went to see a hypnotist who she said sexually assaulted her, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.
(Photo: the two sides of Philip Lamb)

About three months after her first visit, Fort Worth police arrested the hypnotist, Philip Max Lamb, 68, of Fort Worth, on a charge of suspicion of sexual assault by a mental health provider. Lamb has not yet been indicted. The woman told police officers that he sexually assaulted her for three days. (Read more...)

BuzzFeed: Life Coach Tony Robbins Accused of Sexual Assault  (2019)
Report Alleges He Used Hypnotic NLP to Coerce a Woman into Sex, by Katie J.M. Baker | Jane Bradley, November 22, 2019

...Seven former campers and counselors independently remembered Robbins delivering an inappropriate, highly sexualized presentation. Curry and Tamara Drean, the camp counselor, both remembered Robbins offering an example from his own life where he successfully used “neuro-linguistic programming” techniques to target an attractive woman at a crowded restaurant. NLP is a philosophy modeled on hypnosis that supposedly teaches people how to influence others.  (Read more...)

HR note: Is it possible his hypnosis skill set in Shallow Hal is closer to real life?

Update: New Rape Charge for Albuquerque Hypnotherapist  (2019) Edgerson Accepts Plea Deal in Hypnosis Sexual Assault Case, by Rebecca Atkins, Nov 15, 2019

(NM) The therapist accused of raping his patients took a plea deal Friday. Lamarr Edgerson was using hypnosis to sexually assault multiple patients over a course of several years.

The plea deal comes a few days after Edgerson was charged in another rape case. Friday he also plead to that charge.  (Read more...  |  Watch video...)

Queensland Hypnotherapist Banned for Abusing Clients  (2019)
Australian Associated Press, October 14, 2019

(AU) A Queensland masseur and hypnotherapist who sexually assaulted clients has been banned from performing any future treatments because he is a serious risk to women. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Tuesday published its written reasons for making the permanent prohibition order against Paul Kirk, 55, who abused a teenage girl and three women between 2010 and 2017. ... The fourth victim, a 30-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and raped during hypnotherapy to quit smoking cigarettes. (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Used Ritual Magic, Sexual Therapy On Woman  (2019)
FloridaManTimes, July 27, 2019

(FL) Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy... and while you’re at it, let’s have sex. Perverted Florida hypnotherapist Robert Andrew Nichols was arrested after having a sexual relationship with a patient. (Read more...) 

See also:
Florida Hypnotherapist Charged With Having Sex With Patient

Medical Board: Psychiatrist Probation for Sexualized Hypnosis  (2019)
CA Psychiatrist Used Sexual Hypnosis Script on a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse 
July 10, 2019

(CA) The California Medical Board has placed psychiatrist Kermit Johnson of Schuman-Liles Clinic in Fremont on five years’ probation, for using a sexualized hypnotic script on a  28-year-old female patient being treated for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The board maintains he pressured her into hypnotherapy which employed suggestive and sexual language. He is barred from practicing hypnotherapy and hypnosis in any capacity and from treating any patients with a history of sexual abuse.  (Read more...)

Two Men Hypnotize, Rape, Swindle Lady in Ibadan  (2019)
The Herald, by Ademola Ademiluyi, June 2019

(Nigeria) Two suspected criminals are currently in police net after they allegedly raped and defrauded a lady of over one million naira in Oyo State.

The suspects, Taiwo Salami and Komrudeen Amusat, were said to have hypnotized their victim who was on her way to deposit the sum of N1.4 million given to her by her (boss) who she works with as a sales girl. (Read more...)

Magician David Blaine Accused of Sexual Assault Using Hypnosis  (2019)
NY Post, by Stephanie Pagones, Tina Moore and Bruce Golding - April 1, 2019

David Blaine is under investigation by NYPD over sexual-assault allegations made by two women - one of whom claims he hypnotized her into compliance  (Read more...)


See also: Blaine Accused of ‘Hypnotising Women to Perform Sex Acts on Him’

Woman Awakens From Hypnosis,Therapist’s Hand Up Her Skirt  (2018), January 23 2019

(Scotland) A woman told a court she came round from a fear-of-flying hypnosis session to discover the therapist’s hand up her skirt at the top of her thigh. The woman said she was shocked and embarrassed and immediately slapped Michael Walsh and pushed him away at the end of the session in her home.  (Read more...)

See also: 2nd Victim Comes Forward - Claims Hypnotist ‘Sexually Assaulted Her’ During Session in Edinburgh

NM Therapist Indicted After Hypnosis Patient Says She Was Raped (2018), by Rebecca Atkins, Nov 13, 2018

(NM) A nationally recognized Albuquerque therapist is accused of raping a female patient in his office. Another woman has also come forward saying he tried to use his powers of hypnosis for sexual reasons. (Read more...) 


See also: Albuquerque Therapist accused of Raping Client
  Third Woman Comes Forward - Inappropriate Behavior by Therapist

Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Windsor Hypnotist  (2018)
CBC News · Posted: Jul 05, 2018

(Ontario) A local hypnotist has been charged with more than 10 counts of sexual assault, according to Windsor police. 

Police launched an investigation in March which resulted in a 57-year-old male being charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of assault against an adult female in her 50s.  (Read more...)

See also: Second Female Victim Found - Police Suspect More Victims
  Local Hypnotist Faces Long List Of Sexual Assault Charges

Elementary Teacher Accused, Inappropriate Contact, 5 Students  (2018)
He Attempted to Hypnotize Very Young Girls - 'I Will Obey You Master'
WGAL TV, by Beccah Hendrickson, Jun 28, 2018

(PA) A teacher at East Hanover Elementary School in Dauphin County is accused of sex crimes against several students. (More...)


See also:
Teacher Tried to Hypnotize Girls

Cal Poly Instructor Sex Assault - He Tried to Hypnotize Student  (2018), by Matt Fountain, April 30, 2018

A third-year Cal Poly student says her former instructor inappropriately touched her and made sexually charged comments to her in his private office, including trying to persuade her to let him hypnotize her and suggesting she run down the campus halls naked in order to avoid being expelled. (Read more...)

MI Hypnotherapist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients  (2017)
WDIV TV, by Shawn Ley - Reporter, Dave Bartkowiak Jr., Derick Hutchinson, May 03, 2017

(MI) A Michigan hypnotherapist has been accused of sexually assaulting one of his  patients during a hypnosis session at his Grand Blanc office.  (Read more...)
See also:
More Women Come Forward 

Cult Leader Guru Arrested for Crimes Against Teenagers  (2017)
Alleged use of hypnotism to influence young girls and boys
By FPJ Web Desk, April 21, 2017

(Mumbai) He goes by many profiles — cult guru, psychiatrist, and academician. He even has thousands of followers on the social media. To his critics, however, he is a fraud and child trafficker who lures young girls and boys into a sex and drug racket with his charm and glib talk. But on Wednesday night luck ran out and Sunil Kulkarni was finally arrested by the crime branch of Mumbai police from Malad. The Delhi-based charmer was produced before the metropolitan magistrate’s court on Thursday afternoon. (Read more...)

'Sex Witch' Who Hypnotized, Raped and Enslaved Two 15-Year-Old Girls is Found Living Near a Primary School  (2017), April 4, 2017

A male 'sex witch' who used hypnotism to rape and enslave teenage girls has been found living three doors away from a Melbourne primary school, a month after he was set free.

Robin Angus Fletcher, 60, who is legally blind, was jailed in 1998 for eight years after he prostituted, raped and enslaved two 15-year-old girls. (Read more...)

PA Doctor Assaults Two Women Patients Under Hypnosis  (2016), by Michael Tanenbaum - PhillyVoice Staff, 072717

(PA) An independent physician who practices at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in West Philadelphia is facing accusations that he used hypnosis and possibly drugs in order to sexually assault one of his patients.  (Read more...)

See also:
2nd Patient Comes Forward - Sues Hypnotist Doctor Over Sexual Assault

Australian ‘Guru’ Put Teens in Trance Before Raping Them  (2015), March 10, 2015

(FR) An Australian man who passed himself off as a Hare Krishna “guru” was on Monday sentenced to 19 years in jail in France for repeatedly raping three teenage girls he turned into mesmerized sex slaves. (Read more...)

Australian 'guru' sentenced to 19-years in jail for raping sex 'slaves'
Australian self-styled 'guru' convicted of repeatedly raping three girls in France

Lawyer Gets 12-Years For Sexual Assault Using Hypnosis  (2015), 2015

A lawyer was putting his female clients into a hypnotic trance and sexually assaulting them, without their consent or knowledge. The most alarming note to this story is that this guy wasn't a hypnotherapist. He was just a lawyer who learned how to do this.  (Read more...)

See also:
Ohio attorney hypnotized clients, made them perform sex acts

OH attorney charged: accusations he hypnotized women for sexual pleasure

French Hypnotist 'Raped Clients During Sessions'  (2014), by Joshua Melvin, April 11, 2014

(FR) A French hypnotist faces sexual assault charges after allegedly raping two clients during consultations at his practice, according to media reports on Friday. Police are looking into the possibility of other victims.

The charges stem from two women who in separate incidents reported the locally renowned hypnotist and healer in eastern France forced himself upon them during therapeutic sessions, French daily Le Parisien reported.  (Read more...)

Concord Hobby-Hypnotist Accused of Sexual Assault on Woman  (2014)
WMUR, by Jennifer Crompton, Jan 14, 2014

(NH) A 59 year old Concord man has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a hypnosis therapy session. Thomas Goodness, turned himself in to police on Tuesday, charged with three counts of sexual assault. (Read more...)

Hypnotist Charged With Raping Client During ‘Energy Therapy’  (2013), by Brett Cihon, August 12, 2013

(WA) A licensed hypnotherapist has been charged with raping an 18-year-old male client during during multiple “energy therapy” sessions late last year. Ayhan Yavuz of Bothell is being charged with second-degree rape in King County Court. Yavuz allegedly raped the victim during hypnotherapy sessions from November through December 2012 at the Balancing Health Clinic in the 12900 block of NE 180th Street, according to court documents.  (Read more...)

See also: Teen Attacked During 'Energy Therapy' Sessions

Davenport Hypnotherapist Faces Sexual Exploitation Charge  (2013), by Shellie Nelson, July 25, 2013

(IA) A hypnotherapist is accused of sexually exploiting a patient at a Davenport alternative healing office. Court records show Victor Saldivar, 64, of Davenport, is charged with one count of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist. The charge is a felony. (Read more [WQAD video]

Amateur Hypnotist Filmed Himself Sexually Abusing Teen Patient  (2010), by Andy Dolan, January 10, 2013

(UK) A judge condemned the lack of regulation in the hypnotherapy industry as he jailed a practitioner who filmed himself sexually assaulting a patient. Philip Sherwin, 47, molested a girl of 19 while she was in a ‘light trance’ after she sought treatment for anxiety issues. A court heard Sherwin had worked in a print factory before setting himself up as a £95-an-hour hypnotherapist. His training amounted to just a week-long training course and two-day seminar. (Read more...)

See also: Hypnotist Filmed Himself Sexually Assaulting 19-Year-Old

Abused While in Hypnotic Trance: Assaulted Student Speaks Out  (2010), by Melissa Thompson, Michelle Rawlins, JAN 19, 2013

(UK) Walking out of her hypnotherapist’s treatment rooms, Asher Bourke felt troubled by a nagging sense of unease.

Previous sessions had left her feeling relaxed and happy, freed from the anxiety that had plagued her for years. But now the 19-year-old’s head was filling with flashes of terrifying images.

She saw Philip Sherwin, the hypnotist she trusted, sexually assault her as she lay paralyzed and powerless on his couch. (Read more...)

Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman Under Hypnosis  (2009)
WMCA Action News 5, by Nick Kenney, October 12, 2009 at 9:30 PM CDT - Updated June 17 at 8:28 AM

(TN) A Memphis physician who worked for Lakeside Clinic has been accused of sexual abuse with a patient under hypnosis. Dr. John O'Connell is now facing charges of sexual battery. (Read more...) 

< YouTube

£5k compensation for sexual assault doctor (2009), by Ben Parsons, 8th February 2009

(UK) A traumatized patient of a doctor jailed for sex crimes on hypnotized women has branded a decision to hand him £5,000 damages a “slap in the face”. Hypnotherapist Imad Al-Khawaja was called a “remorseless” abuser by a judge. Now the European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Government to pay the 52-year-old doctor compensation. (Read more...) 


You have to ask yourself why a predator list such as this has never before been documented in one place? Why hasn't the general public ever been warned or told about the dangers of hypnosis and immoral hypnotists? Why have authorities never taken the time to make a public accounting for such a serious, depraved crime within our society? Why has no institution or organization seen fit to keep track of the hypnosis abuse cases and criminal hypnotists? This is, quite frankly, nothing short of irresponsible. We do take note of serial killers and other dangerous criminals, but apparently not the deviant hypnotists who hold an uncanny power over their defenseless victims. Authorities have been negligent in their duty and remiss in addressing this public safety issue. They have ignored the severity of such a devious, immoral crime with no regard for the general public. The medical community is certainly no better, because they also haven't taken note of this type of crime. This deviant crime should have been exposed publicly long ago, so that society could be aware of the danger. FYI: The US leads the way in hypnosis rape over all other countries, combined.

Bart Herbstman, 48, hypnotist, Cerrillos, NM

Bryan Kelley, 68, hypnotherapist, Sante Fe, NM

Dr. Lamarr Edgerson, 54, psychologist, Family Harmony, Albuquerque, NM

Morris (Murray) Balmages, 72, hypnotherapist, Cincinnati, OH

Michael Fine, 58, lawyer (amateur hypnotist), Sheffield, OH 

William Thrush, hypnotist, Cincinnati, OH

Donald Hauck, Hypnotist, Cincinnati, OH

W. Earl Martin, hypnotist, Canton, OH

Jacob I. Apsel, 59, hypnotist, Milwaukee, WI
Kenneth P. Davis, psychologist, Middleton, WI

Paul J. Kinsella, 61, hypnotherapist, Madison, WI

Rev. Jeffery A. Baas, 47, amateur hypnotist, Union Grove, WI

Irving M. Sorscher, 44, dentist, w/ hypnosis training, Lansing, MI

John Tomlinson, 65, hypnotist,  Grand Blanc Township, MI 

PA-C Thomas Stetler, 55, hypnotist, South Boardman, MI

Victor George Saldivar, 64, hypnotist, Davenport, IA

Tex Allen, 51, hypnotherapist, Urbandale, IA

Edward Donovan, hypnotist, Rock Rapids, IA

Ernest Matuschka, psychologist, Kearney, NB

Rev Wilbert P. Ferguson, Pastor, Lincoln, NB

Prof. P. Emmett Sully, amateur hypnotist, Fargo, ND

Dr. Frank E. Baum, 74, gynecologist, Kansas City, MO

Colton Frankenberg, 29, hypnotherapist, Washington, MO
Dr. Barton Dukett, chiropractor, Little Rock, AR

JE Smithton, carnival hypnotist, Little Rock, AR

Michael Johnstone, 64, hypnotist, Milford, CT

Charles Veysey, 42, amateur hypnotist, Hartford, CT +

Dr. Tory Westbrook, 43, physician, Glastonbury, CT
Robert Bruckner, 55, hypnotist, Fairfield, NJ

William A. Settle, 30, amateur hypnotist, Paterson, NJ

Alfred J. Kuhnert, 47, amateur hypnotist, River Vale, NJ

Peter Morkovin, 57, hypnotist, Syracuse, NY

Dr. Errol Gluck, 68, hypnotist, New York, NY

Conrad Mainwaring, amateur hypnotist, Syracuse, NY

Samuel D. Altieri, 59, hypnotherapist, Binghamton, NY

Joseph D'Albert, 45, hypnotherapist, North Patchogue, NY

Ronald (Dante) Pellar, hypnotist, Los Angeles, CA

Donald E. Hickock, 38, physiotherapist, Martinez, CA
Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld, psychologist, Laguna Hills, CA

Raymond Steagall, 44, amateur hypnotist, Loomis, CA

James Austin Withers, 64, hypnotherapist, Morro Bay, CA

Matthew Lindgren, 38, marriage counselor, Oakland, CA +

William Joseph Bryan, 43, hypnotherapist, Los Angeles, CA

Jay Cohen, 48, hypnotist, Corona del Mar Newport Beach, CA

Arthur Knight, 36, psychologist, Los Angeles, CA  [ 56, Committed crime twice ]

Herbert Michael Napoleon, 43, amateur hypnotist, Palo Alto, CA

Edward Morgan Rote, 50, hypnotist life coach, Oak Park, CA

Michael L. Buffington, 46, psychologist, Van Nuys, CA

Dr. Robert Fox, 40, dentist/hypnotist, Sebastopol, CA

Robert McN. Godwin, hypnotist, Los Angeles, CA

Ellis E. Cook, amateur hypnotist, Los Angeles, CA

Horace Gomble, hypnotist, Beverly Hills, CA

Unnamed hypnotherapist, CA *

Dr. Donald G. Levitt, 32, physician, Levittown, PA

William B. Palmer Jr., counselor, Levittown, PA

Donald P. Wilkins, 49, amateur hypnotist, Erie, PA

Dr. Bernard J. Curran, 49, physician, Dalton / Clarks Summit, PA

Rev. Harold Biller, 64, amateur hypnotist, Johnstown, PA

Rev. Michael G. Barletta, 63, amateur hypnotist, Erie, PA

Charles Quinton Smith, 80, amateur hypnotist, Chambersburg, PA.
James Mentzer, 39, elementary teacher, amateur hypnotist, Hummelstown, PA

Dr. Leonard E. Rosenfeld, 83, Penn Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

B. Scott Finnell, 55, CEO Pressley Ridge, amateur hypnotist, Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Dennis Coleman, 70, amateur hypnotist, Bellefonte, PA

Lawrence Greene, 38, hypnotist, Allentown, PA +

Charles N. Brown, 34, pastor/reporter, Penn Hills, PA +

Gerald Acks, 60, hypnotist, Pittsburgh, PA

Thomas David Remsen, 36, psychologist, Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. John O'Connell, 65, Lakeside Behavioral Health Center, Memphis, TN

Sheldon Jerome Fox, 67, hypnotherapist, Washington, DC

George Petersen, hypnotherapist, Virginia Beach, VA

Father Joseph Maskell, counselor (amateur hypnotist), Baltimore, MD

Wayne Deyoe, 61, White Mountain Hypnosis Center, Freedom, NH

Brian Boeheim, 36, hypnotherapist, Nashua, NH +

Thomas Goodness, 59, hypnotist, Concord, NH

Stanley Haluska, 59, hypnotherapist, Homewood, AL

Jesse Overton Jr, 25, amateur hypnotist, Mobile, AL

Rev Joseph Pelletieri, (amateur hypnotist)  Catholic Church, Crowley, LA

Brian Alan Coxwell, 40, nurse-anesthetist, amateur hypnotist, Beaufort, SC +

Gerald Lee Baker, 31, amateur hypnotist, Greenville, SC

John Calvin Holland, 33, amateur hypnotist, Laurens, SC

Jackson D. Hill, hypnotist, Charleston, SC

J. Denis Jackson, 53, doctor, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Abbas Demetrios, 53, hypnotist, Cumming, GA

Carmine Edmund Baffa, 52, hypnotist, Gainesville, GA

Ross E. Anderson III, 66, hypnotherapist, Tacoma, WA

Kevin Christian Geyer, 25, amateur hypnotist, Kennewick, WA 

Phillip S. Hughes, 74, hypnotherapist, WA

Byron C. Pringer, 66, hypnotherapist, WA

Lance E. Speed, 70, hypnotherapist, WA

Ayhan Yavuz, 52, hypnotist, Bothell, WA 

Clyde Hazleton, hypnotist, Portland, OR

Stephen Lee Kristic, 63, hypnotist, Oklahoma City, OK

Edward Barry Tegeler, 59, hypnotherapist, Idaho Falls, ID

Phillip J. Wyckoff, 54, Valley Mental Health Center, Holladay, UT +

Bill Stevenson, 25, amateur hypnotist, Salt Lake, UT

Elbert Clifford Webb, hypnotherapist, Orem, UT

WC Bill Stevens, 25, hypnotist, Provo, UT

David Hamblin, 68, therapist, Provo, UT
JB Norton, 43, hypnotist, Provo, UT

Unnamed hypnotist, Evanston, IL *

Harry L. Kerl, hypnotist, Chicago, IL

Professor Roy Lord, hypnotist, Chicago, IL
Dwight Summers, 50, hypnotherapist, Akin, IL

William Galvani, hypnotist, Bluffton, IN

Egbert L. Pfeiffer, 45, psychology consultant, Indianapolis, IN

Philip Lamb, 68, hypnotherapist, Fort Worth, TX  [ 69, Committed crime twice ]

Steven Edward Smykay, 70, hypnotherapist, San Antonio, TX

Dr. James R. Plaisted, 46, psychologist, Corpus Christi, TX

Arthur E. Avent, 44, therapist, Shalimar, FL

Robert Medina, 69, hypnotherapist, Port St. Lucie, FL

Robert Andrew Nichols, 63, hypnotherapist, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Herman Zeidman, 77, psychologist, Pompano Beach, FL

Alan Ira Rich, 55, rheumatologist, Ft. Meyers, FL

Brian Boeheim, 36, hypnotherapist, Nashua, FL +

Richard Schick, 58, hypnotherapist, Chandler, AZ

Wally M Glynn, hypnotist, 42, Costa Mesa, AZ +

Vladimir Sominsky, 44, hypnotist, Flag Staff, AZ

Unnamed psychologist, hypnotist, Denver, CO *

Harry Gatley, 27, hypnotist, Grand Junction, CO

Chaplain Anthony Longval Jr., 53, amateur hypnotist, Ft. Richardson, AK

Daniel E. Jones, 21, dance instructor, amateur hypnotist, Aiea, HI

Burnie W. Smith (William Deanyer), 32, hypnotist, Honolulu, HI

Basilo Peno, 32, amateur hypnotist, Honolulu, HI

Michael Gill, 55, hypnotist, Wales, UK

Unnamed, 55, therapist, Anglesey, North Wales, UK

James Turner, 60, hypnotherapist, Cheltenham, UK

Geoffrey Gaunt, 44, hypnotist, West Bridgford Nottingham, UK

Imad Al-Khawaja, 48, hospital consultant (hypnotist), Brighton, UK

Ian Roper, 58, hypnotherapist, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, UK

Michael Murray, 47, hypnotherapist, Horfield, Bristol, UK

Nelson (Nelson) Lintott, 57, hypnotist, Devon, UK

Donald Rees, 56, hypnotherapist, Kingston, UK

Raymond Thomas Perkins, 37, Leicester, UK

Dr. Sidney Linton, hypnotist, Leeds, UK

Philip Sherwin, 47, hypnotist, Leicester, UK

Martin Smith, 45, hypnotist, North Shields, UK

Gary Naraido, 52, hypnotist, Boston, Lincs, UK

Andrew Peter Hill, 46, hypnotist, Middleleaze, UK

Stephen Barker, 61, hypnotist, Hardwick, Cambs, UK

Peter Knight, 75, hypnotist, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK

Stephen Dyer, 50, hypnotist, Dover Road, Folkstone, UK

Geoffrey Shaw, 70, hypnotist, Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK +

Arthur Harris, 55, hypnotherapist, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK
Peter Martin, 56, ex-policeman, modeling agent, Manchester, UK

Timothy Porter, 40, amateur hypnotist, Leeming, North Yorkshire, UK

Kolathur Unni, 56, psychiatrist (hypnotist), Ash Grove, Palmers Green, London, UK
Darwish Hasan Darwish, 55, hypnotist, Caldy, Merseyside, UK +

Rev. John Price, 82, amateur hypnotist, Ash Tree Close, Bedale, UK

Colin Pike, 49, hypnotherapist, London, UK

Mark Aspin, 44, amateur hypnotist, Hull, UK

John Jamie Kay, 42, hypnotherapist, Wigan, UK +

Unidentified therapist, 49, hypnotherapist, Romford, UK *

Dr. Clifford Salter, 55, psychiatrist, hypnotist, UK

Michael Walsh, 69, hypnotherapist, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland +

Iain Balsillie, 40, occupational nurse, amateur hypnotist, Fife, Scotland

Richard K. Tilley, 64, hypnotist, Brentwood Park, Foyle Springs, Ireland

Father Ronat, amateur hypnotist, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland

Victor Vinmar, hypnotist, Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Abdul Haque Omarjee, doctor, 48, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Nikola Tomic, 69, hypnotist, Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Unnamed psychologist, psychologist / hypnotherapist, Launceston, Australia

Jason Paul Hagon, 51, masseuse / hypnosis coach, Morphett Vale, Australia

Paul Stephen-Daly, hypnotherapist, Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia

Rev Brian Spillane, 65, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Rev Peter Dwyer, 65, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Rev John Gaven, 66, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Eric Stanley Duggan, 31, Air Force officer, Pearce, Australia
Kevin John Lynch, amateur hypnotist, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Paul Kirk, 55, hypnotherapist, Warwick, Queensland, Australia

Werner Otto Schwarz, DDS, 82, amateur hypnotist, Armidale, Australia

Unnamed hypnotist, teacher, amateur hypnotist, Melbourne, Australia *

Robin Angus Fletcher, 60, Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Unnamed hypnotherapist, amateur hypnotist, Australia *

Rev John Davies, 64, Carnegie, Victoria, Australia

Aaron Patton, 37, hypnotist, Jay, Maine, Australia

Frank Johnson, 27, Hypnotist, Perth, Australia

Barry Palmer, hypnotist, Australia +

Briceño Mario Cano, 30, hypnotist, Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela

Debabrata Dutta, 56, amateur hypnotist, MS Ramaiah Nagar, Bangalore

James Graham, 57, hypnotist, Windsor, Canada

Almer Sequin, hypnotist, Montreal, Canada

Dr. Robert Ross, 63, psychologist, Ottawa, Canada

Gordon Sharpe, amateur hypnotist, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Richard Hashni, 70, hypnotherapist, East Hastings, Canada

Saiyed Mohammed Waheed (Richard ) Hashmi, 71, Therapist, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. George Clifford Matheson, 48, psychologist (hypnotist), Toronto, Canada

Dr. Jacques Dubins, 77, physician/hypnotherapist, Toronto, Canada

John Orpin, 59, psychiatrist, hypnotist, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Ali Rahmanian, 44, amateur hypnotist, Toronto, Canada

Chidozie Okam, 26, amateur hypnotist, Lagos, Nigeria

Chinadu Umeneri, 27, amateur hypnotist, Lagos, Nigeria

Taiwo Salami, amateur hypnotist, Oyo State, Nigeria

Komrudeen Amusat, amateur hypnotist, Oyo State, Nigeria

Olalekan Anifowoshe, 42, Islamic cleric, Atan Ota, Nigeria

Sani Idris, 40, amateur hypnotist, Maska village, Funtua, Katsina, Nigeria

Joseph Umuluku, 73, native doctor, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

James Etim, 24, amateur hypnotist, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Charles Essien, 27, amateur hypnotist, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Utebe Archibong, 29, amateur hypnotist, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Stephen Pieter Grobbelaar, 53, amateur hypnotist, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Danmore Magorimbo, 45, bishop, Abundant Life Global Ministries, Harare, Africa
Andrew Newton, 44, hypnotist, Cape Town, South Africa

Gregorian Bivolaru, 71, yoga guru / hypnotist, Paris, France

Sean O’Neil, 43, amateur hypnotist, Aix-en-Provence, France

Gilbert Greaux, 77, new-age healer/hypnotist, Saint-Jean-de-Fos, France

Unnamed French hypnotist, 53, Dammartin-les-Templiers, Doubs, France *

Dr. Jean Hoareau, 56, psychotherapist, Paris, France

Unnamed French hypnotist, 48, Morteau, France *

Gerard Miller, 75, Psychoanalyst, Paris, France

Timothée Castellan, hypnotist, France

Unnamed psychotherapist, Sudan

Leo Erichsen, hypnotist, Hirschberg, Germany

Czeslaw Czynski, 35, hypnotist, Posen, Germany

Carl Mainone, 22, magnetic healer, Cologne, Germany

Franz Xaver Walter, hypnotist, Heidelberg, Germany

K H Bodmer, assistant hypnotist, Heidelberg, Germany

Unamed, hypnotist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Unnamed hypnotherapist, 72, Kuurne, West-Flanders, Belgium

Anand Krishnan, guru, amateur hypnotist, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ismail Ahmad, 51, religious healer (amateur hypnotist), Malaysia

Professor Akif Manaf, yoga master/hypnotherapist, Istanbul, Turkey

Sreekamal Asante Parambil Kalesan, 43. hypnotherapist, Singapore

Sunil Kulkarni, cult leader, hypnotist, Mumbai, India

Unnamed pastor, Maharashtra’s Vasai City, Mumbai, India *

Raju (aka, Prem Sonune), acting school teacher, Panvel City, Mumbai, India

Jai Narain (aka, Bhawani Baba), 41, occultist, tantrik, Delhi, India (trial)

Syed Hassan Askari, 52, amateur hypnotist, Chanchalguda, India
Syed Afroz, 23 amateur hypnotist, Old Malakpet, India
Adil Muhammad, 45, amateur hypnotist, Pakistan
Khalid Zaman, hypnotist, Landhi, Karachi, Pakistan
Unnamed hypnotist, Salwa, Kuwait *


 [ In some legal cases, the names are withheld due to strict confidentiality rules. ]


 [ These men were acquitted, much to the outrage of the victims. See these cases, farther below, for more info. ]

Hypnotists Who Were Accused of Sexual Assault and Then Later Acquitted

These cases will leave you shaking your head in wonder over what happened. Given the evidence on this website, jurors might have had a different view.

This calls to light another flaw of our vaunted legal system - the premise of not being tried for a crime twice, even when damning evidence comes to light. This is antithetical to real justice because it's truly the exact opposite of it.

Here's an example to consider in this regard: What happens when new evidence comes up; in this case, to exonerate and clear an innocent man, one who is already in prison and has had many years unfairly taken from his life?

Out of fairness for justice, the innocent person is set free.

So, what sense does it make then, to not extend that same effort of justice for the guilty person, the one who was fortunate enough to get off due to evidentiary issues, and has been able to live more years out of prison than being in it?

Our criminal justice system needs some serious, long overdue improvements, if indeed its true aim and goal is to protect the well-being and safety of society.

It has to start first with an acute understanding of our current judicial shortfalls, and then continue on from there with the altruistic and resolute intention of a much fairer system of justice for all.

If we're truly working for a safer society for all, then we need to get much better at recognizing and dealing with the obvious loopholes and lapses within our law.

The Truth About 'Hypnosis Amnesia'
It is 100% possible and is very common in hypnotic assault

Not only is it entirely possible to get someone to do things under hypnosis that they wouldn't normally do, it is also possible to block their recall of the event. Many women are being abused without any knowledge of the assault. As hard as that is to believe, there are many reports to back this up, not to mention the countless victims. Unfortunately the deviant hypnotist has every advantage over his victim.

Here are numerous links that discuss hypnosis amnesia.

See also:


Those who say hypnosis abuse is not possible need to be held legally accountable, Op-Ed, 021821

I would like to open this article by paraphrasing - with a heavy dose of creative license - from the fictitious character Hamlet. "Pretence or ignorance, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to proffer the slings and arrows of outrageous naiveté, or to take arms against a sea of evidence, and by opposing, deny it: to lie, to deceive."  (With all due apologies to Sir William Shakespeare.)

The deliberate twist of wordplay may be lost for some, but in all honesty, the premise for taking such liberty with this famous quote is nothing more than a droll attempt to mock the ongoing futility of the age-old argument regarding whether or not hypnosis can be used to abuse people - for this article addresses the long running dispute over the debate of antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

It is likely no real surprise this website has taken a tone over this particular subject. Years of research and hypnosis experience have brought this author to a new understanding of the power of hypnosis. As a result, I take serious issue with the careless recklessness that has been perpetuated by presumably renowned hypnosis professionals that should have known better long ago. They have willfully propagated the worst disinformation ever regarding hypnosis trance, which in turn has culminated in decades of terror for unsuspecting innocent women and children. Such wrath is well deserved for a profession that has apparently lied outright or has been so grossly ignorant of the evidence regarding hypnosis abuse that it has unwittingly fostered irrevocable harm for hundreds of women and children by denying the existence of this crime for too many years - and still continues to do so, to this very day. (Read more...)

To all of the medical institutions, organizations and hypnotherapists who still say hypnosis abuse is impossible... 

[ click on picture for larger image ], Op-Ed, 010424

(MN) There's nothing wrong with celebrating a national day of something that is of significant benefit to society. These days, if you have a social cause, you can literally petition to have a national day of recognition set aside for just about anything - but when the national day becomes something altogether much bigger and crosses over international boundaries - the cause had better be something truly worthy of a designated annual global observance.

It would also seem to be an assumed prerequisite that a worldwide day of any one issue should be carefully reserved only for those topics which surely have benefit to the entire planet, something that affects us all on a daily global scale, such as climate change, racism, trafficking, or world peace. Global awareness of such issues is designed to promote recognition of a critical societal problem, with the hope of stimulating some positive benevolent change. These are altruistic ideals that are deemed as being good for society as a whole. Those which do not meet such lofty criteria should understandably be questioned.

Somewhat is the case with World Hypnotism Day, designated for January 4th of each year. Hypnotism is indeed a tremendous benefit for many, with its therapeutical qualities confirmed long ago by many in the field of medicine - and it has been used worldwide in various forms for hundreds of years. In fact, the date for this international observance is said to be a tribute to Irish hypnotherapist, Dr. Jack Gibson, who is noted for using hypnosis for pain control and drug addictions, however, with that said, the overall mission statement of the official website brings some immediate pause for concern.  (Read more...)

The Fuss Over Netflix's New Hypnotic Suspense Thriller
Here is What Was Right and What Was Wrong About the Movie, Op-Ed, 111521

The subject of hypnosis abuse is certainly not new to the movies. The fact is, there have been a lot of Tinsel-Town takes on hypnosis over the years, with too many hypnotherapists and psychologists often deriding Hollywood for its unfair portrayal of hypnosis on the big screen, claiming they are presenting it all wrong, when in fact the movies have done a much better job of accurately depicting trance than the academicians and hypnotherapists. (Read more...)


More Articles From the News Media on Sexual Assault Using Hypnosis

Man Who Sexually Assaulted His Son in the 1980s Jailed for 4 1/2 Years, by Declan Brennan, Apr 27th 2020

During a trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court last month the victim said his father had taken him swimming and then brought him home. He said he remembers his father trying to hypnotise him before sexually assaulting him. (Read more...)

Middle-aged Pastor Hypnotizes, Rapes Girl on Pretext of Curing Her, by Admin, November 12, 2019

A pastor in Maharashtra’s Vasai city was arrested for allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman. The pastor, who runs a prayer centre, allegedly hypnotised the woman and raped her. The woman, according to the leading daily TOI, was suffering from depression. (Read more...)

Former PA Scoutmaster Used Hypnosis to Abuse Scouts 
York Daily Record, by Dylan Segelbaum, Aug. 28, 2019

(PA)  For decades, Charles Quinton “C.Q.” Smith was seen as a pillar of the community in Chambersburg, Pa. Scoutmaster. Businessman. Citizen of the year. But former scouts say he was a sexual predator.  John Piper can’t stand the late fall, when the smell of a wood-burning stove takes him back to the trauma he suffered in Boy Scout Troop 127.  (Read more...)

Lawyer Ordered to Pay $2.3M to Hypnotized Victim He Sexually Assaulted, by Katherine Rodriguez, Oct 13, 2018

An Ohio judge ordered a disgraced lawyer currently serving time for sexually assaulting hypnotized female clients to pay $2.3 million to one of his victims. Retired Judge Lee Sinclair ruled that Michael Fine, 61, caused “permanent and life changing emotional damage” to his victim and ordered Fine to pay $2.3 million in damages to his victim.  (Read more...)

73 Year-Old Native Doctor Allegedly Hypnotizes, Rapes Girl, 13 in Delta, by By Matthew Omonigho, June 19, 2018

A 73 year-old native doctor, Joseph Umuluku has allegedly raped a 13 year-old girl(name withheld)in the bathroom at Giwa-Amu road, Okumagba Layout in Warri, Delta State. (Read more...)

The Latest Assault Victim Since 'The Keepers' Comes Forward With New Sexual Abuse Story, by Emma Kerr, February 8, 2018

“I was under the influence of hypnosis and drugs. I am one of his victims."

Six survivors described being systematically molested, drugged, and raped within school walls by multiple members of the clergy in Netflix’s docu-series “The Keepers,” but additional victims have come forward since its release. (Read more...)

Disabled Man Held for Raping Three Women, by Raina Assainar, November 11, 2017

The Panvel City police have arrested a disabled man who allegedly hypnotized and raped three women, promising to get them roles in television serials. The accused, Raju alias Prem Sonune runs an acting school with his wife. ACP Prakash Nilewad said the man’s wife and another woman have also been booked. (Read more...)

Two men in court for allegedly hypnotizing woman with intent to rape her, July 6, 2017

(Nigeria) Two men- Chinadu Umeneri, 27, and Chidozie Okam, 26, who allegedly hypnotised a woman with intent to have sex with her, were on Thursday arraigned in an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos. The accused persons are facing a two-count charge bordering on conspiracy and abduction with intent to have forceful sex. (Read more...)

See also: Two Men Allegedly Hypmotise Woman to Rape Her

Hypnotist Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges, Feb 15, 2017

Police on Tuesday arrested a Freedom man and charged him with aggravated felonious sexual assault for an incident that allegedly occurred at the White Mountain Hypnosis Center building during a therapy session. (Read more...)

Mazenod College Suspends Teacher Who Hypnotized Students, by Henrietta Cook, November 30, 2016

A Catholic boys school has suspended a teacher after he hypnotized students and allegedly asked one boy to touch himself. The incident occurred at Mazenod College in Mulgrave and is now at the centre of a police investigation. (Read more..)

Suspects: How We Hypnotized, Raped Countless Women in Akwa Ibom, by Danielle Ogbeche, July 4, 2016

The Akwa Ibom Police Command at the weekend paraded members of a three-man gang who allegedly specialized in raping girls around Uyo metropolis.

The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, ASP Cordelia Nwawe, paraded the suspects: James Etim, 24, Charles Essien, 27, and Utebe Archibong, 29 before newsmen at the state command headquarters.

According to the PPRO, the suspects go around Uyo metropolis using a commercial tricycle (Keke Napep) to pick unsuspecting female passengers before hypnotizing and raping them. (Read more...)

Toxteth Man Tried to Hypnotize Boy Before Sexually Abusing Him
ByNeil DockingCrown Court Reporter 021716

(UK) A Toxteth man who tried to hypnotize a schoolboy before sexually abusing him was jailed for six years. Patrick Hampson, 56, was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault after a trial at Liverpool Crown Court. Hampson, formerly of Toxteth, but now of Liverpool city centre, molested two children in the 1990s. The pedophile abused the boys when one was aged 11 and the second between eight and 10.  (Read more...)

Hypnotist Jailed for 10 Years After Sexually Assaulting Woman, by Lucy Clarke-Billings, Sep 28, 2015

A hypnotist convinced a woman to let him sexually assault her while under his spell ... Gary Naraido, 52, convinced his victim she would feel orgasmic every time he said the word 'Kapow.' (Read more...)

Chaplain tried to hypnotize students before sexually assaulting them, by Henrietta Cook, September 1, 2015

A chaplain at one of the country's most prestigious private schools tried to hypnotize students before sexually assaulting them, a victim told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.  (Read more...)

Psychologist Tried to Hypnotize Boy Before Sexual Assault  
The, Mon 11 May 2015 03.42 EDT

(AU) A psychologist at a leading NSW public hospital tried to hypnotize an 11-year-old boy before forcing him to dress up and perform sex acts, a federal inquiry has been told. Kirkpatrick says he was sexually abused as a child five times by psychologist Stuart Frank Simpson in the late 1960s. (Read more...)

Woman Has 'Vague Memories' of Hypnotist Sexually Assaulting Her During Session, and Science Says She May Be Telling the Truth
by Dana Dovey, MedicalDaily, Oct 9, 2014 

A hypnotist in Washington State has been arrested after a woman accused him of having sex with her while she was under a trance. According to the victim, she has vague memories of being assaulted and found evidence of sexual contact on her clothing. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a hypnotist has been accused of engaging in sexual contact with one of their clients, so what exactly is it that occurs during these sessions that makes people so vulnerable? (Read more...)

'Tantrik' Hypnotizes, Rapes 28-Year Old Delhi Woman, Agencies, Wed Apr 18 2012

Bhawani Baba, a 'tantrik' claiming to have spiritual powers, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment by a Delhi court for raping a 28-year-old widow by "hypnotizing" her on pretext of solving her problems.

Jai Narain, 41, an occultist who was popularly known as Bhawani Baba, had raped the woman in May 2009 by locking her inside a jhuggi after making her smell some substance during a "ritual", the court concluded in its judgement. (Read more...)

Hypnotist Jailed After Sexually Assaulting Woman He Placed in a Trance, By Daily Mail Reporter, January 29, 2010

A hypnotherapist was jailed today for sexually assaulting a woman he placed into a trance. Stephen Barker, 61, began treating the 31-year-old victim for weight loss confidence issues in October 2008 when he started to ask about her sex life while she was hypnotized.  (Read more...)

Claims of Hypnosis Sex Abuse, March 17, 2009

A WOMAN who sought counseling from a self-proclaimed hypnotherapist has accused him of sexually exploiting her while she was under hypnosis.

Giving evidence yesterday the 50-year-old said the therapist told her she was "a special person" and "better than what your husband deserves." (Read more...)

Pervert Hypnotist Back on the Street, by Claire Weir, May 29 2008

A victim of pervert hypnotist Richard Tilley today told of her shock after learning that the convicted sex offender was back on the streets. (Read more...)

Hypnotist Arrested in Sex Assaults: Man Accused of Raping Teens, by Alex P. Joyner Apr 16, 2008

A man investigators say posed as a hypnotist and psychotherapist to prey on people seeking counseling is in Gwinnett police custody for allegedly raping two females - one who is 13 years old - during so-called therapy sessions at his former Lawrenceville home. (Read more...)

Woman Sues Hypnotist Over Alleged Sexual Assault
ABC News, Updated 30 Oct 2007

A woman is suing her hypnotist in the New South Wales Supreme Court, alleging he sexually assaulted her... a number of times over an eight-month period, dating back to 2001. In her statement of claim the woman says she could not consent because she was unable to think for herself while she was under hypnosis. (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Guilty of Fondling Two Patients, AP News, April 2, 2007

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — A hypnotherapist working in this eastern Idaho city has pleaded guilty to fondling two female patients while they were under hypnosis. (Read more...)

Hypnosis Had Role in Sex Assault, 15-Year Old Girl Testifies, by Ken Kobayashi, April 26, 2006

A 15-year-old girl testified yesterday that her 'Aiea dance instructor — a person her family trusted and whom she considered a big brother — molested her twice at her home last year, both times trying to hypnotize her. (Read more...)

Rape Trial Mother Joins Fight for Change to 'Flawed' Law, Mar 17, 2003

When a gynecologist was cleared of raping a patient, the jury had no idea he was in jail for sex crimes. The woman is now pressing for juries to be told of past convictions. (Read more...)

Hypnotist Arrested in Assault, By Yung Kim, April 15, 1998

A Corona del Mar hypnotist was released on bail Tuesday after being arrested on allegations of sexual assault on a patient during therapy sessions. Jay Cohen, 48, who conducted so-called hypnotic therapy at his home in the 500 block of Acacia Street, was arrested Thursday by Newport Beach detectives for allegedly assaulting a patient from September to November last year, police said. (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Hotline Set Up in Hypnosis Assault Case
Police Fear Series of Sexual Attacks, by Michael Durham, April 10, 1993

Police yesterday set up a hotline for women after fears that a hypnotherapist may have sexually assaulted a number of patients and made videos of his attacks. The appeal follows the appearance of a 49-year-old Romford man at Havering magistrates' court, east London, on Thursday charged with the indecent assault of a 19-year-old woman he was treating with hypnotherapy. (Read more...)

Hypnotherapist Gets 30 Days in County Jail  (Way too light of a sentence), by Deseret News, Mar 12, 1992

An Orem hypnotherapist who pleaded no contest to two Class A misdemeanor counts of gross lewdness in which he was accused of fondling two patients was sentenced Wednesday in 4th Circuit Court (Read more...)

Accused of Misconduct, Doctor Gives Up License
OrlandoSentinel,com, January 11, 1992

A doctor accused by a patient of using hypnosis to coerce her into sexual activity has surrendered his license to practice medicine rather than face state disciplinary proceedings. Dr. Frank E. Baum, 75, voluntarily gave up his license Wednesday and agreed not to seek reinstatement for seven years. Although the doctor denied any knowledge of hypnosis, Baum agreed not to hypnotize anyone. Baum's case was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show last year. (Read more...)  |  Dr. McGahee Surrenders His License Also

Hypnotist Charged With Sexual Abuse, by Diane Zielinski, June 10, 1986

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A hypnotist was charged Tuesday with sexual abuse for allegedly trying to hypnotize two women and make them desire him sexually whenever he snapped his fingers, authorities said. (Read more...)

It's Not Just the Male Hypnotists...

Psychic 'Hypnotized' Man Into Leaving Wife, Selling His Racing Car
News Corp Australia, May 16, 2013

A Psychic stands accused of 'hypnotizing' a British man into leaving his wife, selling his possessions and handing over all his cash. (Read more...)

Psychic said she could see divorce in my future, then hypnotized me into affair with her, by Gemma Aldridge, May 17, 2013

If happily married Jim Gotobed could have foreseen what was around the corner, he never would have looked into the eyes of a hypnotising psychic.  (Read more...)

Psychiatrist facing 20 years in prison for using sex, drugs and hypnosis brainwash male patient into killing her husband, October 14, 2010

A psychiatrist has been accused of using sex, drugs and hypnosis to persuade a patient to kill her husband. Mary Hein is facing up to 20 years in jail after using her skills to manipulate a patient into committing murder. (Read more...)

NU Students Report Assaults by Hypnotist
Tribune staff reporter | by Rex W. Huppke - October 02, 2003

EVANSTON — Northwestern University campus police are investigating reports that a man hypnotized and sexually assaulted a student and attempted to attack others in the school's main library. (Read more...)

Informational Books on Hypnosis Abuse
Here are four well researched publications on the reality of hypnosis abuse.



Secret Don't Tell   Open to Suggestion   Hypnosis Complications   The Rape of the Mind

There are some good books out there that deal with the misunderstood subject of hypnosis abuse.
Carla Emory - Secret Don't Tell, Robert Temple - Open to Suggestion, Frank J. Machovec - Hypnosis Complications, Joost Meerloo - The Rape of the Mind.  These are must read books., Op-Ed, June 28, 2020 | Updated July 5, 2020, July 13, 2020

Recognizing the Issue

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, one that can do a lot of good for people, in many different ways, however, with that said, it can also arguably be the most dangerous tool used against humankind. While it has many benefits and uses for helping people, it also has the ability to hurt people, tremendously.

Hypnosis, of course, does not help or hurt people on its own. It needs someone to facilitate it and direct it. This is where the danger lies. While there are indeed many well-respected professionals who employ hypnosis with the utmost integrity and benevolence toward their patients and clients, there are irrefutably many who have stained the field with perverted, deviant malevolence.

This is the current divide that exists in hypnosis, because those professionals who do conduct themselves in a proper manner are quite understandably very uncomfortable with the notion of hypnosis abuse. They often deny the issue rather than admit it or address it, either out of their own personal ignorance on the subject or perhaps they are afraid of the financial repercussions for their own professional well-being. What they have failed to realize for decades now is that such denial only makes the problem worse. Ironically, those who say that hypnosis abuse is impossible actually end up making it possible, by lulling an unsuspecting public into a false sense of safety, causing them to leave their guard down, all of which clearly helps to enable the deviant hypnotist with the perfect environment to exploit.

For years people have constantly said, "you won't do anything against your will under hypnosis."

Yeah, right...

So look what happened. We now know from all of the evidence, that was absolutely not true at all. People have been horribly abused. (Please see the hypno-predator list above.)

As someone who cut their teeth in the corporate research world, it is not hard to spot the glaring chasm that exists today in hypnosis. The divide is easy to see for someone outside the field, yet sadly many on the inside have chosen blinders to view their profession in the light they wish to see it. At the same time, others in the field are incapable of comprehending hypnosis reality because they lack the proper in-depth training, experience and/or expertise to understand its true power. As such, the Hypnosis community is arguably one of the most disjointed professions in the world today. It is split between those who have mastered the craft and who understand implicitly the reality of hypnosis, and those who have not and are woefully ignorant of it.

This is a sad testament to a professional field in disarray, for many years.

To see the argument regarding antisocial behavior under hypnosis still linger on to this very day, you just have to shake your head and wonder why the obvious wasn't recognized long ago. To still have a divided camp on this issue, after all these years, is extremely bizarre and really quite hard to believe.

Apparently no one bothered to ever take note of the frequent news on hypnosis abuse. It went in one ear and out the other.

The Reason for the Confusion

There are two reasons for the current divide in hypnosis...

One of the primary reasons why there is so much confusion over the subject of hypnosis is because most of the general public think there is only one level of hypnosis trance. They errantly believe that being "hypnotized" is the same thing for everyone and that everyone gets the same level of trance from every hypnotist. This notion is absolutely 100% wrong.  (see Fig. 2 farther below)

The second reason involved in this overall confusion has actually now become the Achilles' heal of the hypnosis community, their long historical division over the issue of antisocial behavior under hypnosis. This very well may have some roots taken from the first reason noted above, however, suffice to say, the diversity of opinion that still exists in the hypnosis field, from educators to practitioners, is stark and it has been crippling to the profession in terms of public perception for hundreds of years. Once again the confusion appears to be centered around a lack of group consensus about the true depth of trance.

As this article will attempt to explain, the level of trance is not always consistent from subject to subject, nor from hypnotist to hypnotherapist.

Today's hypnotists and researchers too often make the critical mistake of staying within the confines of their own clinical experience when trying to assess the potential for hypnosis abuse. The most prevalent point to understand in this argument is that clinical hypnotherapists do not normally take their patients into deep trance, as the deviant hypnotist does. Their clinical breadth of hypnosis experience is typically limited to the upper levels of trance (alpha and theta). As such, this understandably becomes their benchmark for hypnosis understanding and so they fail to realize or recognize the most critical factor in the argument, that the unscrupulous hypnotist operates in much deeper waters, in dramatically lower levels of trance, known as delta. The comparison of alpha and theta to delta is night and day. Clinical hypnotherapists are remiss in recognizing that the deviant hypnotist does not work from a clinical perspective, but rather from a carnal level of desire, with a specific interest in incapacitating their subject. The failure to note this key fact is what keeps many professionals in the field from acknowledging the possibility or reality of hypnosis abuse.

The difference between alpha, theta and delta is literally night and day. Truth be told, that's probably as good a metaphorical analogy as any. It's essentially an apples to oranges difference.

Fig. 1

Suffice to say, most people undergoing hypnosis never make it beyond the theta state because, once again, most hypnotherapists don't have any need to go lower than that. As such, those who say hypnosis abuse is not possible, based upon their own lighter hypnosis experience, don't know what they are talking about because they have no concept of a deeper state of trance. Light trance (alpha, theta) is like a .22 caliber bullet compared to the shotgun shell that is delta. One could also say that light trance is like a light rain, whereas deep trance (delta) is like a huge overwhelming monsoon thunderstorm. Light trance could be likened to small ripples in a pond, compared to the tidal wave that is delta. The overall point to be made here is that hypnosis in alpha and theta is not even close to a coma-like delta trance. Those who have never experienced delta level just don't know the true extent of ultra-deep hypnosis trance.

Not All Hypnotists (or Hypnotic Subjects) Are the Same

This much has to be said up front... not all hypnotists have the same degree of experience or expertise. Some have far more education and experience and as such they are far more skilled than others who have lesser education and experience.

Along with that, it can also be said that hypnosis subjects do not all hypnotize the same. Some can be more resistant to direct suggestion, but the counter to that is this - there are those who are also easily hypnotized, known as somnambulists. (If you are a sleepwalker, you are likely a somnambulist.)

Given these two very important criteria for hypnosis as noted above... to say that everyone who becomes hypnotized is affected the exact same way, would not be a true statement. The skill level of the hypnotist and the hypnotic susceptibility of the subject are of critical value and need to be taken into account when assessing for depth of trance.  (Read more...), September 02, 2019

One of the more popular, yet most deceptive topics regarding hypnosis is when the self-prescribed experts try to address some of the so-called myths about hypnosis. What happens more often than not is that the hypnosis advocates fail to recognize actual history when they attempt to comment about hypnosis myth.

They also fail to recognize and understand one key thing - that we're not dealing with ethical moral hypnotists for most of these alleged myths, but rather the unscrupulous and deviant of their profession. This is a primary key in assessing what's possible and what is not while under hypnosis. If you're not taking the deviant hypnotist into account, then you're not addressing the issue honestly.

#1 The first thing to take into account is the skill-level of the hypnotist. Just as there are degrees of mastery for martial arts, there are also indeed degrees of competence and ability when it comes to hypnosis. Not all hypnotists have the same skill-set. A fast food cook has far less culinary skill than that of a master chef. It is very much the same in the world of hypnosis. There are beginners and there are masters.

#2 The second thing to consider is having a very receptive subject, someone who is considered somnambulistic and reaches trance very easily, because this undeniably increases the odds for everything under hypnosis. People who are somnambulistic can pretty much be made to do anything under hypnosis, if they have a skilled hypnotist.

#3 The third variable is the morality of the hypnotist. Someone unscrupulous, with a deviant nature absolutely changes everything, because they are willing to go beyond good ethics to satisfy their carnal desires. The moral hypnotists don't think the same as those with no ethical boundaries and as a result they often discount what they don't normally consider when it comes to the possibilities of hypnosis.

From now on, when you see others that say differently about hypnosis myth, you will know and understand that they have not taken these three primary keys into consideration before making their inaccurate statements regarding what is real and what isn't when it comes to hypnosis myth. Bad things can happen.

The numerous historical accounts listed on this page are a primary source of factual data that absolutely need to be accepted as relevant to the hypnosis debate, especially when considering the following...

I’ll Be Unconscious, Asleep, or in a Trance
Well, yeah, it can be very much like that, depending on how deep of a trance the hypnotist takes you into. (The first two levels should not be deep trance at all, with easy conversation possible between the hypnotist and subject.)

I Won't Be Able to Remember What I Did While Under Hypnosis
That is entirely possible, most especially if the hypnotist specifically tells you that you will not recall any of the events while you were under hypnosis. Hypnotic amnesia has been well documented for decades and is so noted with numerous links on this page. [ example 1  |  example 2  |  example 3 ]

I Might Lose Control Over Myself to the Hypnotist
This is absolutely possible, contingent however on factors 1, 2, and 3 above. The proof that this is possible and does happen is what this website is all about.
[ example 1  |  example 2  |  example 3  |  example 4 ]   (see the numerous cases above)

I Might Be Forced to Do Things I Wouldn't Normally Do
As shown above (and by this website) this is absolutely possible. There are many stories in the news archives of women who were hypnotized to marry someone they were not attracted to.  [
example 1  |  example 2  |  example 3 ]  

I Might Get Stuck While Under Hypnosis
Those that say this can't happen are ignoring real cases where this has actually already happened. [ example 1  |  example 2  |  example 3  |  example 4  |  example 5 ]

Hypnosis is a Supernatural or Mind-Altering Practice
It can appear to be, depending on what the hypnotist does while the subject is under hypnosis. Hypnosis can very much be whatever you want it to be since it effectively involves rendering the mind to a very focused point and then steering the subject's thought process. [ example 1 ]

Hypnosis is All Just a Scam
No. Hypnosis is real and has been practiced under various forms for millennia. It has been recognized in the modern era since the 1800's. It has been used medically for over 100 years in place of anesthesia for child birth, surgery and dental procedures. [ example 1  |  example 2  |  example 3 ]

Not Everyone Can Be Hypnotized
Not true. Pretty much everyone can be hypnotized. It's all a matter of how you do it for each particular individual. The fact that some people are able to ignore direct suggestion is not evidence of non-hypnotizability. There are many ways to induce trance. Trance is quite normal to the human state. For some, you just need to find the appropriate method, if they aren't susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. As a matter of scientific fact, there are ways to increase the likelihood of trance, through drugs or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). If indeed there are those who cannot reach trance (after exhausting all known hypnosis methods), then they very well may be anomalies to the human animal and as such may not be as likely or as prevalent in society as some would suggest. More study is sorely needed in this area before absolutes can be set.

Hypnotists Are All Alike
No, they absolutely are not. There are bright people in life and there are those who are not so bright. It is the same for all professions. Hypnotism is no different. There are novices and there are masters of the craft. There are also those with ethics and those who have none.

The Fact of the Matter
Hypnosis is technically not the effect. Trance is the effect. Hypnosis is merely the mechanism in which to achieve a trance state. For the most part, trance is contingent upon two things - either through an implicit trust and cooperation between the hypnotist and subject, or through unexpected surprise and shock by the hypnotist over their subject. The latter would clearly seem to be for criminal purposes, but the first option is just as viable for exploitation as well. The bottom line is that hypnosis is a very real mental phenomenon and it can definitely be used to exploit unsuspecting people. Hypnosis should always be viewed with extreme caution and given all due diligence in selecting a hypnotist.


Hypnotists Gone Wild
Is Our Legal System Properly Set Up to Handle Such a Crime?

A Big Problem

After reviewing the extremely long list of hypnotist predators, the only possible reasonable conclusion anyone can draw is this... the hypnosis profession has a very serious problem. This is not isolated to one continent either. As the list above reveals, this is truly a global concern.

How anyone could even look at such a lengthy list and still have the temerity to say that hypnotic rape is not possible, is beyond all good sentient reason. It's absurd to say, and those saying it should be absolutely ashamed. People need to quit saying that this is not possible. Those who say 'It's impossible' are clearly 100-percent wrong. (see list above)

There's just no way to soft pedal this. It sadly is what it is. Immoral hypnotists are putting people in danger. Innocent people are being exploited and abused. No matter how many names are on the list above, it only takes one or two to prove it's true. This has been denied for far too long. The truth has to be accepted.

The evidence clearly shows that the hypnosis profession has an undeniable problem, one that it does not want to admit, let alone face up to publicly. What it has done instead is to address it in a wholly unethical way by denying the problem even exists, further perpetuating the false notion that rape under hypnosis is pure myth. As a direct result, this ironically creates an environment that is most conducive to exploitation, by giving people a false sense of security, one which clearly favors, and thus enables, the immoral, deviant hypnotist.

The Unfounded Denial

There is voluminous literature that wrongly states (in matter-of-fact fashion) that rape under hypnosis is simply not possible, yet the historical record shows us this statement is disingenuous at best, and an outright lie at the very worst. The historical evidence is overwhelming and damning, so supporters of hypnotism and/or those with a vested monetary interest, seriously need to accept the facts.

[ see list above ]

Hypnosis Crime Is Real

The sad truth of the matter is, this is only a small listing of those accused of using hypnosis as a weapon against women and children. This is merely a small listing of the dumb hypnotists who have been caught, so far. Trust me (and be afraid) when I say the well-trained hypnotist is hard to catch. It should disturb anyone to realize and know this. With that said, it's an absolute certainty that there are many other deviants still out there who, disturbingly enough, possess a finely honed hypnotic skill-set. The stark reality is, they just haven't been caught yet.

Predator hypnotists target and prey specifically on unsuspecting women, particularly highly somnambulistic women, which can make it extremely hard for these type of women to even realize what has happened to them. This is a very dark reality that very few people understand, let alone know anything about.

For a criminal prosecutor or magistrate to not be aware of hypnosis crime can very much seem a crime in itself to its many victims, adding clear insult to injury for this particular type of inhuman offense. We can only hope and pray that the judicial system catches up soon in understanding and addressing the dangers that hypnosis crime presents to society. This is a very serious societal threat that is now, finally, being legally recognized, with two states leading the way. [ See: Connecticut | Pennsylvania ]

Rape Is Rising

Despite the statistical fact that violent crime has been dropping for decades, rape is now on the rise. This is unquestionably the direct result of a media-driven society which creates a 24-7 environment of sex that many deviants simply cannot handle, feeling that they are owed their due. Unless the media suddenly develops a conscience or new morality, this will likely only get worse and continue to increase within our society.

To punctuate this point, there were three hypnotists arrested in just 2018 alone, all of them for sexual assault. This is, without any doubt, a gravely serious growing problem for women (and children).

As a remedy, the laws and sentencing for rape must become much harsher, with the penalty for hypnotic-rape being the absolute harshest of all.

Charges Typical For Hypnosis Rape

  • Rape

  • Sodomy

  • Oral copulation

  • Sexual assault

  • Abusive Sexual Contact

  • Kidnapping

  • Sexual slavery

  • Felony sexual battery

  • Gross sexual imposition

  • Aggravated Sexual Abuse

Some might not understand the kidnapping aspect of hypnosis rape, but it stands to reason when you realize that the victim was incapacitated and held against their will. This is undeniably also a crime of the mind.

The Reality of Menticide

Rape in itself is one of the most intrusive, violent crimes there can be, and yet rape of the mind is another level of crime that needs to be punished legally. Brainwashing is something yet to be addressed by our vaunted judicial system.

The question is: what happens when your ability to say no is taken away from you? If someone had the ability to wield undue influence over you and make you involuntarily give up your "free will," making you a slave to them, shouldn't that be a punishable crime?

If so, are there statutes currently in place to protect against this?

Let me just note... there is a huge difference from 'coercion' to 'brainwashing.' The difference is very much akin to fishing with a hook vs. fishing with dynamite.

The court is able to rule competently on crimes of money and property, yet has been woefully incompetent and incognizant in adequately assessing and adjudicating crimes against a person's mind. This absolutely has to change.

So, what should be the legal price for taking human free will?

To take that from someone, and then replace it with servitude, this undeniably has to be one of the most heinous crimes of all against another human being.

What should be the punishment for such an inhuman and outlandish crime?

If murder and rape are two of the highest violent criminal offenses on the books, it would seem reasonable then that psychological brainwashing should likely fall somewhere within a hierarchy of the top three. One could make a very reasoned, tenable argument that homicide and menticide can both be viewed as very similar - in the fact that both do kill the individual - it's just that the latter occurs as a wholly different state. In one, the victim loses their life, while the other the victim loses their mind - their beliefs, morals, personality and identity.

Sadly, as it stands, we have no laws that deal with this type of crime.

So, where does our justice system draw the line on a threat to someone's 'life?'

If we have no specific laws on the books for hypnotic mental exploitation, what possible hope then does anyone have, should this ever happen to them?

Rape Myth

Another of the unfair aspects of rape is the perpetuation of rape myth, beliefs that perversely suggest the victim somehow coerced the attack, enjoyed it, or somehow deserved it. The first ever major study on the subject defined rape myth as "prejudicial, stereotyped and false beliefs about rape," which in turn create "a climate hostile to rape victims."  

Studies have shown that rape myth has even been known to influence the police, prosecutors, judges and juries. This in turn clearly infers the potential for an unfair bias in determining guilt and sentencing. The obvious remedy here is better education on the subject for law enforcement and magistrates, as well as a much more careful (fair) jury selection process, one which excludes anyone holding predetermined rape myth as part of their core belief structure.

The failure to understand rape myth - to not account for it during prosecution - is very much directly linked to the low prosecution rate for rape. To not consider predetermined rape myth, especially in the forming of a jury, is arguably another crime unto itself. Rape myth is the crux of the problem when prosecuting rape.

The Presumption of Innocence

Another of the inequalities of justice for sexual assault victims is the notion regarding the presumption of innocence for any defendant in our justice system, however, what has yet to be addressed is the obvious converse presumption that under this premise the victim is therefore, (il)logically, presumed to be lying.

The protection for justice needs to extend both ways, and yet it clearly does not for the victim. If we can have a presumption of innocence for defendants, then surely we can adopt a presumption of truth for victims of violent crime. Some sort of exception for justice needs to be made for these victims so that they are not made to suffer twice as they seek their deserved day in court.

The Perceptions of 'Private' Crime

Arguably the worst thing facing the rape victim is the he-said she-said aspect, which generally exists in crimes of sex, essentially because humans are sex based as a species and it appears that too many people find it difficult to discard previous personal biases or beliefs when faced with private crimes of sexual assault. The word private is key in that terminology, only because most crimes are indeed not executed in full public view, however, in only one crime does the notion of "privacy" bring doubt to a victim's story.

This doesn't happen for a case of theft. No one questions the private mugging, but they do find a way to question a private rape, which is clearly ridiculous thinking in and of itself. Also, no one asks if they were drinking, or what they were wearing, when they were robbed or mugged.

Far too often a victim of rape is looked at wrongly by police as being suspicious, thus being forced to prove her own truthfulness. What this essentially amounts to is a presumption of guilt against the victim. Forcing a women to prove she is not promiscuous in her life is wrong. Rape shield laws are supposed to prevent this, but in reality, it doesn't always work this way. Prejudice starts with the individual.

As the true nature of reality goes, right or wrong, people adopt their own personal biases and so do police, especially regarding the boundaries of what constitutes private sex, because most adults participate in sex, but they're also influenced by the media's shameless use of sex as its primary programming tool. As a direct result of this, our society clearly has a problem with how it views sex and how it responds to sexual assault.

Arbitrary Acceptance of 'Consensual'

The other undeniably unfair aspect of sexual assault is the fact that it is the only crime where the assailant gets to cry "consensual" and is given immediate consideration for such a defense. To articulate this point, consider the cases of three criminals.

  • Criminal #1 stole someone's money.

  • Criminal #2 stole someone's car.

  • Criminal #3 raped a woman.

In all three cases, each of the criminals attempted to use "consensual" as part of their legal defense. 

  • Criminal #1 said they were given the money as a consensual loan.

  • Criminal #2 said they were consensually loaned the vehicle for the day.

  • Criminal #3 said that the woman consented to sexual intercourse.

As real life reality would have it, criminals one and two were arrested, but criminal three was released, because for some reason, police could no longer accept the victim at their word, even though they did so for victims one and two. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, "consensual" becomes the magic word, and now this particular criminal is treated much differently than the other two.

The moral outrage that should exist here would be the embarrassing fact that, as an advanced, intelligent species, due to our sexual biases (personal and societal), we strangely give the worst crime, violent sexual assault, the most blind deference when it comes to presumption of innocence for the defendant.

This cannot possibly speak well for our system of justice, nor our culture.

Rape Punishment

As a society, we generally think of rape as the worst thing next to murder, but the reality of the matter is, it is not adjudicated or ruled on in any such way. For rape victims it often seems as if the rights of the assailant are protected more than those of the victim. On top of that, more often than not, the sentencing just doesn't add up. It seems as if a US treasury violation or robbing a bank will get you far more jail time than rape appears to. This is added insult for the victim.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's understandable and easy to see why many women are afraid to report such a crime, given the added disrespect and further humiliation that many have often had to endure in seeking prosecution.

All in all, this is not justice. This is a seriously flawed 'justice-system,' that very much needs immediate fixing.

One of the issues that needs to be addressed the most would appear to be sentencing. Looking at the cases above it seems that hypnosis rape does not appear to be sentenced fairly and appropriately. For example, If the sentence for one rape is 10-15 years, or more, then justifiably the sentence for repeated rape under hypnosis (especially on different occasions) must be judged as separate occurrences of additional willful crime, and thus should be sentenced accordingly with the appropriate additional time for each extra instance of rape. Multiple counts should mean multiple sentences, but it doesn't seem that way.

The current environment appears to exist as such: a hypnotist that has raped a woman multiple times over several months or years, too often gets the same sentence as the person who raped her only once. To have this happen in so many cases is an outrageous, absurd inequality of justice, one which, at face value, appears to myopically encourage a 'go big or go home' attitude when it comes to rape, getting more for the price of one. A more disturbing yet accurate analogy would be, 'buffet-style crime' - where you eat as much as you like, because everyone pays the same small price at the end. This needs to change.

If the penalty for rape is 15 years and there are 8 counts of rape, then clearly that should be 15 x 8 = 120 year sentence, but that just doesn't seem to be the end result in so many of the cases listed above. Too many times, the sentencing given for rape pales in its measure of a woman or child's horror from the crime.

Disturbingly enough, there are people literally serving longer prison sentences for one joint of marijuana, versus many who've been convicted of rape

The Plea Bargain

Another insult to injury has to be the questionable act of 'plea bargaining,' allowing a criminal less punishment if he'll just please spill all the beans and make things easier on law enforcement. To lessen a criminal sentence just to make someone's investigative job easier is considered by some to be judicial indolence, as well as an aberration of justice, but to be fair, this isn't done to give the criminal undeserved leniency for their crimes. It's usually an effort to move the court system in some sort of efficient manner. Sadly enough, plea bargaining a lesser sentence to avoid a lengthy and costly court trial happens more often than not. 

There are also cases where the only recourse is to get one criminal to roll over on the other, and thus gain testimony that might not have been available beforehand, but unfortunately, this hasn't always been the case. In too many cases, the leniency given is too much reward versus the severity of the crime.

It's very frustrating for victims to see violent criminals, who tried very hard to evade the law to begin with, being rewarded later on by giving them a sweet plea bargain deal for not coming forward earlier, and then finally getting caught.

They say that crime doesn't pay, but the plea bargain is always a lesser crime and a lesser sentence. What a deal for the criminal, and a bitter, twisted, travesty of justice for the victim.

Using the plea bargain in order to expedite an investigation can be argued as somewhat of an oxymoron to the overall judicial concept and a blatant contradiction to the rationale of legal punishment for crime. Plea bargaining neuters the law, allowing it to be more amenable to the criminal. The manner in which it is used should always be weighed with extreme caution. The reward given in return should be measured with great reserve, with all deference given to serving the most time for the crime.

In the case of rape, oftentimes the rapist will be allowed to plead guilty to a lesser sexual offense, and thus be acquitted of the rape!

How in the world does that offer any fairness of justice to the rape victim?!

This is but just one example of how our judicial system does not work well at all.

Aberrations of Justice

One of the most bizarre attempts at justice would be cases where rapists have been allowed to avoid jail time, because they agreed to chemical castration.

That is the most bassackwards attempt at justice if ever there was one, because the assailant is not made to pay for their crime. Focusing on the ability to prevent further (future) crime does not address acts of already committed crime.

For a rapist to be let off from a prison sentence because he agreed to chemical castration, is like a serial murderer getting off for his crimes because he agreed to give up his gun. (metaphorical-pun intended)

How would giving up his gun account for his previous crimes of murder?

How then does chemical castration account for previous acts of rape?

If castration is chosen, it should always be part of the sentence, not in lieu of a sentence. Any judge who seriously considers such an insane arrangement is not doing their proper due diligence to true justice. As 70's TV detective Tony Baretta used to say, "If you do the crime, you've got to do the time."

Diminishing the Crime

There is one other thing that stands out as patently ridiculous in prosecuting rape. There are some states that actually classify some rape as 3rd degree sexual assault, with the criteria being, a victim who is incapable of giving consent due to the fact that they were under the influence of intoxicants, narcotics, anesthesia or hypnosis.

This law is absolutely bizarre. If the victim can't give consent, how is that any less a rape? This law seems to imply that if you want to get a lesser sentence for rape, just incapacitate your victim first.

Consider it this way, if you rob someone who is drunk and they can't fight back or they don't remember the robbery, is that any less a crime? Isn't it still robbery?

In the case of rape, why should the rapist be rewarded and the victim punished just because she was incapacitated and could not resist or say no? States that operate as such need to rethink the ethical jurisprudence of such a law.

Consideration for Sentencing

As a basic start, the serial-hypnotist-rapist should always be considered for an extended sentence, if not life,  justifiably based not just because of their willful multiple, repeat offenses, but because they are such a grave threat to be left alone with anyone. As a result, solitary confinement is a necessary safeguard that needs to be considered for criminals possessing such a skill-set. There are already recorded instances of hypnotists abusing cell mates and other prisoners. Even worse, they've influenced guards and officials for preferential treatment. There have also been instances where the hypnotist was able to influence the lawyer or judge as well. This can impose quite the dilemma in prosecuting and sentencing the master hypnotist/NLP expert. If this seems like the conundrum of all conundrums, you would be 100-percent correct, times ten.

Suffice to say, the current justice system is not set up to adequately assess nor account for the danger that a person with this unique, special skill-set presents, not just in prosecution, but the process of incarceration as well. When a criminal is known to have mental coercive powers over another person's free will, that criminal unquestionably requires special safeguards for imprisonment.

Needed Now

As of this writing, there need to be new designated laws tailored specifically to recognize and account for this type of psychopathic crime within society, along with the most severe punishment humanly possible.

Let's hope for a few new epiphanies from our highly esteemed judicial system, because one thing is for certain - this type of crime will continue on, as it has, until a strong legal deterrent is put in place to make hypnotists think twice. The Michael Fine case punctuates this point, because many copy-cat hypnotists have since followed suit, apparently with little fear of the current legal recourse.

Best Advice

Always look into who you are seeing. Make sure that any hypnotist you see is accredited, certified and state registered.  With that said, this alone does not rule out the potential for foul play. Understand that people are people, and sometimes unscrupulous men will make some very poor decisions and do very bad things just to have sex with a woman. One guy actually did this to his friend.

The bottom line is this... hypnosis is very real and is without a doubt something not to be trifled with. It is a very powerful psychological tool, so you should only deal with people of good moral character. At the end of the day the best way to be sure and know if your hypnotist or hypnotherapist is of the utmost professional character is to always video record every hypnosis session.

See also: How Hypnosis Works  (Presumably)

Plea Bargaining Should Not Be An Option for Offenders in Sex Crimes, by Free Press Staff, March 5, 2018

In the U.S., individuals accused of sexually based crimes are legally able to accept a plea deal that allows them to have reduced sentencing penalties. This is wrong and should not be allowed to the extent that it is currently bargained for. (Read more...)

The Use of Plea Bargaining in Sexual Assault Cases, November 13, 2011

Plea bargaining has become very prevalent in the criminal justice system, with as many as 90% of all crimes using this method of adjudication. (Read more...)

Report: Fewer Rape Convictions Because Plea Bargains Prevail
The Guardian, by Rachel Williams, March 20, 2010

Hundreds of defendants accepted convictions for lesser offences to avoid rape sentences, official figures reveal.  (Read more...)
See also: Plea Bargains - No Bargain For Anyone?
  Should victims be able to stop plea bargains?
  5 men accused of sexual assault who got little or no jail time

Voir Dire and Prosecution Tips for Sexual Assault Cases
National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Before you pick a jury, review the myths and facts about sexual assault, and reacquaint yourself with the preconceived ideas our society members operate out of every day. Design your voir dire to address, and hopefully dispel, the myths which are affecting your case.  (Read more...)

Sentencing Sexual Abuse Offenders: Sex Crimes and Social Justice, by Clare MacMartin & Linda A. Wood

A major challenge in adjudicating criminal cases of sexual assault concerns the typical characteristics of sexual offences (for example, the frequent lack of physical harm to victims and the usual absence of obvious antisocial conduct by offenders). It has been claimed that these features are often used to discount the seriousness of sexual offences. Moreover, the sexualised aspects of these crimes are viewed as undermining recognition of their inherent violence, such that references to the sexual motives of offenders or to the sexual details of the offences guarantee that they will not be taken seriously.  (Read more...)

See also: When a Sexual Assault Case Goes to Trial  (Canada)
  Can juries deliver justice to sexual assault victims?  (Australia)

The Complexity and Evolution of Sex Crime Laws in the USA, August 31, 2018

The Complexity and Evolution of Sex Crime Laws Rape and sexual assault laws can be complex and confusing. Terminology is confusing because terms such as rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and others have different meanings in different jurisdictions; significantly, even the term “consent” is defined differently in each state. (Read more...)

See also: The Criminal Justice System: Sexual Violence Statistics (RAINN)

Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession

(Amazon) That the process is likely to always be difficult for complainants does not make it any less important both to recognize the ways in which lawyers and judges contribute to the trauma of the trial, and to take whatever steps are reasonably possible to make the process more humane. — Elaine Craig

Review 1 
Review 2

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Clink here for more info on Dr. David Spiegel

There Are Some Psychologists Who Have an Understanding of Hypnosis Abuse

What Do Others Say About Hypnosis?
There seems to be a clear problem of understanding when it comes to the dangers of hypnosis. Opinion is very divided, leaving an open discourse which lingers to this day.

          Hall of Fame  (for Hypnosis Truth)  |  Hall of Shame  (for Hypnosis Falsehoods)

Leading Hypnotist Warns: 'Backyard' Practitioners May Exploit Patients Through Mind Control and Power of Suggestion
Michael Westlake, The Sunday Mail, September 11, 2010

One of Australia's leading hypnotists has warned that a rise of "backyard'' hypnotherapists is putting patients in danger of sexual and financial exploitation.

Mark Anthony, a qualified hypnotherapist as well as stage hypnotist, said the relative ease of training to be a hypnotherapist was putting "dangerous'' powers of suggestion and mind control into the wrong hands.

"There are backyard hypnotists out there working from home who don't worry about the ethics,'' Mr. Anthony said.

"The only ones in the room are the hypnotist and the patient, and if the patient goes into deep trance, there is nothing to stop the therapist from doing whatever he or she likes, and then wiping the patient's memory so they have no recollection of it."

"Alternatively, they may change their perception to make them think what they are doing is the right thing..."
 (Read more...)

Don't Be Misled or Fooled by Others About the Power of Hypnosis
One Person's Benign Experience with Trance Doesn't Dismiss the Horror of Others, December 21, 2019

As more and more news stories of hypnosis abuse are now coming to light each and every year, it seems as if there are also more stories than ever coming forth from people who naively claim that their "totally aware" hypnosis experience is the tell-all on hypnosis trance. The common prevailing theme in these recent stories seems to be about how these hypnotees were very much cognizant of what was going on at all times during their sessions, as in totally aware of their surroundings and never unconscious. As a result, they naively assume that this is the way all hypnosis sessions are supposed to be - as if to suggest that the deep trance that is described by many is just simply not possible. What immediately becomes apparent about such stories is that they often try to dismiss the notion of unconscious or coma-like trance, as if the very premise for abuse under hypnosis simply cannot exist.  (Read more...)

Get Help Now ---  RAINN  |  NSVRC  |  Daily Strength  |  Help for Rape Victims

You can also email for more help and support:

Resources for Sexual Assault Victims:, Op-Ed, posted January 29, 2020

Hypnosis assault is arguably one of the most horrific crimes that can ever be committed upon another human being. Those that have had to endure the imposition of such a despicable mental and physical assault understand and know full well the weight of such a statement, however, at the worst moment in their life, there are always others who are ignorant to the crime and do nothing but wrongfully perpetuate hypnosis ignorance, while insensitively compounding the agony for the victims. There has been a tragic misunderstanding of hypnosis over the years and that has created some serious problems for society.

Unfortunately the current ignorance of hypnosis gets put on display far too often by an equally obtuse media when it comes to explaining how or why hypnosis crime can exist, especially in an environment where this is (allegedly) not supposed to be possible, let alone actually happen.  (Read more...)

How Adult Hypnotists Have Co-Opted YouTube to Target Children, by David Farrier, 03/04/2019

(NZ) Since writing about adults with fetishes exploiting children on YouTube, David Farrier has become familiar with the reality for kids on the wild west of YouTube. He explores the troubling subculture of videos that target children and are created by adult hypnotists.  (Read more...)

The Hypnosis Abuse of Emma Barratt
Buzzfeed, by Aria Ithavong

(AU) This is yet another horrible story of hypnosis abuse through YouTube. Clearly they have not received enough scrutiny over their content. We can put a stop to this overnight, if Congress will just do the right thing and act immediately. Hypnosis abuse is real. It is being used to exploit underage children as well as unsuspecting women.

Former Hypnotherapist Raided for Child Pornography 
Basingstoke Gazette, by Ryan Evans, Oct 7, 2019

David Reid, 74, formerly of West Street in Odiham, was given a two-year prison sentence, suspended for two years, after police raided his home and found images and videos of children as young as one year old. The former hypnotherapist also admitted distributing some of these images to other pedophiles, using a “complex” system of computers, external hard drives and mobile phones to create back-ups of the images. (Read more...)

Pedophile Was Allowed to Run Child Hypnotherapy Clinic 
Daily Mail, by Sam Creighton, April 20, 2014

A pedophile was allowed to run a clinic offering treatments to young children for two months after a court found him guilty of his sickening crimes.

Timothy Millender, 32, continued to work at Redwood Health Therapies, in Winchester, Hampshire, which offered hypnotherapy to youngsters under 16, despite being given a six month suspended sentence for hoarding vile images of babies being raped and tortured. (Read more...)

Is the NXIVM Case Being Looked at With the Proper Lens? 
Is the Elephant in the Room Being Properly Addressed?, Op-Ed

(L-R) NXIVM conspirators Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfam

One of the wildest stories to break in years has been the NXIVM scandal, where self help guru Keith Raniere has been convicted of sex trafficking, conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor, however, his partner in crime may perhaps be the real force behind this exposed sex cult. Nancy Salzman is Raniere's business partner and it is her background and expertise that authorities need to pay attention to because Salzman wields some skills that could have been key in gaining control over the women of NXIVM. (Read more)
Did Raniere, Salzman use NLP and hypnosis to get followers to commit crimes for NXIVM and have sex with Raniere?
Update: Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere has been sentenced to life in prison
Update: How much jail time will NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman face?
Update: Other NXIVM leaders await sentencing

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What new CBC podcast Uncover: Escaping NXIVM reveals about the alleged cult

The Founder of “Nxivm”...Arrested for Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor Conspiracy

Arrest of alleged cult leader 'better than my wedding day,' former NXIVM member says

Allison Mack and the Story of NXIVM: Inside the Alleged Sex Slavery Ring Accused of Turning

Women Into Recruiters for Their ''Master''

Fla. School Settles Bizarre Lawsuit Over Hypnotized Students, Suicides
CBS News, Oct 7, 2015


(FL) A settlement has been reached with the families of three  high school students who died after being hypnotized by a former high school principal.  (Read more...)




See also: Three teens dead after hypnosis

Hypnotist Leaves Students Mesmerized, Confused
Madeline Fitzgerald Jan 31, 2011

For the 10 University Park students on stage in Alumni Hall, the 90-minute show went by in the blink of an eye. No swinging pocket watches were used — just his voice and occasional sound triggers that made the students respond in a certain way. (Read more...)

2nd Hypnotist Rescues Students Stuck in Trance
Private school show unfurls after hypnotized students don't snap out of it
CBC News · Posted: Jun 15, 2012

A show at a private girls' high school in Sherbooke, Que., went strangely awry when a young hypnotist left several students in "mass hypnosis" limbo and he had to call in his mentor to snap them out of it.  (Read more...)

Colombian Magician Arrested After Hypnotizing 41 Kids
Hypnosis in Melbourne, August 17, 2013

Magician Miller Zambrano Posada was taken into custody after 41 students went into hypnotic trance after his show in Mocoa, Colombia. A Mocoa, Colombia high school’s “fun day,” complete with circus acts, clowns and the much awaited hypnotism act turned awry after several kids went into a mass panic attack and had to be taken to the hospital. (Read more...)

See also: Mischievous Magician' Arrested for Hypnotizing 75 School children

Click on image for our special series on Human Predators

How Successful Predators Hide in Plain Sight
The truly clever and devious are much closer than they appear, Posted Apr 07, 2014

I recently spoke at a conference of homicide investigators, on the topic of "covert intelligence" in smart predators. By this, I meant that the criminal IQ of some offenders defies any measurement we currently have. (Read more...)

Sexual Offender Behavior - Spotting the Predator

Russell Strand gives an impassioned talk on spotting the sexual predator that hides amongst us, in plain sight.  (YouTube)

See also: The Human Predator


See also: Human Predators: The Most Dangerous of All
  Larry Ray and the Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence
  Whatever Happened to the Hunter of Hypnotist Predators?
The Bottom Line On Hypnosis

Hypnosis is without a doubt a legitimate and very real psychological science - one that can actually be observed and measured. Brain scanning technology has now proven this to be true, with more research coming in all the time now. Society is finally waking up to the fact that hypnosis is indeed a very real thing. Perhaps most importantly, people are finally realizing that it can be directed and used quite effectively on human beings, literally at will, however, the fundamental question of whose will becomes the critical key in defining its true beneficence to humankind.

Due in part to its somewhat unsettled history, hypnosis has been very much misunderstood, and as a result is still highly underestimated amongst the general populace. This, as a direct consequence, makes hypnosis very dangerous to those who are the least suspecting of its true power, or to those who are too trusting of those who wield such power.

Hypnosis is an extraordinarily powerful psychological tool; so much so that it requires the utmost of moral ethics to ensure an altruistic, benevolent application for its safe and proper usage. Strong moral ethics are required to serve as a necessary deterrent and a conscious restraint against any and all immoral or malevolent intentions of a deviant or sexual nature.

To punctuate this concern, I take reference from the book, "Svengali:Unethical Stage Hypnosis in Literature and Life" where Robert Marks is quoted as saying, "The hypnotist can be erotically fascinated by the sight of his inanimate, plastic, unresisting subject. In this, hypnotists share a dream world with undertakers."

That comment speaks chillingly in regards to the dire necessity for morality in the hypnosis profession. (And shamefully to the funeral industry as well.)

With that comment I will close by stating that this website is not to disparage hypnosis per se, nor to scare people away from its many benefits, but rather it is to alert, educate and inform others as to its true power, and hence signal the need for greater scrutiny and regulation of the profession.

Hopefully, with any luck, the primary benefit of this piece will be for people to use much greater caution when seeking a qualified hypnotist, and encourage them to scrutinize all prospective names and to perform reasonable due diligence in making the proper choice.

Once again, the best advice is... know who you are seeing. Always make sure that any hypnotist you see is accredited, certified and registered... and always seek solid references.

Above all... always video record every hypnosis session!

Then and only then can you truly have real 'peace of mind' after hypnosis.

A 1950's woman displays arm catalepsy under hypnosis.


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