Those who say hypnosis abuse is not possible need to be held legally accountable, Op-Ed, 021821

I would like to open this article by paraphrasing - with a heavy dose of creative license - from the fictitious character Hamlet. "Pretence or ignorance, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to proffer the slings and arrows of outrageous naiveté, or to take arms against a sea of evidence, and by opposing, deny it: to lie, to deceive."  (With all due apologies to Sir William Shakespeare.)

The deliberate twist of wordplay may be lost for some, but in all honesty, the premise for taking such liberty with this famous quote is nothing more than a droll attempt to mock the ongoing futility of the age-old argument regarding whether or not hypnosis can be used to abuse people - for this article addresses the long running dispute over the debate of antisocial behavior under hypnosis.

It is likely no real surprise this website has taken a tone over this particular subject. Years of research and hypnosis experience have brought this author to a new understanding of the power of hypnosis. As a result, I take serious issue with the careless recklessness that has been perpetuated by presumably renowned hypnosis professionals that should have known better long ago. They have willfully propagated the worst disinformation ever regarding hypnosis trance, which in turn has culminated in decades of terror for unsuspecting innocent women and children. Such wrath is well deserved for a profession that has apparently lied outright or has been so grossly ignorant of the evidence regarding hypnosis abuse that it has unwittingly fostered irrevocable harm for hundreds of women and children by denying the existence of this crime for too many years - and still continues to do so, to this very day.

For over one hundred years, medical institutions and professionals have all said that hypnosis abuse was not possible - that a hypnosis subject could always maintain their personal control, so as not to be taken advantage of by the hypnotist. They seemed so certain, yet they were all undeniably, very horribly wrong. It was all nothing but bullshit.

As this website has now successfully proven with over 170 documented historical cases, that myth is absolutely 100% wrong and medical professionals should have known better than to say such a thing in the first place because the evidence has been there all along. (Perhaps indolence should be added to the argument of pretence versus ignorance?)

So why were they so arrogant to speak with absolute conviction about something they were so wrong about, especially when the repercussions were so dire for the victims?

The fact is, either the information about hypnosis abuse was genuinely unknown to these institutions and professionals, or it was deliberately ignored, because for too long now they have all adamantly and staunchly denied that hypnosis abuse was even possible.

So, what did they base this bold absolute upon, if they never bothered to look at the historical record?

Why would they possibly say something with such unwavering conviction if they honestly did not know the real truth at the time?

Some believe it was done to protect the profession of hypnosis, so as not to scare off potential clientele. Others believe it might have been done to cover up the truth of hypnosis, so that others might not learn its full power and endeavor to exploit it. However, the truth did come out, many times over, in scores of newspaper and media accounts through the years. Still, the greater bulk of the hypnosis community has remained resolute over the lingering myth that hypnosis cannot be used against someone's will. Too many hypnosis professionals to this day still parrot this hypnosis lie.

With all of this said (and like the premise or not), ignorance of the law has always been held as an unacceptable excuse in all matters legal and judicial. If such is truly the case, then surely ignorance of factual reality must also be held within close orbit to that same logical argument.

It's time for those professionals who do know the truth to stand up and lead the non-believers towards hypnosis clarity because the consequences of not doing so are grave. Hypnosis assault is on the rise. There were five hypnotists arrested in just 2020 alone. When is the obvious going to become clear to those who are obtuse in understanding?

So to all of you at the AMA, the APA, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc... get a f-ing clue! Wake the @#%* up!! Try catching up with hypnosis reality someday soon because you're perpetuating a lie and still putting good people at risk for abuse and exploitation. You need to once and for all recognize reality and own up to it. Admit that you were wrong and then work with long overdue humility and contrition to ameliorate the damage from years of shameful, damaging misinformation. You owe it to all women and children (and to society overall) for the undeniable harm you've brought to it.

There is no good reason for continuing to perpetuate such a longstanding blatant lie.

Fact: This author was able to search the historical archives and easily find scores of documented hypnosis abuse cases, with most of them already adjudicated, yet these renowned institutions and professionals could not do the same? Instead they audaciously and ignorantly still claim that such a crime is not possible. That is beyond all reasonable, responsible representation and should be considered malpractice or reckless endangerment, given the outstanding, overwhelming existence of such already established credible evidence. Such irresponsible behavior and myopia comes with dire ramifications and profound consequences, as we've now witnessed with extreme horror through a dreadful and unforgiving hindsight.

Did they honestly not even look into the facts before shooting their mouths off and denying a horrible realty, or was it all a deliberate attempt to hide the truth from society?

Whatever the truth, it is always much more difficult to correct after the lie has been firmly cemented within the consciousness of society. It will take time to unconvince those who have already been convinced of the lie. Thankfully, the evidence is now available on this website for all to see.

So please, look at the list of over 170 deviant hypnotists and hypnotherapists - ranging from doctors, dentists, nurses, gynecologists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, priests, and lawyers - and then explain how you can still maintain your tragically mistaken stance over antisocial behavior under hypnosis. You have been undeniably wrong for decades. The historical cases available all stand against and indict an incompetent argument that needs to finally be put to put to death once and for all, or suffer the legal consequences for perpetuating the lie. All those who say hypnosis abuse is not possible need to be held accountable for such reckless, unsubstantiated and potentially damaging language. In good moral conscience, this cannot go on any longer.

By the way, to all the women's organizations that we have also reached out to, such as RAINN and Me Too, along with others - we are anxiously awaiting when you too might be stepping up to the plate and informing women en masse about this terrible danger? It's important because more than one voice is needed to effectively get the word out to all.

The bottom line here is this, the hypnosis misinformation has to stop immediately. Women and children have been preyed upon for far too long and they deserve better. Society deserves better. The truth needs to be told, by as many voices as possible.

So please, would someone just wake the f--k up at an authoritarian level with hypnosis?! is forever dedicated to spreading the truth on this most important topic. We are willing to work with law enforcement as well as any judicial and legislative officials in the hopes of creating awareness for criminal hypnosis, so that we can finally amend our laws to protect against this type of perverse, heinous crime, so it can once and for all be properly adjudicated and punished with the harshest severity possible under the law.

In closing, not everyone who practices hypnosis is a deviant, but until the profession owns up to the reality that exists for hypnosis debauchery and properly addresses it, those who practice it will continue to understandably be lumped together with reasonable suspicion. Unfortunately this mess wasn't created overnight and it likely won't be erased quickly either, but until an effort is made to recognize the issue and address it as an entire community, by hypnosis institutions and individuals, the profession will rightfully continue to be haunted with understandable doubt and suspicion by the general public.

Of all the things our human experience has taught us, a problem will never go away until it is truly recognized and confronted en masse with deliberate resolve and determination.

Hypnosis abuse is without doubt a very real thing. It's long past time to address it.


To all of the medical institutions, organizations and hypnotherapists who still say hypnosis abuse is impossible...


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