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One of the perverse horrors in this world just happens to be trending up and yet few are even aware that such a deviant crime actually exists.

The number of hypnotists and hypnotherapists arrested for sexual assault took a bump up in 2020, with five arrested through October, up one from 2019 and up three over the last eight years. The upward annual trend is disturbing and needs to be recognized and addressed, not only by the hypnosis community, but also by major medical institutions and law enforcement officials.

  • 2020 - five cases
  • 2019 - four cases
  • 2018 - three cases
  • 2017 - two cases
  • 2016 - one case
  • 2015 - two cases
  • 2014 - two cases
  • 2013 - two cases

The issue of hypnosis assault has been with the world for hundreds of years and yet has been argued about and denied for the last two hundred, despite scores of documented cases, involving over 130 hypnotists identified to date. (see hypno-predator list on front page)

The thing about hypnosis predators such as this is that they are generally noted for having multiple victims. One example is the Michael Fine case from Sheffield, Ohio. Fine is reported to have had well over 36 victims. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that he was not actually a hypnotist, per se, but a divorce lawyer who simply learned the craft on his own. As outrageous and alarming as this might sound, hypnosis abuse is real and multiple victims has been the norm for such predators.

Another example would be Philip Lamb from Ft. Worth, Texas. Lamb was arrested in 2019 for hypnosis sexual assault. He then bailed himself out of jail and proceeded to do the exact same thing over again, getting caught one more time in 2020 for hypnosis sexual assault.

Again, hypnosis predators such as this are known for repeating the crime.

Hypnosis Predators Caught in 2020

(It needs to be noted that Mr. Alladin was not arrested by police. He was merely let go by University officials.)

Hypnosis sexual assault is clearly not only a present danger to society, but one that is growing. As evidenced by the statistics above, the problem is indeed getting worse. This threat needs to be recognized and addressed by authorities the world over. Unless new laws are enacted to threaten hypnotists against committing such a crime, hypnosis-abuse will only continue to grow, as it has since Michael Fine was arrested in 2015.

The sad thing to understand is that for every hypno-rapist caught, there are still others out there at large who are able to get by without notice, totally undetected. This should be a very chilling thought for an unsuspecting society that has historically (and wrongfully) been told that such a crime is just not possible.

The fact of the matter is, the statistics speak for themselves. Hypnosis sexual assault is far more prevalent than most people have any clue of. It happens many times, annually. Legal authorities and law enforcement officials who have not taken note of this type of crime absolutely need to, because the yearly numbers are beginning to rise and that's a clear, undeniable concern for society.