Hall of Shame

Those Who Ignorantly Still Deny Antisocial Behavior Under Hypnosis Are the Ones Enabling the Criminal Hypnotists

All of those on this list easily could have checked for the actual facts on their own,
 instead of ignorantly regurgitating false industry dogma on the safety of hypnosis.


Those Listed Here Wrongly Say, 'Hypnosis Abuse is Not Possible'

It's About Time They Finally Get Their Facts Straight!

(Or perhaps consider their own liability for willfully perpetuating a dangerous fraud)


The American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychology Association

The American Medical Association

The Mayo Clinic

Johns Hopkins


These institutions and/or professionals continue to perpetuate the falsehood that hypnosis sexual abuse is impossible. This dissemination of disinformation has created a huge problem for society, by creating a false sense of safety that is not always real, depending on the moral piety of your hypnotist. The false notion that nothing bad can happen while under hypnosis actually enables the deviant hypnotist, because it creates the perfect environment for them to exploit.

Those professionals who continue to dispense such disinformation need be held accountable for their reckless language, because they are responsible for creating the dangerous environment of false safety, which undeniably favors and enables the criminal hypnotist rapist. Shame on all those who perpetuate this myth. They need to admit they were wrong and change their public position on hypnosis abuse. The idea is to inform and protect, which is their oath and duty.

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