Getting the Hypnosis Story Right

The difficulties in putting together a site such as has really been twofold:

First and foremost has been the source material. For some reason the topic of hypnosis has become a very mixed discussion these days - becoming an almost taboo subject for some, while for others it is the cure for whatever ails the human mind. For those that do believe in hypnosis, the community is very much divided, especially when it comes to the subject of antisocial behavior or mind control. As such, the spectrum of information on the topic runs the gamut and strangely there is still no consensus opinion on the subject by academicians and researchers, even today in the 21st century.

The biggest problem to date in putting this website together has been the errant acceptance of information from lesser skilled hypnotists, those who are technically less skilled at hypnosis. Generally speaking, the level I hypnotist is experienced only in the lighter levels of trance and does not have the professional expertise to actually put their patients into a very deep state of trance, such as the Delta state. (Also known as the Esdaile state.)

Once you learn about the division of hypnosis expertise and skill among its practitioners, only then will you have a better understanding of the current dilemma regarding public misperception of the field.

Most people trained for medical hypnosis can be considered level I because they are not taught the deeper levels of trance simply because their therapeutic modalities do not require it, nor do these techniques function well at the deeper levels of trance.

The Key Distinction Among Hypnotists:

  • Level I  - A hypnotist with a limited skill-set. Capable of taking a client to lighter stages of trance.

  • Level II - A hypnosis master. Highly skilled. Capable of deep trance and also covert hypnosis as well.

The less skilled hypnotists who are not able to do what the master hypnotist can do, generally confuse and obfuscate the issue when it comes to what is and isn't possible with hypnosis. Admittedly, there were many times early on where I have had to re-think and re-write something simply because I  learned later that the original premise was explained to me by someone who turned out not to have the proper hypnosis training or experience. Along with that, articles authored by inexperienced hypnotists clearly have not helped either, by polluting public hypnosis knowledge with falsehoods and a general misunderstanding of trance. The sad but true reality is, unfortunately there is a huge chasm among hypnotists when it comes to real hypnosis understanding - between those who know better and those who don't.

For the record, only a few leading experts have spoken out about the dark realities of hypnosis and they are so noted on this website, however, it has been somewhat difficult to find those who are readily willing to admit the shortcomings or dangers of their profession. Kudos to those who have.

With that said, this website is still a work in progress, as the wheat is eventually sorted from the chaff. Given the dichotomy that exists over the subject of hypnosis between researchers and other hypnotists, it should be recognized that it is an arduous effort to put these scattered hypnosis puzzle pieces together in an easy coherent fashion. It should also be recognized that there are no other websites out there specifically focused on tackling this difficult subject. Most annoying of all, the glaring fact that no one has ever thought to take note of and compile the numerous reported instances of hypnosis abuse in the historical record. This unto itself is most odd, especially for a society that does not accept social deviants or predators as part of everyday normality and culture.

The second issue in putting together such a website... it is extremely difficult to deal with this subject matter when it is something that has happened to you or your own family. This is indeed the case in this instance. This website was born out of anger, not just because of a hypnosis assault, but also because of the ignorance that is still out there on hypnosis - existing to this day - with many who are more than willing to offer their inaccurate, uninformed assumptions of hypnosis and trance to the world. Anyone who has suffered from hypnosis abuse knows exactly what I'm speaking about. When you have lived the nightmare, it's hard not to judge those who know nothing about these horrors, yet they are more than willing to say such horrors aren't possible.

The number one thing most people don't understand is that hypnosis trance is not just one level. The fact of the matter is, there are at least three distinct primary levels of trance - alpha, theta and delta - with few ever experiencing a trance state as deep as delta. A fourth and even deeper state is also now suspected as well, called the Infra-low state. For the record, it is these deepest levels of trance where the deviant hypnotist deliberately operates.

  • Beta - the normal conscious waking state.

  • Alpha - the first level of trance. It is relaxed and very light.

  • Theta - The second level of trance. Much deeper than Alpha.

  • Delta - A very deep coma-like state. Also known as the Esdaile state.

  • Infra-Low - A new suspected deep trance state. Considered deeper than Delta.

Once again, not all hypnotherapists are the same, just like all states of trance are not the same. There are lesser and higher degrees of each. So all in all, it should be understandable that gathering a consensus opinion among hypnotherapists is not the easiest endeavor to embark upon.

In the end, misinformation about hypnosis trance does nothing but endanger those in society who are overly naive, uneducated, or perhaps simply too trusting, which thus allows them to also fall prey and  believe in the unsubstantiated bullshit that is out there regarding hypnosis and its safety.

Those who say that hypnosis abuse is not possible need to be held accountable for their reckless, endangering language, because it undeniably creates a deceptive environment of safety for the unsuspecting hypnosis client, who assumes they will be safe. Such an errant, naive mindset undeniably enables and favors the deviant hypnotist. Hypnosis crime needs to be exposed to the world for what it is. The reality of hypnosis needs to be recognized once and for all. This is the impetus for this website. The truth needs to be known.

Please understand that this website wants to get the hypnosis story right, but the problem is, there is so much out there that is currently wrong, from respectable sources that should know far better. What it comes down to is once and for all highlighting and contrasting the actual historic record against the wholly inaccurate prevailing hypnosis dogma that currently exists. The truth is long overdue and needs to come out. This is the primary goal and the mission directive of this website.

For too long people have been kept in the dark, which in turn has allowed for more victims of hypnosis abuse. With this in mind, every effort is being made to seek out the foremost authorities and the most accurate literature available, to help set the record straight on hypnosis and trance.

The power of hypnosis has been used against people for far too long. Society needs to be made aware of the reality of hypnosis. People need to be educated in order to better protect themselves from the dangers of immoral, unscrupulous hypnotists. This is the goal and mission of this website, to educate and inform about hypnosis and to make people aware of the dangers, which have been so wrongly swept under the rug, for far too many years.

It's time for society to finally know the truth about hypnosis. If you share these same concerns about hypnosis abuse, please pass this site on to others.

Thank you for reading and for also visiting this website.