Even the Amateur Hypnotist Can Be Very Dangerous

The historical case links on this page prove that hypnosis abuse is not limited to the professionally trained hypnotist. While there are many  amateur hypnotists who have tried and failed, there are many that have succeeded in getting their victims to succumb to their deviant will.

As hard as this is to fathom for many, historical examples tell all you need to know about amateur hypnotists achieving domination over their subjects.

Clearly there are some who have been able to pick up the nuances of hypnosis very quickly, but the one thing that helps the amateur the most is finding a subject who is easy to hypnotize, someone who is somnambulistic. That's usually when the trouble starts.

The article links at right are but just a few examples of amateurs who have committed sexual assault upon their subject while under hypnosis.  (Return to homepage)


Michael Fine, 58, lawyer and amateur hypnotist, Sheffield, OH 
James Mentzer, 39, teacher, amateur hypnotist, Hummelstown, PA
Kevin Christian Geyer, 25, amateur hypnotist, Kennewick, WA 
Timothy Porter, 40,
amateur hypnotist, Leeming, North Yorkshire, UK