HypnosisReality.com Kicks Off 3rd Annual National Awareness Campaign for April Sexual Assault Month

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Billboards Increased to 35 Major Cities Across the U.S.

(MN) HypnosisReality.com is kicking off its third annual US billboard campaign to inform the public about the misuse of hypnosis, during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year we have increased our billboard coverage from 30 to 35 US cities. Six new states have been added, with seven new cities for 2024.


The primary focus of the Know More campaign is all about creating public awareness for a crime that very few in this world even know exists. The idea is to stir interest in the topic through the use of electronic billboards, with the hopes of informing the general public about the little known danger of hypnosis in the wrong hands.


As documented by this website, this type of crime is growing, yet it is still an unknown danger to most within society. Many deviant professionals and amateurs have used hypnosis to exploit their patients and clients, for far too long, with multiple assaults and arrests taking place annually. There have been six new arrests since September 2023, to this date, showing just how prevalent this type of crime truly is.


For the record:

  • At minimum, 35 U.S. states have dealt with this type of crime at least once.

  • At minimum, 25 U.S. states have dealt with this type of crime more than once.

  • Over 230 cases of hypnosis assault have been historically documented by this website, so far.

This public awareness campaign is being rolled out nationally, using the Blip digital billboard system. The dual Know More message will be posted on billboards in 35 major US cities across the country, with the hopes of encouraging more people to take note of the significant amount of documented hypnosis abuse cases already on record - and to become better educated to this hidden threat for all - most especially to unsuspecting women and children who are often the target for this type of crime.

The plan is to key on the extra large 15x50' electronic digital billboards for high visibility and maximum impact.

People have been misinformed for far too long. Hypnosis abuse is real. The number one goal of the Know More campaign is to increase overall public awareness about the reality of deviant hypnotists, in turn helping to promote safety for those who might choose hypnosis.


The 35 featured cities for the 2024 campaign are noted on the map below.

These are the 35 cities to feature billboards targeting hypnosis sexual assault.


We sincerely believe the women of this world deserve far better than they are currently receiving.


Stay tuned to this website for more info to come.

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