Don't Be Misled or Fooled by Others About the Power of Hypnosis
One Person's Benign Experience with Trance Does Not Dismiss the Horror's of Others, December 21, 2019

As more and more news stories of hypnosis abuse are now coming to light each and every year, it seems as if there are also more stories than ever coming forth from people who naively claim that their "totally aware" hypnosis experience is the tell-all on hypnosis trance. The common prevailing theme in these recent stories seems to be about how these hypnotees were very much cognizant of what was going on at all times during their sessions - as in totally aware of their surroundings and never unconscious. As a result, they naively assume that this is the way all hypnosis sessions are supposed to be - as if to suggest that the deep trance that is described by many is just simply not possible. What immediately becomes apparent about such stories is that they often try to dismiss the notion of unconscious or coma-like trance, as if the very premise for abuse under hypnosis simply cannot exist. These self-professed experts myopically believe that their experience is the way that all hypnosis goes, but in all reality, that is just simply not the case and nothing could be farther from the truth. The only thing that their experience can possibly speak to is that they were simply under light hypnosis.

The fact is, many hypnotherapists are not taught how to take a client into extremely deep trance. As one PhD hypnotherapist related to me, "We are generally taught only the lightest levels of trance because that is usually all that is needed for most clinical therapy." To be clear, only the deviant hypnotist studies how to take a subject into deep trance, to incapacitate and control them. (With the exception of course being those who use it for surgical anesthesia.)

What many of these novice hypnotees miss entirely is the fact that there are many other deeper levels of trance and thus their own personal light-trance experience, limited as it was, cannot possibly account for all of hypnosis. (You would think the surgical anesthesia aspect of hypnosis would have been the tip-off.) To be clear, intimate knowledge about hypnosis trance doesn't come from repeating the same level of light trance over and over. The real eye-opener (or eye closer) is in experiencing the deeper levels of trance. (see: My Three Experiences with Hypnosis)

If a person has only experienced a light level of trance - a hypnotic state where they feel they were aware of everything - how can they possibly speak authoritatively about hypnosis trance as a whole when they themselves haven't experienced its deeper levels? The only thing they are really qualified to talk about is the fact that their hypnotist did not take them into a very deep state of trance during their session. As a result, their hypnosis experience is not at all a fair representation of hypnosis, by any means whatsoever. If anything, this type of (mis)representation of hypnosis is mistaken (at the very least), if not arguably duplicitous, because it totally dismisses the following...

Existing Deeper Levels of Trance

  1. The fact that there already are numerous hypnosis scales that attempt to measure the varying degrees / states of trance suggests that there is much more to hypnosis than just light trance.
  2. According to medical science there are currently three prominent levels of recognized brain function associated with trance, starting with Alpha, then Theta, followed by Delta.
  3. There is also thought to be a level between Beta and Alpha known as Mu, perhaps where trance actually begins. On top of this, researchers are now looking into a level below Delta, known as Infra-Low waves, operating just underneath from 0.1 to 0.5.
  4. When comparing the numerous hypnosis scales the Arons scale appears to be the smallest, yet even this smaller scale depicts multiple levels of trance (6). The other hypnosis scales have many more levels of trance noted that are beyond this smaller scale.  (see more here)

How can someone with a limited hypnosis history of only light-trance (stage 1 and/or stage 2) possibly discount or speak for the reality of others who have been to much deeper levels of trance, coma-like states where they can no longer speak or move? (Esdaile state or InfraLow state)

To suggest that the light-trance state is all there is to hypnosis is quite disingenuous at the very least and blatantly dishonest at its worst. Shame on anyone for suggesting that only light-trance or cognizant trance is possible. They clearly do not know what they are talking about.

There are many components to reaching deep trance. First and foremost you have to consider...
the skill-set level of the hypnotist.

  1. Amateur / Novice

  2. Proficient / Competent

  3. Expert / Master

The second obvious component for deep hypnosis would be... the susceptibility of the subject.

  1. Very easy to hypnotize (somnambulistic)

  2. Difficult to hypnotize (but still hypnotizable)

These are but just a few examples of the variables involved in reaching the different levels of hypnotic trance. The point is, not all subjects or hypnotists are the same. As in all professions, there are those who struggle, those who are competent and those who excel. Hypnosis is exactly the same. (With that said, even the novice or mediocre hypnotist is able to exploit the somnambulist, those who are easiest of all to hypnotize.) One thing that is certain though, what may seem impossible for the novice or mediocre hypnotist is an absolute certainty for those who are very skilled at hypnosis.

So, for those less experienced at hypnosis to suggest that coma-like deep trance is not possible and that you will always be aware of what is happening, even if the hypnotist doesn't want you to... either these people just don't know any better, or perhaps they do know and they're merely trying to fool you into thinking otherwise (for whatever biased reason).

The fact of the matter is, the numerous cases of hypnotically abused women on this website proves that woman can be assaulted and made unaware of what is happening to them by using hypnosis.

The facts are finally out. Statistically speaking, you just can't accuse 130+ women of lying, so the best advice is to pay attention and don't be fooled or influenced ever again by those who haven't a deeper experience with hypnosis and trance. There is clearly much more to hypnosis than some might think. With any luck, from now on, people will finally start accepting the voluminous historical news accounts, as well as take note of the supporting research evidence available and on record. Hopefully people will no longer be so free to cavalierly dismiss what they truly don't understand. It's time the world learned the truth about hypnosis. Don't be fooled by those who don't know the truth.