Hypnosis in Action

Perhaps the most convincing evidence comes from arguably the top hypnotist in the UK, Mr. Derren Brown. The following video clips will demonstrate not only the extraordinary power of hypnosis, but also its ability to completely and thoroughly program a person to do things and/or believe things that aren't normally a part of their routine everyday character.


The Derren Brown Experiments


The Assassin


This program shows how someone can be programmed against their will, with full amnesia.


The Assassin - Interview with Derren Brown



James Tripp: Was Derren Brown's Assassin For Real?



The Guilt Trip


This shows how someone can be programmed to think they did something they didn't do.

As mentioned in the first video above left (The Assassin), the CIA has used these nefarious techniques since their early days of MKULTRA to program people to carry out illicit clandestine activities for the agency. There is much information already in the public record which documents this dark program. All you have to do is a diligent and thorough search for MKULTRA.
Once this information slipped into the public, others have wrongly decided to use hypnosis for their own illicit activity. Again, all you need to do is a little research on your own. (Please see the references at right for a good start.)