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(MN) HypnosisReality has started a new public awareness campaign to inform and warn about the dangers of hypnosis abuse. Titled Know More, the campaign features a dual-message that focuses on the little known fact that hypnosis can be used to abuse - and then a simple defiant statement against it.

As documented by this website, this is a growing, yet still unknown danger within society. Many deviant professionals and amateurs have used hypnosis to exploit their patients and clients, for far too long, with multiple assaults and arrests taking place annually. There were five such arrests in just 2020 alone.

This public awareness campaign is being rolled out nationally, using the Blip digital billboard system. The dual Know More message will be posted on billboards in 20 major US cities across the country, with the hopes of encouraging more people to take note of the significant amount of documented hypnosis abuse cases already on record - and to become better educated to this hidden threat for all - most especially to unsuspecting women and children who are often the target for this type of crime.

People have been misinformed for too long. Hypnosis abuse is real. The number one goal of the Know More campaign is to increase overall public awareness about the reality of deviant hypnotists, in turn helping to promote safety for those who might choose hypnosis.

The plan is to key on the extra large 15x50' electronic digital billboards for visibility and impact.

A dual-message helps gets the point across two ways, while highlighting the website for more info.


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