Website Wraps Up First U.S. Billboard Campaign for April National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 050122  |  Photo courtesy Suzanne Murphy, Nashville, TN

20 Cities Across the U.S. Targeted in 2022 Billboard Campaign

(MN)'s first ever public awareness billboard campaign, tied to April's National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, has completed. The primary focus of the first ever Know More campaign was all about creating public awareness for a crime that very few in this world even know exists. The idea was to stir interest in the topic through the use of electronic billboards, with the hopes of informing the general public about the little known danger of hypnosis in the wrong hands.

This year's campaign was focused on 20 major US cities, with two specific criteria in mind: 1) hit the major freeway arteries and 2) focus billboard efforts on morning and afternoon drive times solely, for maximum traffic and exposure. At right, is a map of the metropolitan areas that were targeted for the first Know More  campaign. The plan is for an annual April campaign, held during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The primary marketing component of the Know More campaign is a homophonous wordplay which conveniently forms a dual-message, focusing on both an educational and activist aspect.  

In tandem, the website is also in the process of preparing a new printed marketing package, featuring tri-fold flyers, postcards and business cards, with t-shirts and hats soon to follow in the marketing mix.

The hope for next year is to establish a 501C3 in order to solicit tax deductible contributions from those wishing to help support the billboard and media campaign. Generous supporters will be given special notice and recognition on the website, as well as complimentary promotion merchandise.

Once again, the idea is all about creating public awareness, most especially for unsuspecting women and children who are often the target for this type of crime. As documented by this website, this type of crime is growing, yet it is still an unknown danger to most within society. Many deviant professionals and amateurs have used hypnosis to exploit their patients and clients, for far too long, with multiple assaults and arrests taking place annually. There were six arrests in just 2020 alone.


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People have been misinformed for far too long about hypnosis. They need to know that hypnosis abuse is absolutely real. The number one goal of the Know More campaign is to increase overall public awareness about the reality of such deviant hypnotists, in turn helping to promote safety for those who might choose hypnosis.

Stay tuned to this website for more info to come.

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